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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nightlife Bangkok Closing earlier

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BANGKOK — If finding a late-night roost in the capital’s usual haunts has become more difficult, that’s because most clubs and bars in the Khaosan Road and Thonglor areas were ordered this month to close at midnight – a situation that may not change.

While the earlier closing of familiar venues may seem a sudden change, police said they have merely begun enforcing a law long on the books.

Local police chiefs in both areas said they have done nothing but enforce a 2004 regulation requiring clubs and bars registered as restaurants in the two popular nightlife areas to close by midnight.

“Go back and look at the law,” Col. Khajonphong Jitphakpoom of Thonglor police said Monday when asked about the new closing times.

The enforcement effort seemed to begin after police were embarrassed by a raid on a Khaosan Road nightclub earlier this month that resulted in a station chief and several officers being removed from active duty.

Someone answering the phone at Thay, a recently opened restaurant and bar on Ekkamai Road, said they were told Saturday they must shut down by midnight.

An employee at Bad Motel, located on Thonglor Road, admitted the nightlife venue was ordered Saturday to shut down through the end of May because it had stayed open after permitted hours. The employee, who refused to give his name, said police told them to close at midnight once they’re allowed to reopen on Thursday, because they only have a restaurant license.

Other bars and venues, such as T-Rex on Soi Thonglor 15 and many of the after-hours Japanese restaurants, were reportedly told to shut down by midnight. Other mainstream venues such as upscale bar Rabbit Hole were ordered shut by 1am. While Rabbit Hole seems back to 2am, Dark Bar announced earlier this month it would close permanently in light of police demands it close by midnight.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

New comedy Scene Bangkok at STAGETIME

There appears to be an extensive community of budding Comedians in Bangkok, the only reason we don't know is there is not enough places for them to strut their stuff

in 2017 we see several new host venues declaring their war on stress and offer you a laugh at life, we started a directory of Comedy venues Bangkok so you can get a regular good dose of happymess, the directory is linked in the page on this venue Stagetime Comedy Room Bangkok

They've started well offering patrons a dinner package buffet before the show as part of the ticket price and from our experience it's a "GOOD DEAL" get their early and enjoy a meal and meet some locals, expats and travelers

few hrs with a cluster of amateurs (recent night 15 in 1 - 15 comedians get only 5 mins on stage)
or some big name headliners ...  its changes so check the program

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here's a vid we scrambled from a recent visit - link 

So far they are performing on a Saturday night, seems to me to be the ideal way to start your evening, good value meal in good surrounds, a few hours of laughter and around 10.30pm your ready to take on whatever Bangkok throws at your coz your "Happy"




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