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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bangkok is 101% yummy every Tuesday Night

Jeff Hardy performing a low dropkick on Umaga....Shuffling down Soi 19 last week I noticed something very odd …

A Posy of Thai onlookers watching Three Englishmen working!

Something was wrong !
It contradicts Western Management principles "hard work never hurt any supervisor"

The venue was the ever “loud” Bangkok Rocks, described by owner and renowned Social Ambassador “Billy Cove” as "the Music venue”.

I slipped in an observed the talents of the three musketeers, Billy, Benny and Ruskie.

Whoomp! (There It Is)It turns out these fanatics of music were applying a makeover for the first gig of Yummy tech 12, a new regular Tuesday night feature at Bangkok Rocks.

The theme is by the synergy from the partnership of "Beat Box Ben" and "Rebelling Raunchy Russell", no they're not tag team wrestlers, mere mortals dedicated to cranking party tune themes for a good of mankind. 

Reporter: Phill Smith

These two Englishman are wired for sound and spirited sensations (spirited means knock out drinks).

The Makeover had me curious?

Bangkgok Rocks received a makeover only last month, transposing her inner sanctum into a Romantic Cave with a new colour combo that inspires your inner workings.

The dark colours from above and Volcano Red walls delivers a stunning effect in stark contrast to what was sterile shades of white.

The new look tickles your breathe with romantic tones and those big lounge booths compliment the feeling of privacy.

So with the cave of delight already looking just right I wondered what these boys were doing with all their tradesmen's tools and scaffolding. 

The tag team were imposing a Yummy culture creating dazzling effects for tonight’s premiere.

The Best of Tag TeamThe lads scuttled up and down ladders applying Banners, testing sounds blasters and fired up a simulation of star wars  lighting gizmos and then came the music ..

Yep it was stereophonic, megatonistic, squelching and twitching, yet it all infused to a dynamic theme at the hand of the seasoned DJTech 12 Pro, Mr Ben.

The spread word and the faithfulls arrived
The crowd was a mix of young and not so young but never too old and loads of Yummy smiles.

The DJ sounds were stylish and entertaining and the drinks was flowing.

It's fair to say, based on Bangkok's present Tourism drought (post May 19 bomb fire night) the volume of patronage was evidence of a successful night.


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