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Thursday, March 12, 2015

I'm TOP 25% of my Tripit travel Community - so W.I.F.M

I just received an email (web version) from Tripit community to recognise I'm in their top 25% 

W.I.F.M. What's in it for Me (and U)

For me

  • Bragging rights!

For you

  • a chance to "get on board" and enjoy some FREE stuff and add value to your travel
  • Excellent travel tool smartphone

The Benefits
  • Free and Pro version for desktop and mobile device.
  • Inner cycle: share a realtime schedule with friends/family/biz
  • Merges with E networks "Linked in", "Facebook" and "Twitter" (1 click for all)
  • Seamless: email their server bookings/confirmations AND within seconds their server updates your itinerary, emails you confirmation AND emails pre event reminders.
  • No paperwork - your mobile device displays everything (current data)
  • Syncs with your calendar
  • Tracker points - auto updates loyalty club membership/s
  • Networking - shows the travel places and dates of your inner cycle
  • Price checker lets you know if there is a better deal on your flight!
and more to be added
Youtube Video - external link
link to webpage - desktop and smartphone
Travel web tools

 from member feedback, 
thank you

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