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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thailand - Bangkok receives "The Australian Pub and BBQ"

Someone is a Genius !

"Build it and they will come"

Official Launch date is 17/06/2009, we had the please of visiting the premises during the test period and have the following report

Absolutely Faultless, well you tell me otherwise!

Professional appointment to the front facade, the neon sign is easily viewed at night.
Another Neon sign juts out into the street for easy viewing for you or your Taxi/tuk tuk.

AusWaThai registered the Pub's location on the popular Thai Longdo Map Location, We work closely with Management at Longdo.

How to get there.... Jump on the BTS (skytrain), then a taxi from BTS (skytrain) station "Nana" or "Asoke", we show full details of the Bangkok Public Transport system - click here.

Before you exit the BTS station check with helpful BTS staff that you are exiting the correct side for Soi 11 (it's a long walk back up if you go the wrong side)

Tell the Taxi/tuk tuk driver Soi 11. (thai words = Soi Sip ET) they will drive down the Soi until you say stop ("ute") and you'll see the Pub's Noen sign.
Pictured left is a shot of the Neon sign jutted out on the road.. It can been seen from quite a distance.

Pictured left to right
Phill Smith - AusWaThai Director/Reporter
Dane Saunders - Executive Chef
Max Goonan - General Manager

It's a "dinki die" Australiana photoWA (Phill), NSW (Dane) and QLD (Max)

The entrance boasts a full width veranda, outdoor Bar and large TV Large BBQ Facilities promote view of the stairwell leading upstairs to air conditioned private function room (it's huge).

The Upstairs atrium lets you see the action downstairs including the dance floor and band.

 Downstairs affords ample room, selection of table sizes to view the large TV screen or gaze out on passing traffic.

Oh.. forgot to mention .... enjoy the selection of Australian Media News papers while downing a ice cold beer or a tasty snack. Or ..... YES there's more ....... best you wonder inside to the main bar for more Air conditioned comfort + + more .. yes there's more ..

Trading hours early until very late every day, catering for Breakfast Lunch and Diner. The menu is seriously good quality.

The drinks menu (pictured below) has characterised Aussie theme with aspects of Aboriginal art. More Pics on the Food and drinks menu in the AusWaThai Travel Forum (linked below)

Chef Dane reiterated the company's focus is high quality "everything is fresh - bought on the day", all meats are imported from Australia so premium quality is assured.

Home baked Aussie pies and Sausage Rolls, variety of Australian wines and Thai food to accommodate everyone.

It's apparent they have applied good market research to ensure all Aussie Favourites are offered to cater for the expat and promote the taste sensations of Australia to International Travellers.

Executive Chef Dane has lived in Bangkok for the past 3 years , after extensive international travel and service to International recognised Hospitality venues Dane can't believe is good luck. I'm Loving Thailand and now promoting my Country.


Picture left: Waitresses Joy and Wine beaming "smiles" delighted to be part of a new Culture.

Lots of eager Thai smiling staff are jumping to your call. The Pub is not officially opened yet large crowds are already a regular event.

General Manager "Max" is a devoted Buddhist and vehemently supports Thailand; people and culture.
"Max" was a regular loyal traveller for the past 4 years racking up about 20+ trips until this year he just decided it was time for a one way ticket and Buddha come through, within a week the position of General Manager was in the paper and the rest is history.


Pictured right is a view from inside out onto the veranda. The staff look sporty in their bold Aussie colours and their bright smile welcomes all.

Inside is flanked by TV's with one (1) long Bar on 1 side and the other dinning tables; stand up or sit down including booths to cater for groups of 8 to 10.

Seating either side and centre have clear view of the live band that pump our Aussie tunes all night long - every night..

I must let you know: ... The Bathrooms (Hong Naam) They are NEW and MODERN (Oz style). For the Ladies and some Guys that's a major consideration.. you could say it's a relief

Pictured below: Accredited Filipino Band cranking Aussie tunes

pictured below:
Mr Barry Samuels Director (
Jetset Tours Thailand) in the company of the lovely waitperson Khun Bia
others include local Thai Business owners

Khun Fon owner 19 Laundry with good friend Khun May owner Exotic Tour and Travel Soi 19.

"Love the Aussie music" said the locals!

The official launch will have representation from the Australian Embassy and it's clear to see why.. The Australian Pub and BBQ in Bangkok will be an enormous Ambassador to promote that sporting flavour akin to Australia.
We wish the organisation every success as and roll forward to open branches in other popular destinations in Thailand.
Pictured Right:
is a business card,
it' s also on display with their Food and Drink Menu at the

If you have any queries or suggestions please consider posting them to our travel forum (it's free) so we can share to help other travellers.

So many Australians enjoy the land of smiles, (In 2008 some 700,000 Australians visited Thailand, and almost 80,000 Thais visited Australia)
If you have a business or Service that supports our Mission please submit details via our website or forum and show your support, join

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