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Monday, May 11, 2009

Thai Language Translator - Free


We did it .. a Free language Translator from English to Thai and Thai to English

It can translate a word, an entire letter or an entire website - up to you

you can change the options to almost any language

Translator แปลคลิกที่นี่

If you are looking for something else .. try

1. Free Thai Language lessons, includes words and sounds, audio lessons, you can subscribe to free language classes on line and keep a record of your progress, we also include links to Youtube videos on the topic.

Google have done a wonderful things to bring the world together.. Amazing! (Duen Daai Duen Jai)

2 comments: said...

'We did it'

Shouldn't that be 'Google Translate did it'?

Sawasdee said...

Hi, I was refering to the people that figured out how to help our readers, depending on your point of view we could say "Microsoft did it" as their software let us find google but it but it's just wonderful that more people can interact the thai language and that's good for the Thailand and the people that enjoy thai people/culture/land, thanks for your interest and thoughts, take care