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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sealife world is down under Siam

Another worthy winner of "Bangkok top 10 tours"
More than just an underwater experience, SEA LIFE Bangkok (formerly Ocean World) is home to a range of special activities

  • Ocean Boat Feeding
  • Swim with Sharks
  • Underwater Tunnel
  • Touch Pool

Photo album - external link or try Moju swivel Pics

Location is significant, in the centre of town, at the BTS skytrain station SIAM, seamless walk through connection into Siam Paragon (Bangkok's best shopping mall) and then you go "Down under" 

 The Sealife world Siam Bangkok aims to provide both entertainment and education to visitors. Through formal educational programs, the aquarium aims to promote an appreciation and understanding of the aquatic environment in line with the formal Thailand curriculum

Siam Sealife (Ocean World) is an monster aquarium in Bangkok, Thailand. 

One of the  largest in South East Asia, covering approximately 10,000 square meters (110,000 sq ft) with hundreds of different species on display in exhibits totaling about 5,000,000 liters (1,300,000 U.S. gal) over several under ground levels.


Marvel at this remarkable underwater world, try the paddle zone, touch them or if you dare, dive in and swim with the sharks...  

Siam Paragon has a food Hall that must be seen to be believed.

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about Von's 2015 tour Bangkok 4 days 

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Memorable secrets at Jim Thompson House

A worthy winner of Bangkok Popular Tours
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Indoors
  • Intrigue 
  • Mystery
  • Culture
  • History
  • Garden restaurant
  • Inexpensive Sourvenirs 
Conveniently located within easy walking distance of BTS (skytrain) station National Stadium (which connects with the every popular MBK shopping mall)

Thelalternative route is to Localise and transfer via the water bus (canal ferry) on the Saen saep canal 

Photo Photo

Photo album - external link or try Moju swivel Pics

Once at Jim Thompson house you'll be delighted to experience efficient hospitality both through the intriging 30 minute tour, quality sourvenir store and the premiere garden caf'e.

Mysery surrounds the background of Jim Thompson, a retired CIA agent he re engineered the failing silk industry and collected unique artifacts including restoring several homes, all of which are part of the informative tour.

Jim Thompson or James Harrison Wilson Thompson was born in Greenville, Delaware in 1906. He attended public schools in Wilmington, went on to boarding school at St. Paul's and attended Princeton University, the family university, from 1924 to 1928.

Although Thompson had a keen interest in art, he chose to become an architect and went on to study architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a practicing architect in New York City until 1940.

The Jim Thompson House is the home of James H.W. Thompson, a self-made American entrepreneur who was the founder of the world renowned Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. Thompson's achievements during his 25 year stay in the Kingdom of Thailand have won him much fame as the "Legendary American of Thailand".
For his contribution to the development of the Thai Silk industry, Jim Thompson was awarded the Order of the White Elephant, a decoration bestowed upon foreigners for having rendered exceptional service to Thailand.

Thompson's success story in Thailand has become one of the most popular postwar legends of Asia.

In 1967, Jim Thompson went on holiday with friends to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. There he set out for a walk in the surrounding jungle but never returned. Thus began the Jim Thompson legend.

After the tour transfer 200mtrs to BTS skytrain which has a walkthru bridge to MBK shopping mall (the peoples popular choice)

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about Von's 2015 tour Bangkok 4 days 

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm TOP 25% of my Tripit travel Community - so W.I.F.M

I just received an email (web version) from Tripit community to recognise I'm in their top 25% 

W.I.F.M. What's in it for Me (and U)

For me

  • Bragging rights!

For you

  • a chance to "get on board" and enjoy some FREE stuff and add value to your travel
  • Excellent travel tool smartphone

The Benefits
  • Free and Pro version for desktop and mobile device.
  • Inner cycle: share a realtime schedule with friends/family/biz
  • Merges with E networks "Linked in", "Facebook" and "Twitter" (1 click for all)
  • Seamless: email their server bookings/confirmations AND within seconds their server updates your itinerary, emails you confirmation AND emails pre event reminders.
  • No paperwork - your mobile device displays everything (current data)
  • Syncs with your calendar
  • Tracker points - auto updates loyalty club membership/s
  • Networking - shows the travel places and dates of your inner cycle
  • Price checker lets you know if there is a better deal on your flight!
and more to be added
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Travel web tools

 from member feedback, 
thank you

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