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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Youth Ministries Australia Tours Thailand

July 2009 Tour to Korat
The Project features a unique partnership between God’s people from churches, youth ministries and cultures in both Australia and Thailand.
They will be ministering amongst the local churched and un-churched peoples in the large rural city of Korat.

The scope of the 17 day Project includes;
cross-cultural ministry exposure
team devotions & debriefs
time allocated for sight-seeing, meals & shopping
Serving the local church in Korat by¡ English teaching in High Schools
encouraging the emerging Christian lunchtime groups in Schools
English Camp/ Outreach
preaching & testimonies in local churches
combined worship & prayer ministry
practically serving a local World Vision Slum and a local church sponsored Orphanage

The Thailand Team - Floating: Dave, Jacqui Back: Stu, Shayne, Caleb, Steve, Boyette Front: Domi, Cayley and Louise

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