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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slum kids money box tour challenge

Friends Barber Massage and working the cogs for happiness 

Their gang has a hip hop shop welcoming tourist from around the world, you'll get the best service for Thai massage and request to donate a smile a token amount to the Charity Money Box

9000baht raised with thanks from friends and customers, all proceeds are presented during a visit to FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care AND we welcome you to join us for a visit... its fun 

If your touring to Bangkok you should have this on your radar, book a date with the girls for a massage and a visit to the child care centre and bring your birthday cake to share with the kids... it's a hoot of an experience.   The centre is located in Klong Toei which offers loads of Grass roots tourism.

Full version - this link here

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Foundation Slum Child Care, 

Klong Toei Bangkok Thailand

ALL funds go to the foundation, you may donate through us or direct, refer website

Monday, December 14, 2015

Original Cabaret Bar scene Bangkok is alive

It is the best place in the Bangkok that offer music and entertainment to the visitors. The bar opens at night and offers a unique place to the visitors. The bar has been operating since 1960 and hosted several popular guests including Frank Sinatra, Michael, John and lots of celebrities from different parts of the world. 

The bar offers an open space facing the street with eminent music every day in night. The local bands perform in the bar consist of four Filipino women, and a lovely guitarist and a guitarist who keeps on rocking the bar with fabulous music. 

The bar not only entertains the visitors with the music but also fulfills the requests of the visitors for different songs. The music band plays a wide variety of music and presents tunes in different styles as well. The band sings in different languages, including Spanish, French, Thai, Korean and Tagalog. They can bring old songs and hold a collection of stocks to play on the requests of visitors. 


It is the perfect place for newly wedded couples and singles looking for a romantic hangout in the night. The bar offers the opportunity for dancing, entertainment and lots of music every night. The bar has very awesome serving of food and a wide range of menu to give the best food to the visitors. The food is delicious as well as amazingly cheap that gives easy access to the tourists if they like to travel to Bangkok. 

The Check Inn 99 holds a series of events during the whole week but attracts a large number of people for the night gathering. It offers the perfect atmosphere, beautiful place for dinner, wonderful meals and a get together for the people in the night. It’s a great fun and entertainment to spend an evening outside the home. 

The music keeps on changing day to day, which makes you move on the floor with your partners. The Check Inn 99 hosts many events and makes your day with amazing food and music. If you are arranging a birthday party or holding an official meeting, it is a perfect place to check it and enlighten your event with full of fun and entertainment. 

It makes a perfect hangout for singles and adults to enjoy Jazz event and melodious music in the night. Lots of visitors travel to Check Inn 99 from different parts of the world. It is located in the center of the Bangkok, and there are lots of ways to enter the Check Inn 99. 

The dancing girls at Check Inn 99 keep on shaking their bellies on the melodious tones for the amusement of the visitors. It also gives you the opportunity to sing a song for your loved ones, and you can dedicate any songs to a family member or friend on request to the band. 

The bar has trained and talented staff to provide you quality food as well as the service to enjoy the surroundings in the night with music.




Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tawandang German Brewery in Bangkok .. oh so good ... cheers!!!!

1st visit in 2008, in good company of three good Thai friends.

Reporter Phill Smith

We were dressed casual and threw ourselves into the mix, well actually they were auto drive and I was quickly consumed by the Thai social culture (a few drinks, food and music and away you go – the genuine smiles creates a happy fever and it’s so contagious).

In 2010 I visited again, this time in formal clobber after an AustCham members Sundowner. Our surviving group of 4 decided on a “roadie”, our Thai team delivered us here and we protested that our formal attire was not in sync (cultural difference).. we had a great time absorbing the happy fever!

I’m reminded "T.I.T." (This is Thailand) as long you smile and show politeness your welcome from anywhere and dressed in anything!  (but be polite).

I'm back in 2015 and it's bigger and better, infact they just opened another branch with seats for 2,000 patrons .. what the !

The backing band is large the range of music took us from 'sipping ripple wine down in the lightnin' bar' to a Thai country style tune. The various singers were all talented with good strong voices that suited the style of music they performed. The girls wore tiny skirts and showed enough bare waist and navel to be considered on the cutting edge of modern.

Mainly conservative middle class audience fill the cavernous room, the younger guys had the right haircuts (look like Japanese cartoon characters) whereas the Thai folk and morlam singers looked either like poor or successful country bumpkins. Make no mistake: this was a good show. The delivery was akin to being in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime, but without the risk of having your ear bitten off.

The audience was not allowed a moments rest and the amount of dunkels being downed did their bit to contribute to the party atmosphere. The Thais know how to enjoy their music, actually any music just the loud sound and seeing anyone smile is enough to get them jigging and it’s most contagious. The girls have an outstanding ability to be innocent yet so sassy in their dance moves, I'm not so sure if some parents would approve. Despite the slight disappointment in the not so authentic German taste of the viands and brew, I had a blast watching the people genuinely having inspired fun and could not help but laugh in wonder at the play list and the way it was put together. If you want to impress look no further for dinner and entertainment under one roof.

The centre room is bulked with Tables and the wing area is 2 storey all having good view onto the stage show which never ends. The night engulfs you and everyone us standing at their table jigging along to their favourite tune or they wonder to the narrow dance area in front the stage to dance more or offer rewards to the entertainers (free drinks).

Food may be an afterthought to the 40,000 liters of lager and other beers brewed here each month, but the kitchen turns out decent Thai food, with some German and Chinese fare thrown in for good measure.

The taproom (which is really why you should come) especially boisterous when the Band is performing its fusion of Thai and Western music. On nights that the band's not playing, local singers perform Thai and Western favorites. Established 1999, Tawandang is a large venue and you guessed it: is very popular with the locals due primarily to the right kind of entertainment. There are three types of beer brewed on the premises, Lager, Dunkel and Weizen. They are available in containers that range from 0.33L to 5L.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Beergarden Soi 7 is for the Fishermen

Known by the faithfulls as the Shed, otherwise better known as the Beer Garden Soi 7, Sukhumvit Bangkok

It's just a big old Barn (shed) with a big Bar and plain and simple functions.

Everybody (all shapes and sizes) rolls in and engages with beers and tales

The boys buy the beers and he girls listen and smile and somewhere in the middle is a flow of happiness called Hedonism

Everyone now and then the place goes special with Thai dancers and costumes, otherwise it's a non intrusive unconditional simple down to earth casual Bar where there is lots of beers and lots of guys and girls hanging out.

  1. the pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence.
    synonyms:self-indulgenceindulgence, pursuit of pleasure, pleasure-seeking, lotus-eating, epicureanism, epicurism, self-gratificationMore

      the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.

The location is pretty well smack in the middle of nightlife zone Sukhumvit, within a few hundred metres you can enjoy family theme or adult only (mature age)

They have honest low price beers and food and will accept you in shorts and thongs or suit and Tie, if your consuming they're serving

As for the comment about Fishermen that should cover the story about the "one that got away" which should not happen to often otherwise you need to tweak your jig.

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