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Monday, August 31, 2009

Tips about Dating Websites

In today’s world dating is a particularly common romantic social activity that includes two people. It is being done to have the chance to begin to know better a certain partner. As an interesting point, as early as our ancestors, dating has taken place. Indeed as the culture develops, the dating activity also evolves and as the time goes by, dating also evolves. As an important point, a straightforward dating can now be done through an internet access. .
It’s extraordinary to see that dating sites are becoming favored all over the world, These sites are utilised by people who are singles to go looking for date, future spouse or even love. The online sites offer extraordinary service to the people and help them find their future mates. The dating is being done thru instant

Dancers and Flutists, with an Egyptian hierogl...Image via Wikipedia

messengers, emails, chat rooms and other amazing services offered by the sites. These services are critical to meet the most compatible partners as possible.

However, there are some tips to think about in making the dating experience online very exciting. Anything else, conditioning the mind is really important before you begin with dating online. A conditioned mind is the secret of a successful online dating experience. If you condition your mind, then you may be prepared for any disappointments you might have to face later. It is certain that in the world of web, not everything is for real. This is the major drawback when it comes to online dating.

Partial map of the Internet based on the Janua...Image via Wikipedia

However, if ever the mind is conditioned, anticipation is probable. When you are upbeat about your online dating experience, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself a lot more.
The following tip is to seek for the most reliable dating sites. It is certain that internet dating websites are everywhere online thus, a smart decision on choosing the best site is vital. This is vital because not all sites for online dating on the worldwide web guarantee a chance with regards to meeting the genuine partner for life. Researching for the good internet site is often needed to be able to seek for the best dating site available on the net. The most effective way to do researching is thru joining BBs and forums to have the opportunity to ask other web savvy on what is the best dating site among all others.
And the last tip would be, always bearing in mind the term safety. This essentially means that

Graphic representation of a minute fraction of...Image via Wikipedia

caution is a must when making a web profile in some dating websites. As much as possible, never post critical information like work affiliations, physical address as well as contact numbers. Use your chat ID and your email as a mode to speak with possible dates.
The previously mentioned tips are needed to have a successful dating experience when using dating online. If you’ve a successful experience with internet dating your changes for find the ideal partner are higher. When you meet your soul-mate you’ll find the happiness you have always desired. It the best feeling in the entire world when you can share you happiness with somebody you love.

Internet datingImage by Jelmer. via Flickr

It's important to understand the Culture, one aspect can draw you closer and another can shuttle you away at great speed leaving your partner puzzled and dazzled by your erratic behavour or worse it becomes the trigger of their perceived erratic behaviour by you.
For those of you in Love with Thailand and it's people please view Thai Love and appreciate the difference

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Youth Ministries Australia Tours Thailand

July 2009 Tour to Korat
The Project features a unique partnership between God’s people from churches, youth ministries and cultures in both Australia and Thailand.
They will be ministering amongst the local churched and un-churched peoples in the large rural city of Korat.

The scope of the 17 day Project includes;
cross-cultural ministry exposure
team devotions & debriefs
time allocated for sight-seeing, meals & shopping
Serving the local church in Korat by¡ English teaching in High Schools
encouraging the emerging Christian lunchtime groups in Schools
English Camp/ Outreach
preaching & testimonies in local churches
combined worship & prayer ministry
practically serving a local World Vision Slum and a local church sponsored Orphanage

The Thailand Team - Floating: Dave, Jacqui Back: Stu, Shayne, Caleb, Steve, Boyette Front: Domi, Cayley and Louise

View their website blog... click here


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Friday, August 28, 2009

Australia’s inbound tourism market is international education

Locator map for AustraliaImage via Wikipedia

Since 2000, 46 percent of the total growth of Australia’s inbound tourism market has been derived from international education visitors.

Over the same period, international holiday makers have delivered just 14 percent of the total growth.

Often scorned for having limited practical experience and business savvy, it is the academics that are exceling in today’s extremely challenging business environment and are continuing to attract strong visitation to Australia.

Silence.. just to be..Image by Gattou/Lucie Mostly there in weekend via Flickr

Tourism industry identity and convenor of the Tourism Futures conference, Mr. Tony Charters is highlighting the success of the education sector in the lead up to the prestigious national conference sponsored by Tourism Queensland and Tourism Australia.

“Academics are easily stereotyped as being cosseted away from the cut and thrust of the business world, but when everyone else is reeling, it is the education sector providing a guiding light for the tourism industry,” said Mr. Charters.

“Tourism Futures is renowned for taking a forward looking agenda - casting an eye into the next decade - and while the industry and policy makers at all levels of government have some critical tactics to decide upon, it is refreshing to see one sector getting very impressive results.”

The ironic success of universities and the education sector could provide a footprint for marketing to k

9 Kangaroos - Wildlife Sanctuary Currumbin Gol...Image by 333junction via Flickr

ey markets such as India and China.

“They obviously have very effective marketing strategies with good networks and communications channels,” said Mr. Charters. “We should be prepared to closely examine their methods and strategies to look for a way forward for the broader industry.”

While education tourism represents just 6 percent of the incoming international tourism numbers it delivers 22 percent of the total revenue from inbound tourism. Key countries responsible for this growth include India and China. Those nations, together with many south-east Asian countries, greatly value and invest heavily in western education for their children.

ODI India v Australia MCGImage by Flying Cloud via Flickr

“Not only do academic institutions attract the students for their studies, but the students will almost always do some form of travel while they are here, as well as often attracting their families for visits and holidays. “Once links are established with our country, there will be a natural affinity between the students and Australia that will stimulate visits again in the future. So there is an ongoing return from the success of the educational institutions,” said Mr. Charters.

slightly stripeyImage by greenhem via Flickr

Thai seeking Education in West Australia - visit and see the list of education agents.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Australia versus Thailand .. the winner is ?

Cover of Cover of Utilitarianism

Hedonism is a school of philosophy which argues that pleasure has an ultimate importance and is the most important pursuit of humanity.

lets explore this statement............................

Hedonism Basic conceptsThe basic idea behind hedonistic thought is that pleasure is the only thing that is good for a person. This is often used as a justification for evaluating actions in terms of how much pleasure and how little pain (i.e. suffering) they produce. In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize this net pleasure (pleasure minus pain).

Jeremy BenthamImage via Wikipedia

The nineteenth-century British philosophers John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham defended the ethical theory of utilitarianism, according to which we should perform whichever action maximizes the ggregate good. Conjoining hedonism, as a view as to what is good for people, to utilitarianism has the result that all action should be directed toward achieving the greatest total amount of happiness.

Philosophy: The Best of Bill Hicks album coverImage via Wikipedia

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, law, justice, validity, mind, and language.

Pleasure, a "state of mind", is commonly conceptualized as a positive experience,happiness, entertainment, enjoyment, ecstasy, and euphoria. Experience of pleasure is subjective, varying among individuals and typically stimulated by eating, exercise, sexuality, music, usage of drugs. The term analogously connotes a positive mental state arising from complex perception, writing or reading, accomplishment, recognition, service, indeed through any imaginable activity.

MILAN, ITALY - OCTOBER 02:  Barbara Berlusconi...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Intrinsic value is an ethical and philosophic property. It is the ethical or philosophic value that an object has "in itself" or "for its own sake", as an intrinsic property. An object with intrinsic value may be regarded as an end or end-in-itself.

ultimate importance Intrinsic value is an ethical and philosophic property. It is the ethical or philosophic value that an object has "in itself" or "for its own sake", as an intrinsic property. An object with intrinsic value may be regarded as an end or end-in-itself.

humanity may refer to:

The Pioneer plaque.Image via Wikipedia

· The human species
· The total world population of humans
· Human nature, psychological characteristics that all normal human beings have in common
· Compassion, altruism, or similar positive aspects of human nature along with aggression, fear, or similar negative aspects
· The human condition, the totality of experience of existing as a human
· The humanities, academic disciplines which study the human condition using analytic, critical, or speculative methods

Next lets visit the world happiness map - see the details...

It should be glaringly clear who the winner is .... . It's a Traveller, one one that can appreciate the difference.. which are you ?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Australia makes boots for Elephants

Several days ago, Unleashed posted a story on Motola, a 48-year-old elephant in Thailand who

Asian elephant, Australia ZooImage by monstermunch99 via Flickr

lost part of her left front foot from stepping on a land mine. Her caretakers, a private group called the Friends of the Asian Elephant, fitted her with a prosthesis so she can continue to walk on all four legs.
In similar elephant-limb news, caretakers at the Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in England have created shoes for Gay, an Asian elephant who suffers from foot abscesses. After making sketches of Gay's foot, the caretakers sent patterns to a company in Australia to design and create specially made shoes for the elephant. It's estimated that each of the shoes costs around $350.
Ghislaine Sayers, head of veterinary services at the zoo, said: "The boots will help to keep the feet clean between baths and allow us to put on dressings that will help to remove dead tissue, decrease infection and promote healing.
"Elephants can get sore feet for all sorts of reasons -- posture, age, arthritis, lack of exercise, even a genetic predisposition to foot disease."
In addition to the shoes, the zoo has laid down 100 tons of sand and rubber matting to provide Gay with a more comfortable surface to walk on.



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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Announcing Thai Festival Perth West Australia September 20, 2009

The Thai Festival Perth is a biennial event held by the Thai Festival Perth Inc and supported by The Royal Thailand Embassy - Canberra. The festival is an exciting event that caters to members of the local, statewide and international Thai community. In 2007, the one-day event attracted approximately 10,000 people. The festival was divided into various areas of interests that include live stage performances, Thai cuisine, product fair, Thai cultural exhibition, kids & entertainment corner and a beer garden. According to Perth MLA John Hyde, Northbridge traders reported an increase of business when the 2007 Thai Festival was held in the area and thanks to the support from the City of Perth the event was a great success.

Date: 20 September 2009 (Sunday)

Pad Thai (close up)Image via Wikipedia

Time: 9am to 4pm.
Venue: Russell Square, Northbridge Google Map


The Thai Festival Perth 2009 aims to:

• Promote the Thai culture, food and lifestyle.
• Build a stronger relationship between the Thai community and the non-Thai community in Perth.
• Promote a diverse and multicultural environment in Perth.
• Promote Thai Tourism.

Tom yum goongImage via Wikipedia

• Enhance the profile of the Thai community in Perth.
• Build a stronger relationship between the Thailand and Australian government.

• Thai community living in Perth of all ages.
• Local non-Thai community of all ages.
• Media – Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, TV
• Government Officials


1. Main Stage Entertainment The main stage will feature various Thai cultural performances and band performances and the patrons will be able to witness the Official Opening Ceremony officiated by His Excellency Mr. Bandhit Sotipalalit, Ambassador of The Royal Thailand Embassy, Canberra.
2. Thai Cuisine Fair There will be approximately 30 food stalls on this section promoting an

Tod man pla krai with dipping sauceImage via Wikipedia

array of Thai Cuisine and demonstration.
3. Thai Products and Tourism Fair This section will promote the different Thai products that are available in WA and holiday packages to Thailand.
4. Beer Garden (Licensed Area) The licensed area will be located next to the main stage entertainment area for patrons to enjoy famous Thai manufactured beer and enjoy the entertainment on stage.
5. Fun Corner This area will feature some traditional Thai games that the kids can participate in along with a few competitions and bouncy castle.
6. VIP Section The VIP section will be set up in a banquet style for the VIPs and Guest of Honour to enjoy their Thai inspired lunch right after the official opening ceremony.


Events Coordinator Ms. Michelle Mok Rietveld M: 0423 012 193 E:

Chairperson Mr. Chetseni Dhanarajata T: 9265 8200 E:

Deputy Chairperson Ms. Saowarak Srisukkho T: 9367 9698 E:

Secretary Mr. Greg Dick T: 0428 969 811 E:

Treasurer Mr. Akapol Srisangfa T: 0412 727 770

Thai Food Cuisine Coordinator Somchai Siriburana M: 0411 407 643




Send us your Pictures of the day, together with names of people in the photos and a
short story to be included in a Publication


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Bangkok is popular destination for Australian Corporate seminars

Bangkok is once more on the hot list for conference and incentive trips, with Thai Airways reporting a surge in quotes and bookings for travel over the next 18 months.

Thai is reporting a surge in MICE bookings. Thai Airways Marketing Manager Australia, Sue Marr, said the airline was also not just seeing interest in the Thai capital but across the country and the region as a whole.

“After a very flat year this year, our groups department is very busy quoting well into 2010 and 2011 – Thailand, Asia and Europe routes are all popular”. Marr said group and incentive bookings are “getting better every day with group sizes increasing along with the length of stay”, while expectations remain positive for the next 12 months.
Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 in 1974-2005 liver...Image via Wikipedia
“Because of the conservative approach from many organisations this year, we’re expecting some solid growth for the next year (but) we’re already seeing that in the quote and booking patterns,” she said. Marr said Thai Airways routes to and from Australia are performing well at present, despite the economic downturn still playing a major factor for airlines globally.

“Our aim is for 70 per-cent loads across the network and most of the Australian services are achieving this goal and more,” she said. “September and October are doing very well as traditionally these months see a strong traffic movements to/from Europe for late summer. And while the early Europe season was soft this year it’s pleasing to see some improving trends at the back-end of the year.

“The non-stop Perth to Phuket route is always good and reflects the importance of the destination to the West Australian market,” she said. Thailand is the focus for Australia’s travel writing community this week, with around 200 members of the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) descending on Bangkok for the organisation’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday (Aug 22).
Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok, Th...Image via Wikipedia

Thai Airways and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) are the major sponsors of the ASTW AGM, which also includes pre- and post-conference familiarisation tours to all corners of Thailand.
Marr said there were a number of reasons why Thai Airways elected to sponsor the ASTW event for 2009. “Thailand is our home-base and geographically and strategically, it’s a very important regional hub for our key routes into Europe, the Middle-East, China, India and Indochina,” she said. “It’s important that we support and maintain Thailand as a viable stopover option wherever they travel on our worldwide network.

“The value of Thailand is incomparable and whilst it has many options as a complete destination itself, Thai’s flight operations at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport make it easier for everyone including transit, transfer and stopover travellers. “It makes perfect sense for Thai to partner with TAT to take the ASTW AGM to Thailand this year and it is perfect timing for both of us to reap the rewards of a re-energised consumer demand for international travel,” Marr said.

Tourism Authority of Thailand Public Relations Manager – Australia, Pongsak Kanittanon, said ASTW members and their partners could expect a typically warm, Thai welcome this weekend. “Thailand is very keen to showcase its traditional hospitality as well as its many attractions throughout the Kingdom,” he said

Building links West Australia and Thailand

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aussie Soccers fall to Thailand

Young Socceroos lose ASEAN under-19 final to Thailand in penalty shooutout

ASEAN Football FederationImage via Wikipedia

From correspondents in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Former Australian Captain August 13, 2009

The Young Socceroos have been defeated by Thailand after a penalty shootout in the final of the ASEAN Football Federation under-19 championship.

Thai goalkeeper Ukrit Wongmeena saved three penalties to edge out Australia 3-2 in the shootout at Ho Chi Minh City's Thong Nhat Stadium after the scores were deadlocked at 2-2 after extra-time.

Thailand opened the scoring in the 69th minute before Australia's Dylan McGowan headed home to equalise with just seconds remaining in regulation time. Thailand went ahead again in the 101st minute before Australia equalised again through Jared Lum.

"Last year we won the tournament against Korea with a penalty shootout and this year we were not that lucky,'' Australia coach Ja

Federations member the Asian Football Confeder...Image via Wikipedia

n Versleijen said. "We played five matches in nine days. In this short time the players showed good discipline on and off the field and the unity got stronger every day.

"Overall it was a

good tournament. The players are all new and we will have some time to develop the players for the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) qualifiers.''



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Australia - Thailand boost ASEAN Trade Links

Minister for Trade Simon Crean will visit Thailand from 14 -15 August to attend two important

Labor leader w:en:Simon Crean 2001-2003 catego...Image via Wikipedia

regional economic summits.

The focus of the two-day visit will be to build on the momentum created by the signing in February of the Australia-New Zealand-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA).Mr Crean will also hold bilateral talks with his Indian counterpart Anand Sharma.AANZFTA is set to come into force no later than January 1, 2010, and is the largest FTA Australia has ever signed covering a region that is home to 600 million people and with an annual GDP of US.7 trillion.Mr Crean said the signing of AANZFTA was an historic milestone in Australian trade policy and it was now time for action.

“We need to take the next step by bringing the agreement into force and making it work for exporters commercially and administratively,” he said.“I will be reinforcing with my counterpart Ministers from ASEAN and New Zealand the importance of working together over coming weeks to ensure that all of our internal systems and procedures are ready for the smooth entry into force of AANZFTA.“The agreement is an important platform for deeper economic integration in the region,” he said.In Bangkok on Saturday, Mr Crean will attend the annual ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) - Closer Economic Relations (CER) consultations and also the meeting of East Asia Summit (EAS) Economic Ministers.The AEM-CER is the annual meeting of all ASEAN trade ministers with their Australian and New Zealand counterparts and will focus on the implementation of

Participants of the East Asia Summit:         ...Image via Wikipedia

AANZFTA.The second meeting, which is a gathering of economic ministers from EAS countries (consisting of all ten ASEAN countries plus China, India, Korea, Australia, Japan and New Zealand), will discuss the possibility of a future EAS-wide free trade agreement, called the Comprehensive Economic Partnership of East Asia (CEPEA) and also known as ASEAN + 6.“Now that ASEAN has concluded free trade agreements with each of its EAS partners, the logical next step is to consider a multilateral agreement involving all EAS countries,” Mr Crean said.

view original source
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12th - Mums day Thailand

Thailand celebrates Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday today with many activities to pay tribute to the “Mother of the Land.” Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has urged the people to conduct good deeds in order to show gratitude to Her Majesty, who has contributed tremendously to the nation.

Her Majesty turns 77 on 12th August 2009. She was born in 1932, when Thailand changed its administrative system from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. Her birthday is also observed as National Mother’s Day.

Originally, Thailand observed April 15 as National Mother’s Day as designated by the Cabinet in 1950. The celebration of National Mother’s Day was later discontinued, but in 1976, the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand proposed that Her Majesty’s birthday be designated National Mother’s Day. The Cabinet approved the proposal and the celebration of National

A selection of handmade Mother's Day gifts. *B...Image via Wikipedia

Mother’s Day was resumed in 1976. To celebrate Mother’s Day each year, the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand selects outstanding mothers of the year, who are presented with awards as model mothers.

One of the activities launched jointly by several organizations to mark Mother’s Day is to take mothers to travel for pleasure. The activity provides an opportunity for family members to spend time together, thus promoting the bonds of love and care for mothers. In Thai society, a mother is accorded the highest significance as the giver of life and the person who nurtures and brings up family members. She is also someone who works for a living to help sustain the household and who teaches knowledge and skills until the children become self-supporting, all this without demanding anything in return.

Her Majesty the Queen devoted her time and energy to the caring for the four royal children during their younger days. With all her official functions and duties, she still arranged her schedule to spend as much time as possible with her children. When the royal children approached adulthood, Her Majesty found more time to involve herself in many areas of public life, especially concerning public welfare and the plight of the poor and the underprivileged.
For almost 60 years Her Majesty has worked side by side with His Majesty the King to eliminate difficulties within the Kingdom. Throughout the long period, she has never complained of weariness but has always been happy to be in the middle of people. Her kind heart and deeds are known not only to Thai people but also to the world at large. She appreciates good deeds conducted by the people in celebration of her birthday, saying that they reflect the spirit of giving and dedication, as well as the unity of the people.

It is truthful to say that Her Majesty the Queen is deeply loved and admired by her subjects. August 12 each year is a special day for Thailand’s people to pay tribute to their beloved Queen, who is recognized as Mother of the Land and who has always been a loving and devoted mother.

Source: Public Relations Department

More about The
Link to more about Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand

WA THAI Community - read a Story about Mothers Day by Mary

Thailand has the potential to be Australia's Organic Food supplier

Map of ThailandImage via Wikipedia

Organic products are the fastest growing food industry in the world, and in Australia demand is rapidly out stripping supply.

organic fruit and vegetablesImage by val'sphotos via Flickr

Image by val'sphotos via Flickr

The Australian organic industry says that while the local industry is expanding, it's being hampered by a lack of government support.
So importers are now turning to Thailand to fill a production shortage.

article from ABC Radio

Presenter: Stephanie
March Speakers: Andre Leu, chairman, Organic Federation of Australia; Matt Fard, purchase manager, Australian organic wholesaler Eco Farm; Wallop Pichpongsa, president, Thai Organic Trade Association

MARCH: Australian consumption of organic products is increasing by 40 per cent each year. Local production is rising by between six and fifteen percent. The chairman of the Organic Federation of Australia Andre Leu says the retail arm of the organic industry is alone worth more than half a billion US dollars.

LEU: But also if we start to look at flow on effects, like the compost industry, that produces a lot of the raw material for organic farm that is worth about 400 million itself and there are other industries that supply the types of products that we need for organic farming we are worth over a billion dollars to the Australian economy so we are not longer this insignificant little cottage industry.

Organic cultivation of mixed vegetables in Cap...Image via Wikipedia

MARCH: He says despite organic foods being part of the fastest growing industry in the world, there isn't enough support for existing mainstream Australian farmers to adopt organic techniques.

LEU: The problem is the governments who still sort of believe that we are a we are still a fad that is going away, and so they are not getting behind us to help farmers adopt organic techniques because for most farmers its a huge paradigm shift. It's not a matter of doing what you do one day and the next day you stop using chemicals, they will have crop failure. We actually have to train these farmers over years how to bring in organic management systems.

MARCH: Australia is also experiencing it's worst drought on record, making in difficult to grow certain crops - like rice. Andre Leu says ideally Australia's organic production industry will

Mixed bean sproutsImage via Wikipedia

eventually grow to fill demand where it can, but the only solution to the immediate supply shortfall is to increase imports.

LEU: to grow this industry we need to keep our consumers happy so we need to have products on the shelves, and so we need to import.

MARCH: Australia already imports a number of organic products from Europe and the United States, but Thailand now says it wants to increase its stake in the Australian market. Matt Fard, purchase manager for Australian organic wholesaler Eco Farm, says Thailand has a reputation for producing quality organic products.

FARD: In rice products and coconut products they have better quality than China and Sri

Organic certificationImage via Wikipedia

Lankan products.

MARCH: Thailand's organic agricultural industry is worth almost 100-million-US-dollars annually - more than half of which is for export. The president of the Thai Organic Trade Association Wallop Pichpongsa says demand is so strong for their product, that Thai producers are struggling to keep up with certification requirements of emerging markets.

PICHPONGSA: For Thailand as the exporter we have to have certification for the EU, the US, Japan, and Aust require us to have the cert we have to have another one so that is one company or on producer may have to have many certificates.

MARCH: A delegation from the Thai government recently visited an Organic Expo in the Australian city of Melbourne, and now says it's working on streamlining certification guidelines to make it easier for Thai producers to export to Australia. Mr Pichpongsa wants the Thai government to engage in multi-lateral talks with other nations, to establish a universal set of organic certifications, to take the burden off this rapidly growing industry.

Business with Thailand

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