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Friday, June 5, 2009

Thailand Elite Card continues

Populating Negative Media is not our spirit, the media article below focuses on the negative rather then the positive but at least to makes it clear the Card continues and that is good for Thailand.

The following article is an extract published in "The Nation" 2009-06-04

Less Perks For Thailand Elite Card Holders

BANGKOK: - Thailand Privilege Card's board yesterday approved a sharp cut in expenditures that will affect Thailand Elite Card members' privileges. Board chairman Thongchai Sridama, who is also deputy director-general of the Highways Department, said the cuts were necessary, because losses meant TPC's working capital could cover only this year's costs.Initially, the annual budget will be cut from Bt541 million to Bt210 million.

This will require the board to terminate the Bt77-million management and information-technology service contract signed last year by the board when it was chaired by Sorajak Kasemsuwan, as well as a Bt20-million contract leasing Toyota Alphards for executives.The board will also slash its annual spending by at least Bt23 million, leaving the organisation Bt190 million per annum.TPC has reduced the number of golf courses where members can use services for free from 46 to 20 and the number of available spas from 91. Limousine service for members will also be provided in Toyota Camrys rather than BMW 7 Series.

Thongchai said the board was studying further ways to cut costs, including negotiating with Thai Airways International to reduce its lounge-service fee and possibly reducing available hospitals for members and available frequencies for golf course and spas for affiliated members.TPC has also learned many cardholders are now living in Thailand, which is against the membership criteria and pushes up the operating costs."We need to control all of our costs, as well as the number of new members. The more members we have, the higher our costs. Members are granted five-year visas, which could not normally be bought even for Bt100 million or Bt200 million. There have been many loopholes benefiting private partners. Without these cost cuts this year, TPC's extinction would be definite even without a Cabinet resolution to shut it down," he said.Within the next two months, the new board will present proposals for operating TPC to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Tourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silapa-archa.One is to maintain members' benefits but transfer TPC employees to another agency, probably the TAT.-- The Nation 2009-06-04

pictured left Chumpol Silapa-archa - Profile

We offer some positive views

From it's introduction (Thaksin) the TE Thailand Elite card has been checkered with allegations or corruption and the elements or accusations are 10 fold throughout the media. There is not point populating them further as it bears not result as we do not make the decision. HOWEVER

The one fundamental POSITIVE ASPECT that can not be ignored is the people that acquire (Purchase or otherwise) the members become, by default, Ambassadors for the "Land of Smiles".

Any member (paid) that populates negativity attract self criticism as they denigrate their own member club, to which they have endorsed by joining.

Most of the paid members really are VIP people, with a larger than normal spending allowance so they generate larger than normal cash flow injection into ther economy, not to mention they their williness to promote the Kingdom as their choice of destination.

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With any and every system there willk always be pitfalls and those that set out to abuse the good intention but one should consider the glass is half full rather than half empty.

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