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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aussie Travel tips Bangkok, Thailand

thailand bangkok wat arunImage by FriskoDude via Flickr

6.45 hours from Perth West Australia and you are in "The land of Smiles" 7 to Bangkok and every block seems like another Perth....

The chaos of being living two (2) lives

......are you a Traveller or a Tourist ?

I had visited Thailand many times but never Bangkok, I thought I would never go because the “fear fairy” assured me it was all bad.. a little coxing to be a “Traveller instead of a tourist” and I discovered the most enchanting dynamic place in the world. Bloody fairies tell lies

There can be but only one ...... TG is it!
for an Amazing Smile and Care ... Thai Airways

As a courtesy to readers we show the TG Aussie flight schedule on our website

The Grandest of Airports Su-wanarporm (sorry I can't spell it, and in Thailand it does not matter, they love your attitude toward life, not grammar...) TIP: ... I'd rather be remembered for being happy than my accuracy of a spelling exam? exame? whatever....

I found it easier to learn Thai language after reading more about Thai language culture, in particular “Heart Culture”. Now we all think English language is easy and Thai is complicated because it's tonal (5 different Tones) … say the word “Glai” with a different tone and it can mean “close” or “far away” ..this can be frustrating when seeking directions but stay cool and remind yourself of their version of “no worries” (Mai ben rai), more on Thai Language

I always enjoy setting off into in my arrival airport, it's the beginning of a new adventure and in Thailand the adventure it's always different.

I never get tired of the flashback of the “Jetsons”, when I see that Moving footpath and as our flock of "fly ins" huddle for position I think out loud “maaaa maaaaa” ... I think you get the joke. By The way “maaa” in Thai means “come” or “dog” or “Horse” (depends on the tone). Haa haa haa …. (laugh laugh but "haa haa haa" also means 5 5 5 in Thai).

one of the aches of travelling alone or when in charge of a flock is you shoulder the fear factor.. what if this.... what if that... oh god when does their holiday finish so I can relax.. a little sad but true for some... and you know who you are...

There are lots of things to contemplate.. you can start the worry widget or start enjoying yourself and let it fall into place - Up to you...

as a our flock muster toward immigration I ponder "I have never meet a country more welcoming" (except Singapore) .. it just doesn't get any better, the Customs people almost drag you through and gesturing to stop to query you have brought something bad to their Country is outrageous.. why would you do that to Thailand "It's the Land of smiles".... I mean .. look this is War in Thailand

Once you have stepped into the Public area the Transport Touters (private taxi) people could not be friendlier... we tend to shy away from them fearing a scam, well it is a scam, they want you to buy their product at an inflated price, but unlike other countries they are so polite. Say hello and show the slightest interest in them as a person and they drop everything to help you for free, by this I mean directions where to change money and where to get a cheaper taxi metre..... of course if you are travelling in a group it's probably cheaper to use them, they can summon a mini bus in minutes and you will not then have to wait in the public taxi queue, which can be quite daunting.

Obviously there are buses (and soon a monorail) but for about 200-300baht you can get a aircon taxi from the airport to Bangkok..

The Taxi .. You need to decide which route... take it easy down on the ground and maybe some traffic issues (they can be horrible) or go the skyway or tollway (up there) and begin the adventure - thrill ride factor...

TRY TO AVOID SITTING IN THE FRONT SEAT OR LOOKING FORWARD... your there to relax and s^%#$ your daks

Jump on the sky train and in minutes you can be at one end of town to the other, jump in a Taxi, a tuk tuk (if you dare) or the ultimate a motor bike taxi - now that's a real thrill. MAJOR THRILL.

Farangville is the place to go… we have created a little bit of history with a inbound local travel agent in Soi 19 in the middle of Farangville. Visit the website and see the page called “My home Soi 19” it’s an intro to the Soi, why stay there and at the bottom of the article you'll see a link about nightlife (so far it's only been documented for boys), we will include more as soon as you or we contribute.

Our website Travel Thailand – special section about Bangkok and our forum which includes Travel Thailand – see Bangkok, places, people and food.

Coming soon (reo reo nii) articles about special places we discover, with help of thai locals.

Help, join our friendship network and contribute articles – on Bilateral connection Thailand and West Australia.

To Read the full uncut version see our travel forum - the title is Bangkok - The path for Aussie roo

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