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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thailand Media visit Perth WA to review FTA Free Trade Agreement


May 7th 2009 Thailand Media Team visited Perth WA (West Australia) on the last but most important leg of their Australian Roadshow.
The Media Team from Thailand represented a wide selection of newspapers from Thailand. Details of the delegates and the Newspapers can be seen in this extract from their Tour program, kindly provided by DFAT.
The purpose of the tour was to review the performance of the TAFTA Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement).... details of the TAFTA available on the DAFT website
General information about DAFT-Trade Focus topics, including Budgets and past news
Mr. Darrell Morris officer of ATI (Australia -Thailand Institute), a dept of DFAT had the duty of escort and ensure the Media team were able to locate key venues throughout Australia and collect necessary data. We meet with Darrell during his visit with the team to Perth, he was energised, punctual and keeping the schedule on track, well done Darrell.
The meeting took place in Kings Park.
TRWA members present in the photo
  • Back row far right Khun Ji, Tik,
  • middle row Khun Bencha (also Director of TLC)
  • Front row left Dr Pranom (President) and far right Thai student Kn goi
  • Back row 2nd left Phill Smith from AusWaThai
Not everyone from TRWA was available on the day (work commitments) but the volunteers present gave valuable insight to Thailand Media about the relations between Perth WA and Thailand.

ATI recognised the important role of TRWA (Thai Radio Team WA). TRWA comprises an enthusiastic group of volunteers that ensure the weekly radio broadcast (Monday 9.00pm) keeps everyone up to date on News and Social events.
The Free Trade agreement has been favouring Thailand however that can change with currency variations and Political development. "Australia will export such as meat, fruits to Thailand. Thailand will export an electrical equipment to Australia."
Australian exporters have excellent support from Government and Association networks, we have provided some links in our Business Network Directory.
Our recent talks with with Committee members of TAAWA (Thailand Australia Association of WA) confirm positive developments to enhance bilateral relations both Business and Community for West Australia and Thailand. This insight is clearly evidence by the visit from H.E. Mr Kasit Piromya, Foreign Minister of Thailand.
  • Khun Kasit will meet with Local Business at a Luncheon hosted by CCI and speak at a TAAWA diner function and have meetings with Ministerial members from Australia, we will be attend some if not all meetings and share news.

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