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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bangkok Model Sexy n Sweet Gunya Pie

It's so humbling to meet someone, so beautiful, so kind, so polite and loving life and all that it may offer 

Someone that is not afraid to pursue their dreams and live their passion, when the camera lights go ON and word action is heard, she's GOES Pro!

Her story

I'm Gunya Pie trying to model for a living. Most of time I'm based in Nakon sawan my hometown and often down to Bangkok for shooting and have some good times.

Started modeling with Thailand The Boys Model contest back in 2003 through semi final and that was my little sparkle.

I wouldn't expect the whole world to love me just want my photos to express the best of who I am or have people turn their backs round and say ... I love camera and I know the camera loves me. Being model has always been in my blood. This industry answers my question I've asked myself since I was a little girl ...'what would I be when I grow up..?' I could never be in front of mirrors and not posing for crying out loud lol 

 'Hmmm..There's something about Gunya Pie not just how tasty her name sounds '

Youtube Video external link
MUST SEE ... BONUS VIDEO: in the media hub page, 5mins of . wow wow wow

I will go anywhere worldwide if there's accommodation and air ticket offered

I will need to know some information such as theme, purpose of shoot, what are the images for?, how long is the session take? Is there wardrobe, hair and make up .etc provide ? 

Also when and where so I can tell you how much is my rate.


Google search bangkok achiever gunya pie 

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