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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thai fruits are a taste Sensation

Some Thai fruits are incredibly sweet and juicy. While the taste of other may, at first, seem strange and exotic to visitors, they add a delightful extra dimension to the found in this magical country.

Thai-grown tropical fruits are becoming legendary the world over. Their heady fragrances, ripe colours and succulent flavors have rightfully contributed to the country's burgeoning reputation as one of the world's major culinary hubs.

Fresh fruit is popular with Thais as an anytime snack and is eaten as dessert at most meals. It may be served raw, freshly sliced, in salads, or cooked in many different ways The carving of fruit is also a tradition art form, often forming a major decorative element in buffet presentations.

The Hot Tropical Climate and abundant rainfall in Thailand are ideal for growing a huge variety of fruit which, for range and quality, are among the most diverse and delicious to be found anywhere.

Some fruits are seasonal in Thailand, but there is always a wide choice available, so the visitor is assured of ample opportunity to enjoy a mouth-watering variety.
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