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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thai try travel to Perth WA (Western Australia)

John Forrest, the first Premier of Western Aus...Image via Wikipedia

Here's a news release I received from the tourism board of Western Australia which includes the areas of Perth and Fremantle

Most travelers to the land down under opt for Sydney, the great barrier reef, and Melborne, but the south west coast comes alive with the Australia of years past, where folks on the street still greet you with 'hey mate.' Read on for more details:
A place of stunning natural beauty and an authentic indigenous frontier culture. The country’s largest state, Western Australia is the size of all of Western Europe, yet has a population of just 2.1 million people—75 percent live in the capital city of Perth. This means the countryside is brimming with unspoiled wilderness and boasts some of the most magnificent natural wonders, "Down Under".

Hay Street Mall, Perth, Western Australia.Image via Wikipedia

From undulating sand dunes to tropical gorges to stunning Outback landscapes and the largest freshwater lake in the Southern Hemisphere, Western Australia is truly the “Real Australia.”

Travelers seeking an authentic “Aussie” experience incorporating romantic luxury, outdoor adventure, an introduction to Aboriginal culture.

The capital city of Perth is vibrant and culturally rich, yet manages to retain the familiarity and friendliness of a small town. Located on the banks of the tranquil Swan River, with 50 miles of white sand beaches within 15 minutes of the Central Business District, Perth is a a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts.

View Larger Map

The city boasts a mild year-round climate and receives more hours of sunshine than any other Australian capital city—making it the perfect place to enjoy a day of sailing, wind- or kite surfing, kayaking, surfing, or swimming at legendary seaside spots such as Cottesloe or Scarborough.

Alternatively, visitors can enjoy a stroll and a picnic in the botanical gardens at King’s Park—the world’s largest green space within a major city in the world—or board a ferry to South Perth and take in the view of the city’s famous skyline. Another can’t-miss is the unforgettable sight of daybreak over Perth, when the sun rises out of the Indian Ocean and reflects off of the city’s dazzling glass and steel skyscrapers. In addition to its fantastic outdoor offerings, Perth is also home to numerous cultural attractions—from the renowned indigenous art collection at the Art Gallery of Western Australia to the trendy boutiques and galleries of the Subiaco neighborhood as well as on Murray and King streets.

The Basin, Rottnest Island, Western Australia....Image via Wikipedia

Visitors can also experience the city’s lively arts and music scene in the diverse array of bars, clubs, and pubs in the Leederville, Mount Lawley, and Northbridge neighborhoods. For the gastronome, Perth’s restaurants encompass everything from funky to fine dining, with special emphasis on the region’s premium produce, seafood, artisan foods and award-winning Western Australian wines.

The greater Perth region offers additional attractions just an hour’s drive from the city center. Visitors can enjoy a weekend at a boutique guesthouse to explore the farm trails and vineyards of the peaceful Swan Valley; take a bushwalk in one of several national parks in the Darling Range to catch glimpses of the native wildlife; or go hot-air ballooning or sky diving in the Avon Valley. Rottnest Island, affectionately known as “Rotto,” a popular holiday spot located just offshore from Perth. Rotto is a car-free island only trafficked by bikes and pedestrians, and is the perfect place for sunbathing, fishing, or snorkeling above shipwrecks in crystal clear waters.
The Coral Coast: North of Perth lies Western Australia’s fabled Coral Coast 1000 km of pristine, white-sand beaches and warm, turquoise waters that make for world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. Perhaps one of the most famous destinations for visitors desiring a close encounter with nature is at Monkey Mia, located within the Shark Bay Marine Park, a World Heritage-designated coastline. Here, wild bottlenose dolphins make daily visits to the clear shallows of the bay, enchanting visitors with their gregariousness and playful behavior.

Surfers flock to the region, especially to the town of Geraldton, which provides consistent waves suitable for novices to experienced wave riders, and to Kalbarri, which is famous for its big, left-hand breaks at Kalbarri. Inland from the coast, the Kalbarri National Park abounds with bush-walking and abseiling opportunities for those looking for non-aquatic pursuits.

Another highlight of the region is the Ningaloo Reef. Located on the Northwest Cape section of the coast, the reef begins near Coral Bay, nearly 800 miles north of Perth, and ends 160 miles later at the beach town of Exmouth. Now a national marine park, Ningaloo is one of the world’s best-preserved and largest fringing coral reefs, covering an impressive 2,500 square miles. It is home to 500 species of tropical fish and 220 species of coral, and visitors don’t need scuba certification to explore the reef. Located just offshore, Ningaloo Reef is ideal for even first-time snorkelers and the lack of crowds, accessibility, and consistently beautiful weather, make the reef a haven for underwater enthusiasts. While manta rays and dolphins frequent the reef, from April to July it’s also possible to swim alongside whale sharks, the largest fishes on earth. Although they can reach up to 60 feet in length, these gentle creatures feed only on plankton.

A Manta ray with attached remoras at Ningaloo ...Image via Wikipedia

In the mid-Coast region, the port town of Cervantes is the gateway to Nambung National Park, famed for its limestone spires known as The Pinnacles. These craggy pillars, which are millions of years old, are considered one of Australia’s most unusual and beautiful landscape features. Between July and November, over 12,000 species of wildflower—many of them indigenous to Australia—bring the inland area along the Coral Coast alive with color, providing unforgettable photographic opportunities
For more info:

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pang Loy - Thailand (street Food) it's a culture

When you walk around Bangkok city, you will see a lot of street food, we call “ Pang loy “ . There are many kind of foods selling at the day time and night time, some look dirty but many of them are clean and yummy!!

Kae Sasikan

One of the food that you can see everywhere is Kuay Teaw ( noodles soup ) but regarding to Farang, you might not know how to order since they don’t have the menu.

Bangkok Normally they have 3 sizes of rice noodles and egg noodle which is good.

Send mee = smallest size noodle
Send lek = medium size noodle
Send yai = biggest size noodle
Ba mee = egg noodle

They have all kind of meats and balls ( look chin (look means ball and chin means piece)) such as: pork = moo, beef = nua, fish = pla, chicken = kai, seafood = talay look chin moo = pork balls look chin nua = beef balls look chin pla = fish balls look chin kai = chicken balls look chin kung = shrimp balls ( soooo good! ) but mostly they don’t mix pork and beef at the same shop ( some do ) many Thais don’t eat beef because of their religious belief.

The easiest way to order is just choose the noodle you like and tell them to put everything ( tuk yang ), meat and balls. And you have 2 choices when order, you can choose noodle with soup ( nam ) or without soup ( hang ), I recommend you to try egg noodle without soup hehe for example:
Ba mee hang tuk yang = egg noodle with all meat and balls without soup
Send mee hang look chin moo = smallest size noodle with pork balls without soup
Send yai nam kai = biggest size noodle with chicken and soup
Ba mee hang look chin kung = egg noodle without soup with shrimp balls

I’ve tried some good Kuay Teaw pang loy and I recommend you to try the one at the corner in front of Soi Cowboy ( Asoke ), its good and clean, open in the evening till late night.
Another place is on Sukhumvit 38 which is opposite Sukhumvit 55 ( Thinglor )

They are lots of different kind of food, they all good and cheap, well known for after drink food because they open from the evening till late night, many farangs go there for good food.

One more place is in soi Convent, Silom road, opposite Silom soi 4, there are a few good pang loy food in the evening till late night.

You will see Pang loy food from Sukhumvit 3 all the way to Sukhumvit 19 at night time, lots kind of food with drinks, beer, ****tails etc. there are quite good with reasonable price and they have menu in English for farang and tourist who feel hungry after drink!

When you sit there and eat pang loy food, I recommend you to buy the bottle of drinking water by yourself or ask if they have drinking water by bottle ( some have ) because they usually serve you the tap water which is not enough clean!
Ok, I am hungry now after all this topic! gotta go eat my favorite Ba mee hang look chin kung! yummy!

Kae lives Bangkok Thailand, has joined our friends network and will soon be visiting Perth WA

you can view her Travel article and post questions to her at this link

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aussie Travel tips Bangkok, Thailand

thailand bangkok wat arunImage by FriskoDude via Flickr

6.45 hours from Perth West Australia and you are in "The land of Smiles" 7 to Bangkok and every block seems like another Perth....

The chaos of being living two (2) lives

......are you a Traveller or a Tourist ?

I had visited Thailand many times but never Bangkok, I thought I would never go because the “fear fairy” assured me it was all bad.. a little coxing to be a “Traveller instead of a tourist” and I discovered the most enchanting dynamic place in the world. Bloody fairies tell lies

There can be but only one ...... TG is it!
for an Amazing Smile and Care ... Thai Airways

As a courtesy to readers we show the TG Aussie flight schedule on our website

The Grandest of Airports Su-wanarporm (sorry I can't spell it, and in Thailand it does not matter, they love your attitude toward life, not grammar...) TIP: ... I'd rather be remembered for being happy than my accuracy of a spelling exam? exame? whatever....

I found it easier to learn Thai language after reading more about Thai language culture, in particular “Heart Culture”. Now we all think English language is easy and Thai is complicated because it's tonal (5 different Tones) … say the word “Glai” with a different tone and it can mean “close” or “far away” ..this can be frustrating when seeking directions but stay cool and remind yourself of their version of “no worries” (Mai ben rai), more on Thai Language

I always enjoy setting off into in my arrival airport, it's the beginning of a new adventure and in Thailand the adventure it's always different.

I never get tired of the flashback of the “Jetsons”, when I see that Moving footpath and as our flock of "fly ins" huddle for position I think out loud “maaaa maaaaa” ... I think you get the joke. By The way “maaa” in Thai means “come” or “dog” or “Horse” (depends on the tone). Haa haa haa …. (laugh laugh but "haa haa haa" also means 5 5 5 in Thai).

one of the aches of travelling alone or when in charge of a flock is you shoulder the fear factor.. what if this.... what if that... oh god when does their holiday finish so I can relax.. a little sad but true for some... and you know who you are...

There are lots of things to contemplate.. you can start the worry widget or start enjoying yourself and let it fall into place - Up to you...

as a our flock muster toward immigration I ponder "I have never meet a country more welcoming" (except Singapore) .. it just doesn't get any better, the Customs people almost drag you through and gesturing to stop to query you have brought something bad to their Country is outrageous.. why would you do that to Thailand "It's the Land of smiles".... I mean .. look this is War in Thailand

Once you have stepped into the Public area the Transport Touters (private taxi) people could not be friendlier... we tend to shy away from them fearing a scam, well it is a scam, they want you to buy their product at an inflated price, but unlike other countries they are so polite. Say hello and show the slightest interest in them as a person and they drop everything to help you for free, by this I mean directions where to change money and where to get a cheaper taxi metre..... of course if you are travelling in a group it's probably cheaper to use them, they can summon a mini bus in minutes and you will not then have to wait in the public taxi queue, which can be quite daunting.

Obviously there are buses (and soon a monorail) but for about 200-300baht you can get a aircon taxi from the airport to Bangkok..

The Taxi .. You need to decide which route... take it easy down on the ground and maybe some traffic issues (they can be horrible) or go the skyway or tollway (up there) and begin the adventure - thrill ride factor...

TRY TO AVOID SITTING IN THE FRONT SEAT OR LOOKING FORWARD... your there to relax and s^%#$ your daks

Jump on the sky train and in minutes you can be at one end of town to the other, jump in a Taxi, a tuk tuk (if you dare) or the ultimate a motor bike taxi - now that's a real thrill. MAJOR THRILL.

Farangville is the place to go… we have created a little bit of history with a inbound local travel agent in Soi 19 in the middle of Farangville. Visit the website and see the page called “My home Soi 19” it’s an intro to the Soi, why stay there and at the bottom of the article you'll see a link about nightlife (so far it's only been documented for boys), we will include more as soon as you or we contribute.

Our website Travel Thailand – special section about Bangkok and our forum which includes Travel Thailand – see Bangkok, places, people and food.

Coming soon (reo reo nii) articles about special places we discover, with help of thai locals.

Help, join our friendship network and contribute articles – on Bilateral connection Thailand and West Australia.

To Read the full uncut version see our travel forum - the title is Bangkok - The path for Aussie roo

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Thailand - Bangkok - Political Protests .. here we go again.. (goodbye tourism)

Thailand braces for anti-government demonstration as thousands of protesters mass in Bangkok

Last week found Thailand in the throes of political turmoil once again.

More than 30,000 supporters braved heavy rains in Bangkok to hear the media tycoon Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Prime Minister in exile, who addressed the crowd via telephone link. He is on the run and believed to be in Africa at the moment. Thaksin is trying to avoid extradition here, where he has been convicted on corruption charges, and faces a two-year prison term.
Best Practicess...
check your Country's governmental Travel site for safety issues before visiting any foreign country

The enthusiastic reception reinforced Thaksin’s political strength and indicated the return of the “red shirt” movement that supports him

The United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship — known as the red shirts — was silenced in April by threats of a government crackdown following days of street clashes and riots that left at least two dead and more than 120 injured.

Protest leaders said they are continuing to call for Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s resignation, the dissolution of parliament, and new elections.

“We come here because we want to see true democracy,” Thaksin told the crowd. “We loathe injustice. We loathe double standards. We’re here to say if you want us to stop, then return justice and true democracy.”

Thaksin also complained that he was lonely and serenaded the crowd with a song that included the line “Don’t leave me in Dubai” — a reference to one of the cities he has called home since he fled into exile last year after being convicted of corruption.

“Are you going to bring me back red shirts?” he asked. “I’m a grateful person. When I’m back, I’ll work for the people right away.”

Police mobilized 3,000 security officers and warned the red shirts not to block Abhisit’s office, as it did for several weeks in March and April. But protest leaders said they had no plans to march to Government House and there was no indication the crowd was leaving the soggy Sanam Luang field in central Bangkok.

“We want to overthrow the government which has been set up by the establishment,” protest leader Jatuporn Phromphan told the crowd. “We want the dissolution of parliament. We will insist on our demands no matter how long it takes.”

The protesters accuse the country’s elite — the military, judiciary and other unelected officials — of undermining the country’s democracy and orchestrating a 2006 coup, in which Thaksin was ousted.

Thaksin’s allies remained in power in the two successive governments, but were stymied by “yellow shirt” protesters and separate charges of conflict of interest and fraud, that were held up in court rulings.

The yellow shirts — who took to the streets last year shuttering Bangkok’s two main airports — argue that voters in Thaksin’s rural base are too easily bought. Abhisit cobbled together a coalition after a court disqualified the pro-Thaksin prime minister on complaints of fraud in the 2007 election, ending the yellow shirts’ demonstrations. The red shirts responded by launching their own protest in March, but backed down under threat of a military crackdown after their demonstrations became violent.
Uncertainty is a constant in Thailand's political vortex. But there are other, more pleasing constants in the chaos. Like the fact that if you attend a Thai protest, you will leave well-fed. The red shirts, as Thaksin's supporters are called, are a down-home bunch--blue-collar workers, farmers, urban street food vendors, and motorbike taxi drivers like mine. Thaksin has engaged in a grassroots populism that pits the interests of these kinds of people against that of the perceived Bangkok Elite.

The impact of the Civil and political unrests in December 2008, and fruther protests and reprisals in March and April have all depressed tousim to an all time low, of course not aided by the world economic recession and the "Moo flu"

for a rap on Thai History including Modern poltics go here

School Buses - all shapes and sizes

I just recently received an comical email about the comparison of a School bus in Japan against school bus in Pakistan.

There was no comment in the email the picture said enough.... ha ha ha WOW for Japan and WOW for Pakistan.. that is I mean "WOW" (excitment and surprise) and conversley "WOW" as in (pity and sadness) for Pakistan .. Maybe I should have spelt "wow" as "woe" but then if your not familiar with spelling (silly english language .. I mean is it skool or school) i guess it helps if we have some tone in our spoken word .......... and that would help support the "wow" or "woe"

That reminds me I just got through acknowledging to a Thai friend that Thai Language is not so difficult ..Talking lagnuage ... in Thai (which is a tonial language) the english phonetic does not laways help, example: "Glai" and "Glai" (means either close or far) and "Maa" (means come or dog or Horse) all because of the change in tone (Thai Language is 5 tones) so what about english there are lots of words that cause confusion to a foreigner but not us, just ask a foreigner and you'll be surprised at same of their fears and frustrations..

Countries of the world where English is an off...Image via Wikipedia

try explaining to a foreigner your going to "a wake" ... does that mean your coming out of a sleep or going into one (a long one) and when I say "one" I hope the foreigner did not think you had victory, because they heard "won" not "one".

Anyway back to the Buses
After the "wow" factor I thought ok somone has had a nice giggle as taking the Mickey or taken the piss (now try explaining the slang to a foreigner).. Or, was someone trying to "Bag out" Pakistan (a disgruntled cricket fan) ... who knows perhaps the email has been circulating for the last 12 months and now it's landed in my inbox. These things fly around .. I used to delighted to receive email news flashes from friends and promptly felt the need to forward to all my friends, until the day a few emailed saying "idiot" it's a fake or "that's 6 months old" etc.,

Now, unless I know it's unique I don't send them, we have enough media outlets pumping news. I do however almost always send on anything that has a positive aspect.

Oh yeah the buses...

It was probably an important news article about the new technology coming out of Japan in temrs of a proto type for .... (here I can make up a story).. as they say "don't let the truth get inthe way ofa good story" ..... nar what I was thinking about was why the email proposing extreme difference in Bus services .... and I concluded it was some Aussie having some fun.. thats what a lot fo us do, well it seems that was cause i get so many of these emails from Aussie mates....

Talking about "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story" how about the media hype about the "Bar Mat" fiasco in Thailand a few months back....

The Australian Lady Based on the read of the media it seemed she was completly inncocent and certain people in Thailand were hell bent on keeping her captive for ... for ... for ? for what

Knee-jerk reactionImage by Raelene G via Flickr

I remember an important management article "know the difference between a Knee jerk and a reflex"

why on earth would a Country that is known for it's passive friendly nature, in a time when their most important tourism is suffering suddenly go all out and cause international headlines....

The very reason they pursued the matter was about respect and politeness which is the cornerstone of their culture and of course keeping the tourists Industry flowing.
Apparently the trouble maker "Bar Mat" has been exciled ...

anyway back to the story of school buses
I decided to google about Buses in Australia and Thailand

well I guess it's not surprise

an this one is a cracker

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aussie Guys tour of Farangville Bangkok - Wattana

Whatever you decide (venues)

Don't rely on the adds and internet flyers (theyr'e always sooo good).

The best option is chat with the local and compare to your needs and wants.

Our roaming Reporters have scoured the streets (tough job) and sized up the place

This topic focuses on Asoke/Nana ... which is "Farangville"

Farangville (Farang means Foreigner) whiich is generally the Sukhumwit (main road) along the BTS skytrain line between Soi 4 (BTS Nana) to ? about Soi 30 this area has lots of Bars, Restraurants and ex pats, it also has lots of good shopping and nice people.

Local knowledge - visit AusWaThai Thai friends, they give you free tips ... so where are they ...
Sukhumwit Soi 19 - we recommend this location - click here to see why

also visit AusWaThai Expat friends....

The Australian Pub and BBQ. The management is Aussie, upmarket (not Thai Style). Management always happy to chat (if not too busy) otherwise ask.

Soi 7/1 The Downunder Bar Bangkok. Owner Rob has been around for about 250 years (you can tell him we said that) anyway Rob (when he is smiling) is a terrific guy. His tastes may not be yours (don't forget he is 250yrs old) but he knows stuff.

Soi 6 Alex Bar. Owner Alex (Farang) has been in town about 12 years, it's just around the corner from the Imfamous Nana Plaza.

Places we've been
Soi 19 New Bar called Bangkok Rocks, live band but the Soi is dormie at night so it struggles..

Soi 7/1 (Aussie Bar - the Downunder - see above) about 80 mtrs in on the right "bangkok Beat". Owned by Farang (french) the staff wear smart/casual uniforms, live band every night.. it's good value for money and pool tables upstairs.

The big event Soi 4 Soi NANA Plaza ........(oh which way.. just ask anyone, don't be shy.. people in Thailand don't prejudice people (a rare quality), it's their buddhism beliefs about finding the middle ground let everyone be happy... anyway "Nana" is a smaller scale of Pat Pong (from what i've heard)..

Nana has (so i'm told) Bucking Bulls, Girls, guys, girls that are not girls or guys that are not guys ... what the

Soi 23 (Soi Cowboy) .. woops it's down the other end near Soi 19 (sorry), jump on motor cycle taxi for 20 baht.. if you dare!.

There is a degree of "wow" or "dare" factor just walking Soi Cowboy, it's busy with touters either side trying to catch you attention.... We recommend an adjuster before you go .. about 4 or 5 drinks is a good adjuster and be accepting as a Traveller not a tourist.

In Thailand we don't need good Lighting, but a good Heart and a good attitude toward all things living... Everyone in Thailand is extremely Social (including most Farang) but SHY so you have to engage conversation.

For the full detailed report
the Forum:
Bangkok - Wattana
Nightlife ..
includes some pics and videos ......

if your chasing those of the "softer gender" check our Thai Culture: - Thai Love at the bottom of the page is a link to Ladyboys - up to you!

or visit our Travel Thailand website about Key to dating Thai Girls

Travel Chiang Mai - The Rose of the North Thailand

Popularly known as the Rose of the North, Chiang Mai is blessed with stunning natural beauty and unique indigenous cultural identity. Founded by King Mengrai the Great as the capital of the Lanna Thai kingdom by merging the various city states in the region in 1296. Today Chiang Mai is the economic, communications, cultural and tourism centre of Northern Thailand.

About 700 kilometres from Bangkok, Chiang Mai is situated on the Mae Ping River basin some 310 metres above sea level. Surrounded by high mountain ranges, it covers an area of approximately 20,107 square kilometres. The terrain is mainly jungles and mountains, parts of which are within national parks which are still fertile and verdant with plentiful flora and fauna. There are many sites and locations where tourists prefer to visit to study the lifestyle of the tribal people who live on high hills.

To read more visit a forum Article by AusWaTha friend Khun wanphen

TAFTA report Australia-Thailand June 2009

Thailand enjoys US$1.4 billion trade surplus with Australia in first quarter

BANGKOK, June 24 (TNA) - Thailand has enjoyed a trade surplus of approximately US$1.424 billion over Australia during the first quarter of 2009 thanks to the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), according to a senior Ministry of Commerce official. Foreign Trade Department Director-General Chutima Bunyapraphasara said that TAFTA, enforced since January 1, 2005, had helped push up trade between the two countries. Combined trade between Thailand and Australia during the first quarter of this year totalled $2.746 billion of which Thai exports to that country amounted to$2.085 billion while its imports were only $661 million, Miss Chutima said. During the same period, the Thailand’s Foreign Trade Department had issued 10,568 certificates of origin for goods, or about $998.6 million under the agreement to exporters, she said. (TNA)

A Thailand Aussie Dream, Passion and we Care

The Durea Health Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand

An Australian owned Company in Thailand has created a “unique retreat” for the family and their loved ones with Wheelchair Disability

It’s an amazing story of success, by a Corporate Geniuss with Political clout to reclaim laws of statute, an endless army of workers that overcame all obstacles.... well that's should describe this Corporate Genius fortheir result but in fact it was an Australian couple, Kevin and Mioara Durea, they came, they saw, they conquered! Cool .. I like that ….

They believed in their dream and fuelled with Passion, Persistence and Heart felt good intent it has come to be.

The Background
About 7 years ago Kevin’s accident rendered him wheeler chair bound. Life took a severe change; not only for the victim, it affects all loved ones….

About 3 years ago, during a visit to the enchanting wonder land of “Chiang Mai” Kevin and Mioara (Mia) had a vision; the people, the place the kinship that is special in Thailand, this must be the place….

“It’s the Vibe love” …..(that’s me thinking how they must have felt)..
sorry back to Chiang Mai .. A “retreat”, where people with wheel chair disability can be accommodated AND be with their carers, where they can relax and be cared for …… wow …. some might say not a “vision” but to do this as a foreigner in Thailand is “Mission Impossible”.

“I often wonder what it is that brings one man success in life and what it is that brings mediocrity or failure to his brother. The difference can’t be in mental capacity – there is not the difference in our mentalities indicated by the difference in performance.

In short, I have reached the conclusion that some men succeed because they cheerfully pay the price of success, and others, though they may claim ambition and desire to succeed, are not willing to pay the price.

Nothing on the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not – nothing more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not – unsuccessful genius is almost a proverb. Education will not – the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”.

Ray Kroc – Founder of McDonalds


The present
On 14/05/2009 marked the official opening of The Durea Health Centre.

Construction began about 16 months ago, as expected "TIT" (this is thailand) the project ran a little over the deadline (quite frankly given the UNIQUE nature of the work 4months over is a flash), it needs to be said that this "one of a kind" project required a few miracles

Miracle 1
Approval from B.O.I. (Thailand Board of Investment) for an Australian Owned company to develop and open an exclusive Retreat.

Miracle 2
The Builder Khun Boonchid Tantayanuson, his heart and soul went into the project and the Durea's "thank him endlessly". "It was always a business risk; specialist works, a foreign country, anything could go wrong, and it did but that’s life, we never lost sight of our dream and nor did the people around us, include Khun Boonchid".

Miracle 3.. Our trees and plants
During the construction we lived a few kms away and “put in a 2 bobs worth” .. This includes personnally planting about 6,000 trees and shrubs.. and I mean “we”, the thais were amazed to see our work ethic. when your on a mission it must be done.

It is no use saying, “we are doing our best”
You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary”
- Winston Churchill

Miracle 4.
Thai people. … words can’t explain this

The Retreat comprises 12 rooms, catering for up to 40 people. ..
During our interview Mia pleaded not to be named, in preference for attention to her gallant Husband, their staff, the builder, Thailand. Mia was insistent the Retreat is about “a retreat” don’t think about Shopping or touring, well that’s up to you, we know people need a place to relax, for everyone, including the carers. It’s internal satisfaction to know your loved one has comfort; our retreat has no stairs, everything is accessible; the pool, sauna and alternative health care is provided by wonderful staff of 12.

The price is per room (not per person), the smallest room caters for 3 people, check the price on the website really is good value
On arrival at the Chiang Mai International airport we provide free transfer along the bypass to our Retreat, about 14 kms from Muang (the township).

The alternative health care includes massage, facial, and that’s for everyone.
….It’s a little harsh to refer to the “staff” as staff, more family, as only Thai can do. Prettywell everyone that started with us 3 years ago are with us today.

We built a special place, not because we are business people but because we had a life changing experience and realised what’s really important and now we love to help care for others and their carers.

Mia is back to Perth WA (West Australia) everyone few months to continue her vocation as a Nurse, staying just long enough (a few months) to return to collect Kevin and continue their travels…
if you visit the retreat and their away on travel don’t worry, the full time manager and staff of 12, oops family of 12 will care for you with heart felt kindness.

Just to convince the non believers about the transition of care with Thai, please check the following video …

I have not YET been to Durea Health Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand, but it’s on my list and I’m going!!! I need that feeling!
Our Travel website about Chiang Mai
I will be sharing this discovery with my mum, she cared for her mum, who was wheelchair bound for about 10 years. Mum will enjoy to hear such as place is available.

It you find an Aussie Venue in Thailand .. tell us and we'll Blog it to the World...
If you get to Chiang Mai please visit the Durea Health Centre even if just to say hello and post a comment in our Forum article
cheers!! (Chockdee)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Australian Secondary School Exhibition in Bangkok for Thai Students July 2009

Published: 23/06/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: Learningpost

Families who are looking at what Australia has to offer in secondary school education for their children should attend the Australian Secondary School Exhibition and cocktail party, which will be held in the Napalai Ballroom at the Dusit Thani Hotel on Silom Road from 11am to 4pm, on Saturday, July 4.

It is for interested families whose children are studying at either Thai or international schools.
Organised by the Bangkok-based family team Andrew and Tracey Gray of Ceta (Complete Education and Touring Australia), and supported by the Australian embassy, this is the only secondary school exhibition of its kind in Thailand.

Senior school representatives from 25 top private and government schools from five Australian states will be available to talk to families about experiences and opportunities for Thai students to complete secondary school studies in Australia.

They will be offering advice and counsel on the features and advantages of a secondary education in Australia. Parents can enquire about the teaching styles and curricula in Australia, including details on accommodations for international students at ESL (English as a Second Language), boarding, day, government, private, boys', girls' and co-ed schools. Language translators will be on hand.

According to Anne Reynolds, Australian Education International Senior Counsellor at the Australian embassy, meeting representatives of Australian secondary schools during this exhibition is an opportunity for parents and students to see and learn how a school will equip their child to adapt and integrate into a new environment - both academically and culturally - and find out how the school will enable students to become future global citizens.

A special seminar conducted by Australian Education International (AEI) through the Australian embassy, titled, "Preparing Your Child to Study in Australia and What to Expect", will also be presented during the exhibition.

Parents will get direct advice from representatives of a variety of Australian schools. This will assist them in understanding how an early overseas study qualification from Australia can benefit their child's future. The admission is free.

The Australian school regulations are established to inform and protect international students.
Australia provides Thai secondary school students with a relatively safe environment that is only a seven-to-nine-hour flight from Thailand. Parents can easily obtain a tourist visa to visit their children; and within the period of a tourist visa, parents themselves are free to study non-formal short courses in English, if they desire.

For more information, contact Ceta at 02-66-8100 or visit
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