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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Student Teachers from West Australia Observation Tour Thailand 2009

The Sawasdee Tour February 2009

"Ten education students from Curtin University travelled to Thailand in January and February, this year (2009) to undertake a 23 day study tour".

Pictured a "Collage" of various photos covering the tour. A large version of he collage is on display in the Tour Photo album which is noted at the bottom of this article with a link to the Album.

An enormous achievement by an Aspiring group of young Individuals and Inspiration of a wonderful Community project by their Teacher.

This years Ambassadors (in no particular order)
Mr Travis Vandermeer ,
Ms Vanessa Counsel, Mr Dahmen Higgs, Ms Amy Joyce, Ms Kim(berley) Melvey, Ms Hayley Oldfield, Mr Joshua Tan, Ms Morgan Taylor, Ms Terri Traub, Ms Cassie Stone. with Teach Greg Dick

They were based at Burapha University in Bangsaen, Thailand and were engaged in teaching practice at the University demonstration school as well as Srisuvit School in Banglamung.

Picture right:
Welcome display by Thai School

The group was accompanied by their lecturer, Greg Dick, who has organised similar tours in the past. (1997, 2000, 2006)

Funding: There was sponsorship, all Students, Teachers and supporters self funded their costs.

The Tour program included a number of excursions to provide a broad cultural experience. The students also visited to the infamous Thai-Burma railway, a site of great importance to Australians.

A brief outline of the ITINERARY is shown below.

Pictured right: Thai Buddies (Touring party was assigned a travel buddy as a personal host) Friendships fostered

Comments from Greg Dick, Host Teacher from West Australia

Picture left: Greg Dick Teacher from Curtin University with Host Teacher in Thailand Principal (Ajarn Pattamaporn Fakrake) of Srisuvit School in Banglamung. a larger picture is displayed in the tour photo album

The study tour enabled them to experience the culture at first hand, rather than as tourists, which gave them insight into the everyday life of Thai people. During their time away the local 'soi' was their home away from home. For these students, destined to be our future teachers, it was an important experience in their personal and professional development.

The planning took place from September 08 to departure in January 09 - we departed Saturday 24th Jan & returned on Sunday 15th February. I was responsible for the planning and liaised with a member of staff at Burapha University, Dr Pracha Inang. We met before we left on three occasions for orientation, cultural awareness, travel arrangements etc. and even a meal at Saowanee's Place restaurant in North Perth. During our time away we were ably assisted with detailed organisation by BU Education students, ably led by Khun Tanonrat Naktang who helped with in-country excursions and many day to day events.

Day 1: Saturday 24th January: depart West Australia for Thailand
Day 2: Sunday 25th January : Thailand - briefing on program & orientation to Buu campus
Day 3: Monday 26th January (Australia Day and Chinese New Year begins)
Welcome to Faculty of Education and meet ‘student buddies’
Day 4: Tuesday 27th January: Deaf Primary school, Classroom observation
Day 5: Wednesday 28th January: School at Chonkanyanukul Sanesuk schools (Buddies)
Day 6: Thursday 29th January : School attachments at Demonstration schools (IEP Programme)
Day 7: Friday 30th January: School attachments at Demonstration schools (IEP Programme)
Day 8: Saturday 31st January: Home visit with Thai ‘buddy’ families
Day 9: Sunday 1st February: Bang-Pa-In palace and Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand
Day 10: Monday 2nd February: Srisuvit School
Day 11: Tuesday 3rd February: School Attachment at Srisuvit School
Day 12: Wednesday 4th February: School Attachment at Srisuvit School
Day 13: Thursday 5th February: School Attachment at Srisuvit School
Day 14: Friday 6th February: Floating markets at Damnernsaduok, Rajchaburi Province, Kanchanaburi - bridge at River Kwae,
Day 15: Saturday 7th February: Australian War Museum, Hellfire Pass
School for Orphan Children (Aj. Alisa), War Cemetery, JEATH Museum and town of Kanchanaburi
Day 16: Sunday 8th February: Rayong, Koh Samet
Day 17: Monday 9th February: Full day on Koh Samet
Day 18: Tuesday 10th February: Rayong and return to Bangsaen
Day 19: Wednesday 11th February: Krung Thep (Bangkok), ‘The City of Angels’
Temples and life on the river
Day 20: Thursday 12th February: Grand Palace & Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Day 21: Friday 13th February: shopping and sightseeing
Farewell Dinner

Video collection prepared by the touring group
NB: tips on watching video on the net tips on view Photos in Picasa

1. Introduction by Amy ............................2. Buddhism by Vanessa

3. Culture by Hayley .............................4. Hellfire Pass by Dahmen

5.Uni Life by Kim .............................6. THE REAL THING – Education Observation

7. Reflections by Cassie ........................... view all videos - click here

The photo Album is an extraction of Pictures from the Videos

to view Travel Thailand website - click here

If you have questions for the Teacher or Student, we have create a forum article you will have to join the forum (only requires an email addresss) and share the answer with the world.

Culture and Education
The work and committment by the Teacher/s volunteers, Students and all supporters has provided yet another wonderful demonstration of the beautiful "Land of Smiles"


Hell Fire Pass: article from a Local
local WA Resident "Mac" and Thai wife Lat, regular visitors to Thai Temple Perth reflects on his fathers memories from his days as a prisoner on Hell Fire Pass.

Bilateral Projects
If you have any articles recognising bilateral activity between Thailand and West Australia we invite you to share the goodwill, give us a call, WE CARE.

AusWaThai has Bilateral Cultural projects in progress, we visit Thailand and create Business Coaching discussion with Small Business, we sponsor costs for Thai's to travel to Perth to stay in an Aussie home and share culture.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Impolite behaviour in Thailand is Strictly not allowed

SIMON BURROWES, the ''rude'' Briton, may have jetted out Thailand at the weekend but the Country now has another case of cultural conflict between officialdom and a tourist.

The media in Australia is devoting large amount of airtime and online space to the case of Melbourne mother-of-four Annice Smoel, 36.

According to reports, she was arrested in Patong because of a petty bar prank that went wrong, has been in limbo for 17 days without her passport, and now faces a long jail term.

The Bar Prank over a Bar Mat. it cost about aud$60 because it's made in Australia.

somehow the bar mat found it's way into the accused personal bag and was spotted by an undercover policemen on the premises.

However, according to the report in the Herald times comment by Bar Owner is that Ms Smoel ''went ballistic'' at the time of the incident, abusing officers all the way up to the local chief of police.

The detail of the incident as reported in the herald sun is here

The connection of this incident to the Burrowes affair lies in the ''rude'' abuse of authorities.

''Impolite behavior'' is simply not acceptable in Thailand

Visitors need to be told that before they arrive.While bad language and anger are tolerated these days in many Western countries, they are not condoned in Thailand and usually only compound the problem for any tourist in trouble.

The issue for the tourism industry in Thailand is to find a way to solve this problem. Marketing campaigns designed to draw visitors back pale in the face of this kind of publicity.

Clearly the Burrowes case, which has been widely reported in Britain, and the Smoel case, are catastrophic news for tourism.

We have helpful hints, from our Travel Thailand website
Social Etiquette in Thailand.. - see our printable document called Dos' and don'ts ...

from our Thai Culture section:

Social Ettiquette in Thailand - Criticsim and remember "Mai-Ben-Rai" Objections and conflicts are to be avoided at all cost.

This is not to say that the rights and wrongs have been clearly established in either case. Nor are they ever likely to be. The more important point is that when a tourist loses his or her temper with a Thai official, real damage is done to tourism.

The cultural chasm between tourists who fail to understand they are in a different country, with different rules of behavior, and officials who never tolerate anger and insults, remains immense. It makes sense to consider introducing a Tourist Court, where justice can be administered quickly, so tourists can be allowed to return to their own countries rapidly if they accept the court's ruling.

it's pretty simple .. Politeness is why so many like to go and it's taken very seriously if you do otherwise, obvious the people that depend on Tourims are forgiving but there are limits

Remember around 700,000 Australians visit Thailand last year ..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thailand - Phuket - Aussie News - A Melbourne mum Annice Smoel facing five years jail

article from the Herald Sun

The information has been copied with with a link to the news articles. we have copied the details as it was shown at the time of publication.

Staff and wires
May 19, 2009 08:18am
UPDATE 1.30pm: A MELBOURNE woman facing Thai jail for stealing a bar mat has begged the Prime Minister to help her.

Montrose mother-of-four Annice Smoel says she's “scared, helpless and alone'' and is pleading for the Rudd government to intervene. She has spent four days in a cramped Thai jail with three other women, described her holiday gone wrong as “totally unbelievable''.

Her husband says the Australian Government is offering little help.Ms Smoel, 36, is facing up to five years jail in Thailand over the alleged theft of a bar mat from the popular Aussie Bar in Phuket.Ms Smoel was drinking in the bar with friends when they apparently played a prank on her, putting a bar mat in her handbag.

But the owner of the Aussie Bar, Steve Wood, told 3AW that he believed

Ms Smoel had been abusive toward the undercover police who had stopped her in the bar. “When they talked to her all they wanted to do was chastise her, and they usually let you go, but she did a runner on them ... the police had to chase her down the beach,'' Mr Wood said. “When they took her back to the police station, she continued to abuse everyone at the police station including the chief of police and I think this is what the problem is. “It's more of an attitude problem than a crime problem.'' She was charged with a “night-time theft'' and imprisoned for four days. Mr Wood said he had not pressed charges.

During a telephone link-up from Phuket with reporters, Ms Smoel broke down saying she just wanted to get home to her four young daughters aged six, eight, 11 and 12. “They are terrified and scared. I've already missed so much, I really want to be a good mum,'' she said. Asked how she felt, she said “just scared, helpless, alone''. In the 17 days since her arrest for taking the bar mat from the Aussie Bar in Phuket where she was celebrating her mother's 60th birthday, she has missed one daughter's birthday, another's appendix operation and Mother's Day. In a plea to the government, she said: “You've got to help me, I have not done anything wrong, this is a crock.'' Her husband Darren has flown to Phuket to be by his wife's side.

“This is a complete joke - the Thai authorities have no compassion and no respect for Western women or the wrongly accused, it's just a joke,'' he said. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said all available consular assistance was being provided, but Mr Smoel says the action of the Australian government and consular authorities had been “nowhere near good enough''. Ms Smoel's husband Darren said he felt like he was "chasing his tail" in Thailand."My journey with them started a week ago and I don’t feel it’s been that good to be honest, I don’t feel that there’s anyone out there looking for us that’s for sure," Mr Smoel told 3AW. "We have stat decs (statutory declarations) stating what happened and their total innocence here and we really feel the Australian Government should be helping us." A spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed Ms Smoel was arrested on May 3 and charged with theft. A court hearing has been set for next Monday.

The spokeswoman said consular assistance had been provided to Ms Smoel.
"Consular officials from the Australian embassy, Bangkok, and from DFAT in Canberra have provided extensive consular assistance to the woman and her family,'' she said.
Ms Smoel said undercover police in the Aussie Bar stopped her on her way out of the bar. She was then arrested and spent four nights in a Thai jail cell. “They came up to me and said ‘show us in the bag’. I had only just picked it up … had a quick look inside and saw there was something in it,” she told 3AW. “I was nowhere near the handbag. One of the girls involved went down to the police on Sunday morning and confessed to the crime and apologised and they told her to go away, they didn't care.''

"I have been treated unfairly and held here for something I didn't do."
Ms Smoel said she initially thought police were letting her go but when she got outside they arrested her and put her in a 4m by 4m jail cell. Police have confiscated Ms Smoel’s passport and she has been stranded in Thailand for the past 17 days. “I am doing ok, I am hanging in there. I don’t feel like I can really deal with what’s happened until I can get home and see my kids,” she said.

Ms Smoel was in Thailand with friends celebrating her mother’s 60th birthday.The family had even tried offering money to Thai authorities but that was refused. Ms Smoel insisted she was innocent of the theft which was committed by a friend who confessed to the police but was told to go away. “I have been treated unfairly and held here for something I didn't do,'' she told Fairfax News Radio. “They know I didn't do it, they have video evidence and one of the girls who was involved went down to the police on Sunday morning and confessed to the crime and apologised and they told her to go away, they didn't care.''

Police confiscated Ms Smoel's passport. Mr Rudd says consular officials in Thailand were assisting Ms Smoel. “I've just been advised about this, the Foreign Minister and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are on top of this case,'' Mr Rudd told reporters in Melbourne. “They are providing every level of consular assistance to the family and the individual concerned.'' Ms Smoel is required to report to authorities every two weeks as a condition of bail and it is expected to be 14 weeks before her case is heard in court. Her lawyer Bernard Murphy says she has been told she could face two to five years' in jail if found guilty of “night-time theft.''

Video news clip


aussie venues Thailand

Related topics
News article
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 Impolite behaviour in Thailand is Strictly not allowed covers includes referecnes to helpful hints, Social Etiquette in Thailand.. and from our Thai Culture section:
Social Ettiquette in Thailand - Criticsim and remember "Mai-Ben-Rai" Objections and conflicts are to be avoided at all cost.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thai Culture: Miss Tiffany Thailand 2009 Ladyboy Beauty Contest for Charity

Transwoman, Male-to-female, Ladyboy, Kathoey a...
Contestants vie for the Miss Tiffany Universe crown and raise cash for charity.

Tiffany Show has been entertaining tourists in Pattaya for over 35 years with more than 1000 visitors a night enjoying the three nightly performances.

Over 100 performers dance and lip-snyc their way through popular songs from musicals and international pop charts.

Spotlights and TV cameras will focus on Pattaya, mid-May, as the resort’s most famous transvestite show hosts the annual Miss Tiffany Universe contest.

AusWaThai: Thailand Culture - H.E. Kasit Piromya presents "Knight Grand Cross" to Seefah Collingwood-Price Perth WA

AusWaThai: Thailand Culture - H.E. Kasit Piromya presents "Knight Grand Cross" to Seefah Collingwood-Price Perth WA

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thailand Culture - H.E. Kasit Piromya presents "Knight Grand Cross" to Seefah Collingwood-Price Perth WA


H.E. Kasit Piromya Foreign Minister to Thailand had extensive duties during his visit to Perth, namely Joint Commission talks with Australia's Foreign Minster The Hon Stephen Smith MP...

However high on the agenda was recognition the "amazing" achievements of one the the Kingdom's faithful, Khun Seefah Collingwood-Price.

Royal Honour Ceremony
By the gracious decree of HM King Bhumipol, Khun Seefa was bestowed with the honour of
"Knight Grand Cross (First Class) of the most Admirable order of the Direkgunabhorn".

The award was presented by HE Mr Kasit Piromya Minister of Foreign Affairs, and HE Mr Bandhit Sotipalalit Ambassador, Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra at The Dusit Thai Restaurant 249 James St, Northbridge, Perth.

Dignitaries noted:

H.E. Mr Kasit Piromya Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
Mrs Chintana Piromya Spouse of Minister
Ms Prae Piromya Daughter of Minister H.E.
Mr Bandhit Sotipalalit Thailand Ambassador to Australia
H.E. Mr Oum Maolanon Thailand Ambassador to New Zealand
Mr Kiattikhun Chartprasent Consul General of Thailand in Australia
Mrs Nongnuth Phetcharatana Director General Department of American and South Pacific Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
Brigadier William D Jamieson Royal Thai Consul-General in Perth and Patron TAAWA
William Jamieson Royal Thai Consul in Perth
John Hyde MLA Perth WA and
Patron of TAAWA
TAAWA Committee and members
Khun Chetseni Dhanarajata General Manager Thai Airways, West Australia and Patron TAAWA

Guests included Family, Friends, Delegates of Community groups and Local Business Identities.

Picture Khun Greg and wife Khun Aud
Photos of the evening kindly donated and display in the TAAWA events photo album titled 2009-05-08 TAAWA Diner with H.E. Kasit Piromya

NB: tips on watching video on the net tips on view Photos in Picasa

A little about The Lady they call Khun Paa (Kinship)
Kn Seefah ventured to our shores 1986 and in 1991 we started her involvement with TAAWA and from that has been continuously involved in the work of the Association (TAAWA). Over the years she has undertaken every position on the Committee from member to President and has on occasions been a special advisor. During her service she has welcomed many dignitaries from Thailand from Ministers to members of the Royal family.

Picture right Khun Angella with
Mr Bandhit Sotipalalit Thailand Ambassador to Australia

  • We took the liberty of creating a collage of photos (at random) of her many years of service to the Kingdom of Thailand, conducting goodwill services for the Thai Community.

  • The photos are scanned copies so the quality is low, but I'm sure you get the general idea. The photo Album - Seefah Historical Pics

Kn Seefah speech acknowledged our Countries and efforts of all friends and supporters, we will publish the notes for our readers. link to her speech

Kn Kasit speech was, as always dynamic and embracing of the Communities. He touched on the recent political situation and matters have now returned to normal and called on the values of kinship and reaffirmed the priority for the Royal Thai Government under Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was to restore social harmony and to move the country forward with good governance, transparency, and accountability.

HE Kasit arrived this evening after a successful Business forum hosted by CCI and local Perth business

Our friendship; Thailand and Australia is underpinned by growing people-to-people links with over 22,000 Thai students now enrolled to study in Australia and some 700,000 Australians visiting Thailand last year.

Picture left Khun Kasit and Phill Smith (AusWaThai)

We recognise the difficult tasks before committee (any and every committee) that strives to deliver to and for their members. The committee of TAAWA, and TRWA (Thai Radio WA) and all other Thai Groups outshine expectations and serve excellence for Bilateral relations between Thailand and Australia.

We are pleased to create a "profile" for kn Seefah on the TAAWA website and look forward to developing profiles for committee members.

We care about W.A.T. WA Thai Community so if you have news the supports building goodwill for Community, Culture and Travel between Western Australia and Thailand please let us know so we can populate to the world!! Jing Jing !

Our Cultural project to host Thai holiday helpers, au-pairs and the like to share culture has exceeded expectations, we are so delighted, people are remembering what it's like to smile again..... (smiling is the sensation of feeling great all over but showing it in 1 place), Thanks Kon Thai and The land of Smiles

Heart Culture

To understand Thai is to understand Buddhism

Chockdee krup

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thai Consul views on Bilateral Joint Commission meeting 08/05/2009

13th May 2009

Mr P R Smith

Dear Sir

Thank you for your e-mail of the 9th May 2009.
I commend you for your endeavours in promoting the business and community relationships between the Kingdom of Thailand and the Commonwealth of Australia.

As requested I have prepared and attach remarks relating to the recent visit to Australia by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr Kasit Piromya.

Yours faithfully

Mr W J D Jamieson
Honorary Consul

Picture William Jamieson with TAAWA President Khun See-fah



His Excellency Mr Kasit Piromya, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and his delegation traveled to Perth and attended the Joint Commission on Bilateral Co-operation between Thailand and Australia on the 8th May 2009.

This was the eleventh such Joint Commission and first hosted in Perth, Western Australia.
From Thailand’s perspective the key issues discussed were:

  • Thailand’s interest in purchasing liquefied natural gas.

  • Consideration being given by Australia to lowering the minimum score in the IELTS Test requirements for Thai workers in Australia.

  • Thailand’s proposal to establish a National Institute for Human Resource Development in Tourism with the assistance of Australian experts.

  • Ongoing co-operation concerning National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education and the International Centre for Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education.

  • To seek greater Australian co-operation in trilateral co-operation projects in the PIF, GMS and ACMECS countries with Thailand.

The delegation included staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the most senior of which was Mrs Nongnuth Phetcharatana, Director-General, Department of American and South Pacific Affairs.

H.E. Bandhit Sotipalit, Ambassador of Thailand to Australia, H.E. The Ambassador of Thailand to New Zealand and the Consul-General of the Royal Thai Consulate-General of Sydney, with staff, also attended.

H.E. Kasit Piromya has a distinguished career of 37 years of service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, culminating in appointment as Ambassador respectively to Moscow, Jakarta, Bonn/Berlin, Tokyo and Washington D.C.

H.E. Kasit Piromya also addressed the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, Thai students studying in Perth and was the guest of honour at a dinner function hosted by the Thai-Australia Association of Western Australia. H.E. spoke candidly and with conviction about the relationship between the Kingdom of Thailand and the Commonwealth of Australia, his optimism for the future of democracy within Thailand and encouraged those Thais whom had settled in Australia to participate in their communities.

News on The Royal Thai Consul

Their website is in it's final stages expect to see it up and runing within 2 months, in the meantime a variety of Local Thai Community help groups at listed in W.A.T. and particular attention to "Thai in Perth" as it is written in Thai Language.

Bilateral Co-operation between Thailand and Australia on the 8th May 2009




The Joint Commission is the principal forum for the Australia – Thailand bilateral relationship.

The Joint Commission will provide an opportunity to strengthen our cooperation under the framework of our Agreement on Bilateral Cooperation, signed in 2004.

This will be my first meeting with Mr Kasit, who was appointed Thailand’s Foreign Minister in December last year. I made an official visit to Thailand in July last year.

Thailand is a longstanding friend and regional partner of Australia. Thailand is currently chair of ASEAN.

People-to-people links between Australia and Thailand are growing rapidly, with over 22,000 Thai student enrolments in Australia in 2008, making Australia the preferred destination for Thai students studying overseas.

In 2008 some 700,000 Australians visited Thailand, and almost 80,000 Thais visited Australia.

Thailand is now Australia’s eighth largest two-way trading partner. Our trading relationship is underpinned by the Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), in force since 2005, and will be further enhanced by the recently signed ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA).

Australia and Thailand cooperate closely across a range of areas of mutual interest, including security, combating transnational crime such as people smuggling and drug trafficking, defence, counter-terrorism, trade and investment, education, migration and tourism.

During the Joint Commission Mr Kasit and I will also discuss a range of regional and global issues, including the region’s response to combating people smuggling and trafficking, the need for democratic reform in Burma and the continuing requirement for close cooperation in response to the global financial crisis.

I will also discuss recent political events in Thailand with Mr Kasit and express Australia’s hope that the postponed East Asia Summit will be reconvened soon.

This event follows the Business Luncheon in Perth WA hosted by CCI on 07/05/2009 whereby Mr Kasit engaged informal meeting with local Business Community to talk frankly.

AusWaThai comment.. there are wonderful opportunities to do business with Thailand, we have a variety of support groups available to view on our Network site

All events in Perth WA relation to visit by H.E. Kasit in May 2009

TAAWA (Thai Association Australia WA) events Perth WA 2008-2009

TAAWA (Thai Australia Association of WA (inc) (established: 1981) is on the move with more push than ever before .

They have a energetic Committee, wonderful support of the Community, Sponsors and Patrons.

John Hyde MLA is a stalward supporter with a long history of committment for the Thai Community, more on John in coming articles.

With the pending visit of HE Mr Kasit Piromya to Perth TAAWA saw a great opprotunity to collage the events of the past 12 months to provide thew perfect backdrop to the special dinner function to recognise the achievments for TAAWA President Mrs Seefah Collingwood-Price.

NB: tips on watching video on the net tips on view Photos in Picasa

To see the photo collage and Video version visit TAAWA Photo Album

The TAAWA (est: 1981) aims to look after the interests of Thai community and Thai visitors to Perth and trying to build links between Aussies and Thais for friendship, culture and business.

A new Committee will be installed sometime in future, as we were elected last September and office is only for 12 month period.

Perth WA is major tourist patron of Thailand yet so many people in Perth have no idea about the enchanting Thai Community in WA, and likewise we see many Thai visitors coming to Perth "holding back"(being a little too "Shy") (greang Jai) not realising how popular they are and how we all enjoy a Thai Smile, just seeing the lovely Thai Smile makes us feel like we are on holidays - so we hope to change the awareness about the Popularity of Thai in WA.

visit us at to see the Thai Community groups in Perth WA, it includes Photo album of events and a WA Thai Business Directory and of course keep and idea of this blog for news.

Chockdee Krup

Thailand Media visit Perth WA to review FTA Free Trade Agreement


May 7th 2009 Thailand Media Team visited Perth WA (West Australia) on the last but most important leg of their Australian Roadshow.
The Media Team from Thailand represented a wide selection of newspapers from Thailand. Details of the delegates and the Newspapers can be seen in this extract from their Tour program, kindly provided by DFAT.
The purpose of the tour was to review the performance of the TAFTA Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement).... details of the TAFTA available on the DAFT website
General information about DAFT-Trade Focus topics, including Budgets and past news
Mr. Darrell Morris officer of ATI (Australia -Thailand Institute), a dept of DFAT had the duty of escort and ensure the Media team were able to locate key venues throughout Australia and collect necessary data. We meet with Darrell during his visit with the team to Perth, he was energised, punctual and keeping the schedule on track, well done Darrell.
The meeting took place in Kings Park.
TRWA members present in the photo
  • Back row far right Khun Ji, Tik,
  • middle row Khun Bencha (also Director of TLC)
  • Front row left Dr Pranom (President) and far right Thai student Kn goi
  • Back row 2nd left Phill Smith from AusWaThai
Not everyone from TRWA was available on the day (work commitments) but the volunteers present gave valuable insight to Thailand Media about the relations between Perth WA and Thailand.

ATI recognised the important role of TRWA (Thai Radio Team WA). TRWA comprises an enthusiastic group of volunteers that ensure the weekly radio broadcast (Monday 9.00pm) keeps everyone up to date on News and Social events.
The Free Trade agreement has been favouring Thailand however that can change with currency variations and Political development. "Australia will export such as meat, fruits to Thailand. Thailand will export an electrical equipment to Australia."
Australian exporters have excellent support from Government and Association networks, we have provided some links in our Business Network Directory.
Our recent talks with with Committee members of TAAWA (Thailand Australia Association of WA) confirm positive developments to enhance bilateral relations both Business and Community for West Australia and Thailand. This insight is clearly evidence by the visit from H.E. Mr Kasit Piromya, Foreign Minister of Thailand.
  • Khun Kasit will meet with Local Business at a Luncheon hosted by CCI and speak at a TAAWA diner function and have meetings with Ministerial members from Australia, we will be attend some if not all meetings and share news.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Comments on Business Luncheon at CCIWA Perth with H.E. Thai Foreign Affairs Minister Mr Kasit Piromya

CCIWA Special Luncheon in Honour of the Foreign Minister of Thailand–H.E Mr Kasit Piromya
7th May 2009

Pictured from left to right
Dr Alan Eggleston Senator for Western Australia
H.E. Mr Kasit Piromya Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
James Pearson Chief Executive Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA)

Speaking Notes / James Pearson Chief Executive Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA)

Warm welcome extended to the Foreign Minister, his family and the Thai delegation.

Dignitaries noted:
H.E. Mr Kasit Piromya Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
Mrs Chintana Piromya Spouse of Minister
Ms Prae Piromya Daughter of Minister
H.E. Mr Bandhit Sotipalalit Thailand Ambassador to Australia
H.E. Mr Oum Maolanon Thailand Ambassador to New Zealand
Mr Kiattikhun Chartprasent Consul General of Thailand in Australia
Mrs Nongnuth Phetcharatana Director General Department of American and South Pacific AffairsMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
Brigadier William D Jamieson Royal Thai Consul-General in Perth
William Jamieson Royal Thai Consul in Perth
Dr Alan Eggleston Senator for Western Australia

  • Thanked the Minister for giving of his valuable time to visit the Chamber and to address WA business members at the lunch organised in his honour.

    Noted long trade history between Western Australia and Thailand

    The Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement entered into force on 1 January 2005
    Total Trade between Thailand and Australia 2007/08 $13,447 million
    Thailand is Australia’s 7th largest export destination
    Australia is Thailand’s 12 largest export destination
    Australia's main exports to Thailand are - petroleum, aluminium, gold, copper
    Thailand’s main exports to Australia are - goods vehicles, passenger vehicles, gold, heating and cooling equipment

    Australia's trade in services with Thailand in 2007/08
    Exports to Thailand $888 million
    Imports from Thailand $1,841 million

    CCIWA has 128 WA companies registered for the special Thailand Australia FTA Certificates of Origin

    Over 450 different products now being exported to Thailand from Western Australia under the FTA agreement.

    This is evidence of the benefit of bi-lateral trade agreements.


H.E. Kasit Piromya

Delivered a calming, positive and comprehensively speech on Business, Social, Economic and Political issues. He enthusiastically invited questions from guests and gave a frank and transparent answers.

The event was well supported by local business Community. The general comments by guests were feeling very confident about the political changes and the positive direction for Thailand and the Kingdom's desire to embrace Business and Community relations with Western Australia.

Dr Alan Eggleston Senator for Western Australia views mirrored those of the guests and looked forward to the advancing those talks with Khun Kasit during the JOINT COMMISSION ON BILATERAL COOPERATION scheduled on 08/02/2009.

Dr Eggleston also acknowledged the catalyst for change is action and a excellent example is the exceptional achievement in the local Community by Federal Minister for Swan Steve Irons.


Pictured below Kn Kasit and James with "cheers" (chockdee) to a successful event for Thailand and West Australia.

Khun Kasit will continue on his roadshow to visit, Thai students studying in Perth and will be a guest of honour at a dinner function hosted by the Thai-Australia Association of Western Australia followed by meetings with Ministers from Australia relating to THAILAND JOINT COMMISSION ON BILATERAL COOPERATION

AusWaThai, in it's objective to promote bilateral relations Thailand and specifically West Australia offers website services to cover topics supporting Business Community, Culture and Travel.

Our business website is, for the moment limited, as our focus has been Community, Culture and Travel Thailand however we do offer a draft help list of network sites in our Business website.
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Greang Jai is an Important "Heart Value" in Thailand Language Culture

The Heart Culture

The language of the people reveals a lot about their culture.

jit-jai, which means both, heart and mind, soul and spirit.

The state of mind reflects the condition of the Heart, and vice versa.

Some Important Heart Values ....

Of the many heart values importance in Thai culture, there are three that are difficult to explain, for there are no close English equivalents.

The first is nám-jai.
The second is greang-jai.
A third is maintaining a “cool heart” (jai-yen)

Our website article covers the introduction of Heart language and the three (3) most dfficult to explain

Holiday Hosts in Thailand - try a unique experience

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PHH - Personal Holiday Host.

A local Host in Thailand is looking forward to welcoming you to the "Land of Smiles".
It wasn't difficult to find Thai's interested in building links and sharing culture.

Find a location and select a host .

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The Ultimate Travel Guide for every Tourist or Traveller

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Fantastic solution - just a few clicks and you can download (at a small cost) a comprehensive Personal Travel book on your destination with EVERYTHING you can think of. You can use the system to enquire (without buying) so it's perfect to check out destinations before you book your travel plans.....

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Thailand Media comes to you FREE: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Songs, Celebrity News

We are amazed how generous the Thai Media system is offering the world easy access to their Media resources.

Extensive range of online TV channels,

Extensive range of online Radio

Extensive range of online Newspapers

Website listings for access to latest Thai Songs, Political news and more

Tourists to Thailand - Traps to avoid

Tourist Traps Be Warned
we offer these with the best intention to ensure you enjoy your visit to the "Land of Smiles" and will want to go back again and again and again
Take into consideration the value of the money to you, to them
Your desire to experience a good time - so "let go a little"
In other words "find the middle ground"
we have pieced together a few tips titled "How to Avoid Tourist Traps"

Thai Language Translator - Free


We did it .. a Free language Translator from English to Thai and Thai to English

It can translate a word, an entire letter or an entire website - up to you

you can change the options to almost any language

Translator แปลคลิกที่นี่

If you are looking for something else .. try

1. Free Thai Language lessons, includes words and sounds, audio lessons, you can subscribe to free language classes on line and keep a record of your progress, we also include links to Youtube videos on the topic.

Google have done a wonderful things to bring the world together.. Amazing! (Duen Daai Duen Jai)