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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bungsamran Game Fish Park Bangkok

Bungsamran is quite possibly the most unique fishery on the planet.

This amazing fishing venue, currently holding 10 IGFA world records, is tucked away down a very inconspicuous and sleepy soi (side street), away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok life.

When you first role up to the entrance of this fishing paradise you could be forgiven for wondering whether you have found the right place since it so unassuming.
Hire everything including accommodation on the lake, fish all day and night.  Just 30 minutes from Bangok  (map link below)

Tackle for rent 
Fishing guides 24 hours.
24 hour taxi service
Advance booking is available
Money back if no fish caught
Accommodation is on the lake
enjoy a boys weekender!
But as you walk through the covered walkway entrance, collect your bait, and wonder out onto the decked walkways that follow the perimeter of the lake, you are presented with a Shangri-La type vision. 
Although hard to describe Bung Sam Lan as "pretty" it has a rustic quaintness that will grow on you as the day passes.
The first thing that many anglers notice as they look across the lake, is the heaving, boiling surface. Everywhere you look fish are topping, and upon closer inspection, these are not just ordinary fish....some seem as big as Dolphins! Some are! This immediately sets your heart racing, and its hard to contain your excitement as you make your way around the lake to your bungalow. Walking briskly now around to your fishing spot, a bungalow on stilts, your eyes will be scanning for other anglers to see if they are getting any action. First you see one, seems to be doing battle with a big fish, and then as you pan round the waters edge you see another and another all playing big fish. By now most anglers are asking themselves "Is this place for real?"
The atmosphere is then added to by an almighty crash as a 300LB Arapaima erupts from the waters surface and slapping it's tail hard against the water to mark it's territory. By the time you reach your bungalow, you will be shaking with anticipation!
All around this lake, you will often hear the warm laughter and conversation of Thai anglers, and international visitors alike content in their day as they and their friends catch fish after fish after fish. Sitting around on their pontoons in large groups sharing food, beer and smiles.
Your guide will have your rods set up in a jiffy, he casts your first bait of the discover what happens next, you really have to be here!
Bungsamran is the most prolific Freshwater Fishing Destination in Thailand, and is rapidly becoming known worldwide as the most abundant spot on the planet for giant carp, giant catfish and other freshwater species currently holding 10 igfa world records, and scores of even larger unrecorded catches including Carp to over 240LB!!! You won't find another fishing venue in Thailand to match Bungsam Lans rod bending potential, if you plan to come on a fishing holiday in Thailand, it would be unwise to miss out on the non-stop action at Bungsamran
Bungsamran (established on March 16, 1983) with an area of 98,000m2 and an average depth of 4 to 10m. It is filled with more than 50 kinds of both carnivorous and herbivorous game fishes, including Giant Catfish from Mekong River, Giant Carp ,Giant Catfish and Striped Catfish from Chao Phraya River, Catfish from Koonyuwom River, Giant Snake head from Srinakarin Dam, Arapima from the Amazon River, Jullien's Golden-Price Carp from Mehklong River and etc. There are thousands and thousands of large fishes ready to challenge your skill as well as for you to set a new record.
SIZE: Apprx 20 Acres
DEPTHS: Ranging from 2mtrs to 12mtrs
RECORDS: At least 10 IGFA World Records
FISH STOCK: 30,000+

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