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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Instant Celebrity status at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Von was ROYALITY, for one day 

We've enjoyed the "Taste of Thai"  with a "smooth as silk" flight experience from Perth West Australia to Bangkok.

and on arrival at the Bangkok airport a comforting helpful hand. The lovely and charming TG special Care member khun Anne gave us a warm welcome and accompanied mum (khun Von) through the airport, then immigration, then luggage, then customs, then onto the foyer where transport service awaits

  Smooth as silk   All  photos this event at this link

Bangkok airport VIP special
Care Services Travellers available from TG Thai Airways

Small price to pay for comfort and stressfree care.
Meet and Greet on arrival and departure as well as Royal Gold Lounge.

For some travellers, the thought of arrival and departure procedures at a busy airport can be enough to cause stress.  

THAI's Royal Orchid Holidays has introduced three special packages, designed to streamline the process for travellers and create a stress and hassle-free airport experience.

'Meet and Greet' packages are available at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport for either departing or arriving passengers from $24* per person and Royal Silk Business Class lounge access is available for stays of up to 2.5 hours from $46* per person.  Please note that rates are subject to change.

our Youtube video - external link

Saying goodbye, to friends Bangkok

The return program was equally satisfying, on check in at the airport, TG staff  promptly called the Special care team, they escorted Von through immigration and the busy airport to be seated in the terminal gate area (option to use to TG Gold members lounge; free food, drinks, wifi and lots of creature comforts).. priceless  .............

Conditions apply. *Based on a minimum of 2 adults travelling together. Packages are available exclusively to travellers travelling on THAI flights and ticketed for travel on THAI. To book contact your travel agent or THAI reservations on 1300 651 960 or email

Download a PDF flyer for more information 
date of publication Jan 2015 - check TG site for updates or at time of making booking

2015.02 von bangkok collage gif.gif 

about Von's 2015 tour Bangkok 4 days 

Program, photos and videos are this link


Best tip for Visa issues Thailand

Thai Visa Solution 

No fees
No agents
Deal direct with the department 

more at  link Thai Visa Solutions

Friday, February 27, 2015

Skybar Bangkok is your stairway to heaven

It’s Time to believe in Magic. 

Make your entrance at a setting that is pure enchantment. 

Is it your time to live love laugh the stairway to heaven

The Skybar is one of the world's highest open air bars, overlooking a panoramic view of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River.  

Located on the 63rd floor of The Dome at lebua, Sirocco is the world's highest al fresco restaurant and one of Bangkok's most coveted dining choices. 

It never fails to leave one mesmerized with a breathtaking view of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya river, an amazing Skybar and quality Mediterranean fare with ingredients from the world's best markets. Live jazz music featuring vocalists of international repute, adds to its captivating ambiance for a perfect evening.

Photo album - external link  or try  Moju swivel Pics

video - skybar - external link

The skybar - stepped down and out there in the dream lines
Complimented by the Sirocco Restaurant, The finest Mediterranean cuisine under the star” 

At Sirocco, you will have the city at your feet the stars at your fingertips, Mediterranean culinary magic fashioned with the finest ingredients and a touch of genius from our award winning chefs

At lebua Hotel (State Tower) you'll spiritualise, several outdoor rooftop bars, leveled restaurants indoor and out, fine dining, elegance, mystic and romance


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2015.02 von bangkok collage gif.gif 

about Von's 2015 tour Bangkok 4 days 

Program, photos and videos click here

Do's and dont's travelling Thailand

Tips on Etiquette

Be prepared to pay more than the locals

 Some galleries, museums and temples charge different prices for Thai nationals and tourists, and both prices aren't always listed on the website or in guidebooks. It is sometimes possible to avoid this higher tourist fee if you ask in advance, book with a large group or go at off-peak times. Don't be surprised if they flatly refuse you, but it is always worth asking.  The common belief is that locals pay taxes whereas tourists don't, it does not mean it's right it's simply one of many theories, the more logical theory is many locals can not afford the prices and therefore get a concession and those that can will tip.

Never touch anyone's head

A person's head is considered sacred in Thailand, so even giving someone a pat on the head or touching their hair could be frowned upon. If you are volunteering or working with small children, be especially wary – it's second nature for many westerners to ruffle kids' hair. Thai masseurs may ask permission to massage your head first, so bear in mind that they are asking as a sign of respect

Don't point or beckon

Both can be seen as rude or even sexually suggestive. If you do want to motion to someone to join you, put your hand out with your palm facing downwards and wave your fingers towards yourself. Also, tilt your head upwards to indicate with your chin to avoid causing offence. This also applies to pointing at objects or buildings, but especially avoid pointing at temples. If you forget, simply wai as an apology. 

Don't drop or stand on currency

Feet are considered to be the lowest and least clean part of the body, so avoid pointing your feet at anyone: don't cross your legs, sit cross-legged or put your feet up. It is also rude to drop or stand on currency, as it could be considered disrespectful towards the royal family (Thailand's reigning monarch is printed on the Thai Baht). 

Always return a 'wai'

The wai is a common and polite greeting which involves bowing your head and keeping your hands in a praying gesture. Everyone you meet will greet you in this way, so always return the gesture and smile as you do so. If you are greeting a monk then you must bend from the waist with your head bowed and your hands together.   It is not expected that you should WAI to a service; someone serving you but discretion should be applied to elders, monks and Royalty.

Respect the monks

Many temples hold sessions where you can meet and talk to monks, to learn about Buddhism and help them improve their English. Don't be over-familiar or ask personal questions when first meeting them. If you are female, don't touch them or even brush past them: it is strictly forbidden for monks to have any physical contact with a woman. 

If you need to pass something to a monk, put it down in front of them rather than handing it over directly. They can sometimes be nervous when speaking to tourists, so be patient. Some monks are in training and will be young boys, but you should still reserve the same high level of respect for them.

Cover up in temples

It is pretty likely that you will stumble upon an incredibly beautiful temple while wandering around the streets, but make sure you are respectful and cover your shoulders and chest before entering. Always keep a shawl or some long-sleeved clothing in your bag as you may be refused entry or cause offense it you aren't properly covered. 

Do not make negative comment about Royalty

Most locals are truly in love in respect of the royal family and Thai Culture and any insults whatsoever is unacceptable, infact there is a governing law which is very severe.