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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aussie Guys tour of Farangville Bangkok - Wattana

Whatever you decide (venues)

Don't rely on the adds and internet flyers (theyr'e always sooo good).

The best option is chat with the local and compare to your needs and wants.

Our roaming Reporters have scoured the streets (tough job) and sized up the place

This topic focuses on Asoke/Nana ... which is "Farangville"

Farangville (Farang means Foreigner) whiich is generally the Sukhumwit (main road) along the BTS skytrain line between Soi 4 (BTS Nana) to ? about Soi 30 this area has lots of Bars, Restraurants and ex pats, it also has lots of good shopping and nice people.

Local knowledge - visit AusWaThai Thai friends, they give you free tips ... so where are they ...
Sukhumwit Soi 19 - we recommend this location - click here to see why

also visit AusWaThai Expat friends....

The Australian Pub and BBQ. The management is Aussie, upmarket (not Thai Style). Management always happy to chat (if not too busy) otherwise ask.

Soi 7/1 The Downunder Bar Bangkok. Owner Rob has been around for about 250 years (you can tell him we said that) anyway Rob (when he is smiling) is a terrific guy. His tastes may not be yours (don't forget he is 250yrs old) but he knows stuff.

Soi 6 Alex Bar. Owner Alex (Farang) has been in town about 12 years, it's just around the corner from the Imfamous Nana Plaza.

Places we've been
Soi 19 New Bar called Bangkok Rocks, live band but the Soi is dormie at night so it struggles..

Soi 7/1 (Aussie Bar - the Downunder - see above) about 80 mtrs in on the right "bangkok Beat". Owned by Farang (french) the staff wear smart/casual uniforms, live band every night.. it's good value for money and pool tables upstairs.

The big event Soi 4 Soi NANA Plaza ........(oh which way.. just ask anyone, don't be shy.. people in Thailand don't prejudice people (a rare quality), it's their buddhism beliefs about finding the middle ground let everyone be happy... anyway "Nana" is a smaller scale of Pat Pong (from what i've heard)..

Nana has (so i'm told) Bucking Bulls, Girls, guys, girls that are not girls or guys that are not guys ... what the

Soi 23 (Soi Cowboy) .. woops it's down the other end near Soi 19 (sorry), jump on motor cycle taxi for 20 baht.. if you dare!.

There is a degree of "wow" or "dare" factor just walking Soi Cowboy, it's busy with touters either side trying to catch you attention.... We recommend an adjuster before you go .. about 4 or 5 drinks is a good adjuster and be accepting as a Traveller not a tourist.

In Thailand we don't need good Lighting, but a good Heart and a good attitude toward all things living... Everyone in Thailand is extremely Social (including most Farang) but SHY so you have to engage conversation.

For the full detailed report
the Forum:
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includes some pics and videos ......

if your chasing those of the "softer gender" check our Thai Culture: - Thai Love at the bottom of the page is a link to Ladyboys - up to you!

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