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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

การประกวดนางงาม Beauty Pageants in Thailand (Thai Lady)

การประกวดนางงามหรือสาวงามของประเทศไทย “งามอย่างมีคุณค่า”

Miss Thailand ( นางสาวไทย ), Miss Thailand Universe and Miss Thailand World of Thailand

Thailand is known for their amazing tourist destinations such as warm, tropical beaches and lush rain forests. This is even highlighted by the fact that Thailand is set upon a background of a rich culture.

What makes Thailand more than what we know of it now is something more than just the beautiful backdrop provides.

Thailand is also well-known for their warm people and beautiful women.

Reporter: Naam
If you are looking to find a place which showcases and recognizes the most beautiful in Thailand, look no further than the Miss Thailand competition which highlights the beauty in Thailand.

Beautiful, sensual and classy is what the Miss Thailand competition is about.

The Miss Thailand competition is the most prestigious beauty competition, in a country well respected and known for their beauty and culture.

Video: Forum article by Khun Naam includes video of Miss Thailand and Links to websites - click here


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