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Monday, June 22, 2009

WA Mee Blah Yai Maak Maak - Jing Jing

WA West Australia shows early signs of a bonus show for whale watchers

Have you been to WA West Australia .. we have a lot to offer

Whale watchers can expect a spectacular season with increased numbers of the giant mammals making their way up the WA coast. The humpback whale population has recovered rapidly from just 500 at the end of whaling in 1963 to an estimated 17,000. DEC whale expert Doug Coughran said reports of an early start to the annual migration could be attributed to an increase in numbers, rather than a change in behaviour.
Whales started the 13,000km round trip from Antarctica to WA’s north coast late last month.

Tour boat operators reported many sightings off Albany and around Flinders Bay, near Augusta. Mr Coughran said as the population increased, so would the number of sick and stranded whales on WA beaches. Augusta-Margaret River Tourism Association chief executive Francine Errico said whale-watcher numbers increased about 15 per cent a year in Australia, making it one of the fastest growing eco-tourism markets. Albany whale-watching boat operator Paul Guest said it was proving to be a bumper season, with whales spotted during almost every tour.

Whale watching trips run all up and down the coast and from the capital Perth, too – grab a two-hour trip from Hillarys Boat Harbour for approx., Aud$60, or head south to Albany for three-hour cruises.

The only thing that seems to be growing faster than the whale population is the population of whale-watchers. Tourism peeps in West Oz say tourist numbers are growing by 15% every year so you need to hurry to avoid the crowds.

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