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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Student Teachers from West Australia Observation Tour Thailand 2009

The Sawasdee Tour February 2009

"Ten education students from Curtin University travelled to Thailand in January and February, this year (2009) to undertake a 23 day study tour".

Pictured a "Collage" of various photos covering the tour. A large version of he collage is on display in the Tour Photo album which is noted at the bottom of this article with a link to the Album.

An enormous achievement by an Aspiring group of young Individuals and Inspiration of a wonderful Community project by their Teacher.

This years Ambassadors (in no particular order)
Mr Travis Vandermeer ,
Ms Vanessa Counsel, Mr Dahmen Higgs, Ms Amy Joyce, Ms Kim(berley) Melvey, Ms Hayley Oldfield, Mr Joshua Tan, Ms Morgan Taylor, Ms Terri Traub, Ms Cassie Stone. with Teach Greg Dick

They were based at Burapha University in Bangsaen, Thailand and were engaged in teaching practice at the University demonstration school as well as Srisuvit School in Banglamung.

Picture right:
Welcome display by Thai School

The group was accompanied by their lecturer, Greg Dick, who has organised similar tours in the past. (1997, 2000, 2006)

Funding: There was sponsorship, all Students, Teachers and supporters self funded their costs.

The Tour program included a number of excursions to provide a broad cultural experience. The students also visited to the infamous Thai-Burma railway, a site of great importance to Australians.

A brief outline of the ITINERARY is shown below.

Pictured right: Thai Buddies (Touring party was assigned a travel buddy as a personal host) Friendships fostered

Comments from Greg Dick, Host Teacher from West Australia

Picture left: Greg Dick Teacher from Curtin University with Host Teacher in Thailand Principal (Ajarn Pattamaporn Fakrake) of Srisuvit School in Banglamung. a larger picture is displayed in the tour photo album

The study tour enabled them to experience the culture at first hand, rather than as tourists, which gave them insight into the everyday life of Thai people. During their time away the local 'soi' was their home away from home. For these students, destined to be our future teachers, it was an important experience in their personal and professional development.

The planning took place from September 08 to departure in January 09 - we departed Saturday 24th Jan & returned on Sunday 15th February. I was responsible for the planning and liaised with a member of staff at Burapha University, Dr Pracha Inang. We met before we left on three occasions for orientation, cultural awareness, travel arrangements etc. and even a meal at Saowanee's Place restaurant in North Perth. During our time away we were ably assisted with detailed organisation by BU Education students, ably led by Khun Tanonrat Naktang who helped with in-country excursions and many day to day events.

Day 1: Saturday 24th January: depart West Australia for Thailand
Day 2: Sunday 25th January : Thailand - briefing on program & orientation to Buu campus
Day 3: Monday 26th January (Australia Day and Chinese New Year begins)
Welcome to Faculty of Education and meet ‘student buddies’
Day 4: Tuesday 27th January: Deaf Primary school, Classroom observation
Day 5: Wednesday 28th January: School at Chonkanyanukul Sanesuk schools (Buddies)
Day 6: Thursday 29th January : School attachments at Demonstration schools (IEP Programme)
Day 7: Friday 30th January: School attachments at Demonstration schools (IEP Programme)
Day 8: Saturday 31st January: Home visit with Thai ‘buddy’ families
Day 9: Sunday 1st February: Bang-Pa-In palace and Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand
Day 10: Monday 2nd February: Srisuvit School
Day 11: Tuesday 3rd February: School Attachment at Srisuvit School
Day 12: Wednesday 4th February: School Attachment at Srisuvit School
Day 13: Thursday 5th February: School Attachment at Srisuvit School
Day 14: Friday 6th February: Floating markets at Damnernsaduok, Rajchaburi Province, Kanchanaburi - bridge at River Kwae,
Day 15: Saturday 7th February: Australian War Museum, Hellfire Pass
School for Orphan Children (Aj. Alisa), War Cemetery, JEATH Museum and town of Kanchanaburi
Day 16: Sunday 8th February: Rayong, Koh Samet
Day 17: Monday 9th February: Full day on Koh Samet
Day 18: Tuesday 10th February: Rayong and return to Bangsaen
Day 19: Wednesday 11th February: Krung Thep (Bangkok), ‘The City of Angels’
Temples and life on the river
Day 20: Thursday 12th February: Grand Palace & Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Day 21: Friday 13th February: shopping and sightseeing
Farewell Dinner

Video collection prepared by the touring group
NB: tips on watching video on the net tips on view Photos in Picasa

1. Introduction by Amy ............................2. Buddhism by Vanessa

3. Culture by Hayley .............................4. Hellfire Pass by Dahmen

5.Uni Life by Kim .............................6. THE REAL THING – Education Observation

7. Reflections by Cassie ........................... view all videos - click here

The photo Album is an extraction of Pictures from the Videos

to view Travel Thailand website - click here

If you have questions for the Teacher or Student, we have create a forum article you will have to join the forum (only requires an email addresss) and share the answer with the world.

Culture and Education
The work and committment by the Teacher/s volunteers, Students and all supporters has provided yet another wonderful demonstration of the beautiful "Land of Smiles"


Hell Fire Pass: article from a Local
local WA Resident "Mac" and Thai wife Lat, regular visitors to Thai Temple Perth reflects on his fathers memories from his days as a prisoner on Hell Fire Pass.

Bilateral Projects
If you have any articles recognising bilateral activity between Thailand and West Australia we invite you to share the goodwill, give us a call, WE CARE.

AusWaThai has Bilateral Cultural projects in progress, we visit Thailand and create Business Coaching discussion with Small Business, we sponsor costs for Thai's to travel to Perth to stay in an Aussie home and share culture.


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