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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bangkok Flower markets nightlife bazaar

Adventure, more than you would expect!

People generally visualise "flower markets" as just flower markets, but this is far from the truth at "Pak Klong Talaat" (local name for Bangkok Wholesale Flower markets).

Located close to Chao Phraya River, cultivated and the Chinese traders in the tour zone of Chinatown, this activity is loaded with adventure.

Intensity of floral (is that possible)
megatrons of street food

The demand for floral in Bangkok/Thailand is massive and it's all happening in this little zone, it's chaos, it's fascinating, it's an enormous infusion of culture, magnificent aromas and abundance of people engaging in street food activities.   It's another wonderful "Grass roots" tour opportunity with loads of tour Icons nearby.

video Feb 2015 - external link

Photos: album photos along the Street

An evening adventure that can be described as an Iconic frenzy scene that's immensely fascinating.

It looks like a 1km stretch of main road COMPLETELY packed with flowers fruit and Veg, but that's just the start, down each side Soi is more and more traders pampering their beauties.  

The Pak Khlong Talaat ("Talaat" means "market") is mainly, a wholesale market for fruit and vegetables, but also a consumers market.


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about Von's 2015 tour Bangkok 4 days 

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