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Sunday, July 25, 2010

AustCham Thailand Members are Populating in Longdo

Australian Commerce has a substantial presence in Thailand.

It's why so many Australian owned/managed venues are populating across the Longdo Map
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Reporter:  Phill Smith

It wasn't until we were introduced to AustCham Thailand that we discover the prominence of Australia, as Business owners and/or Managers. So with the help of the ever enthusiastic people of Longdo we embarked on a "Joint venture project" to populate Aussie Venues on Thailands Longdo Map.

Finding Aussie Venues became a "Needle in a haystack"

All known Aussie Govt., agencies we approached but they had no interest in the concept (most drew the curtain of "privacy laws"?  What the !  where talking about Business not Facebook!

We got tired of submitting writing requests (no one reads the content) and receiving the standard template response ... refer this (faulty website).  So what's is the job satisfaction?  "mai ben rai"

Fortunately we had some good luck, we found AustCham Thailand.

I had not idea just how substantial Australian Busines in Thailand is until I glanced at the AustCham Thailand website.
Their Key Features:
Promotion of business between Australia and Thailand
Representation and dialogue between AustCham, Thai Government and other business groups
Providing a dynamic networking, social and sponsorship platform
Community Services

The AustCham Management and staff have been a constant source of energy and synergy. Whether your a visitor on Business or Social their DOORS ARE OPEN. It's a productive culture and the reason I became a member. 

The highlight has been the AustCham's people network, it's quite remarkable! The monthly sundowners are the talk of Business Bangkok, it's a must do event.

The opportunity to meet the Expat community on a quality social platform is a credit to the organisers, it's clear evidence of their success. 

We are genuinely pleased to provide the promotional offer to Aussie venues and AustCham members.

The project delivers value to the Community in several areas:
Assist Business, Travellers and the Bilateral Communities
Provide employment and web skills to Thai employees

To see the illustration of our Project "Map AustCham Thailand Members" click here
Please help us Populate Aussie Venues Thailand !!!
Click on the forum article (the hits verify it's worth, maybe then Aus Govt. can afford to give some attention). The link to the forum article is in this Community page - click here 

Slideshow AustCham Thailand events
Promotion Page of Longdo Map Thailand
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