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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chalita "Namtan" Suansane crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2016

Chalita "Namtan" Suansane was crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2016 on Saturday night at Siam Paragon, Bangkok. The 21-year-old Samut Prakan native won 1 million baht in cash and will represent Thailand at the international Miss Universe 2016 beauty pageant. (Photos by Weerawong Wongpreedee)
short video

The outcome was not with out controversy, see the full story in SM (Social Media) hub

SM Link


Motorised Travel bag sales go balistic

sales exceed launch campaign by 335% in the 1st 10 days

why would people pay $US1200 for 1 travel bag - the Motobag

Newsflash article to buy link  - surely you will not buy .. or just take a peak


Friday, July 29, 2016

Making Merit when Travelling Bangkok

MAKING MERIT - - The result of doing good deeds
Thailand is pre-dominantly Buddhist (over 90% of the population are Buddhists). I am far from being an expert on Buddhism, but living in Thailand it is impossible not to realize the impact it has on everyday life and the value placed on merit-making. There is a Thai saying which says that “if you do good you will receive good, if you do evil you will receive evil.” Put very simply, most Thais have a general belief in karma and reincarnation. So the good and bad actions in a Thai persons current life will have an effect on their next life. Making-merit helps ease the path of the current life as well as the future lives to come.

Here's a really cool alternative

Visit the slum child care centre Bangkok with a donation of food, smiles, money and then go party

1. buy some stuff (anything is fine)

2. jump in a Taxi (anything is fine)

3. Donate and have a cheer with the kids

Three (3) cheers for happiness

  • Your time
  • Your Smile
  • Your Photos
  • Money 
  • Food
  • Clothing

  • share a birthday cake with the kids - instant party

See our adventure .. July 2016

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Best FREE Travel app GOGOBOT

Emerging as the best on the block

Key points
  • Sync with mobile and Desktop
  • find places and ratings
  • post reviews and postcards
  • see your world travel passport
  • Hotel prices / bookings 

Media articles

July 2016: rating in best 5 apps

Review by BPAC

Free download

Gogobot website - link
  • mobile: scroll to bottom of page to find IOS and Android links to load app
  • Desktop: add the website sign in to your bookmarks

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bangkok worlds biggest Facebook city user

World Stats Bangkok No 1

If you were supposed to guess which city in the world has the most Facebook users, which one would it be? Mexico city, New York, Tokyo or perhaps Las Vegas? According to Socialbakersstatistics, if Facebook was a country, its capital city would be Bangkok! Thailand has over 14.6 million Facebook users which makes it the 16th biggest Facebook country in the world! It grew by more than 1.3 million users in the last 6 months, mainly thanks to people between 25 to 34 years old. The Facebook penetration in Thailand is 22.01% compared to the country's popu­lation and 83.60% in relation to the number of Internet users


The Stats

How to search for more
How Countries rates
Best Facebook Groups Bangkok
Media hub page

Best tourism Directory Bangkok - link

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Levels Club Lounge 4th Anniversary goes Gold

Arguably the most consistent top performing quality night club in Bangkok for the past four (4) years.

levels club lounge

To acknowledge their patrons came the biggest birthday party yet seen on the nightlife scene

13th July 2016  Bangkok's most prominent astute nightlife Soi (Sukhumvut Soi 11) was on full brigade with all the beautiful people and party goers migrating to Levels Club Lounge to celebrate the occasion.

video - promotion Pre event

Post event videos in link below

Visit our Media hub page 

Link: The Event
    details of the event before

Link: 360 Photo Spherical and Video the 4th Anniversary
   taken during the night 

Link: Photo albums and videos    use of photos and material donated / shared 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Patrons Aus Pub Bangkok donate to Slum Kids Charity please consider

if your in Bangkok, you must try Aus Pub Bkk for best food and TV
and drop a penny into the money box for slum kids

The money goes to a good cause, in fact please be welcome to visit the kids day care centre

The pub raised money quickly with a money box on the counter

Obviously the Patrons have a good heart (or dont like carrying coins .. lol)

see more


full story

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Meet 9 traditional Thai Ghosts

These are just some of the odd funky qwerky characters that are loved and feared among Thai

see the full story Thaibis news include their names and their attributes  - click here


Friday, July 1, 2016

3D art Museum for you to play Bangkok

The Name: Art in Paradise Bangkok
What you can do: Immerse yourself in the art

thailand bpac approved art in paradise bangkok bangkok attractions

Target audience: all age groups

The interactive art Museum has been specifically designed to encourage visitors to get into each scene and create your own unique photo art.

Conveniently located in a modern shopping centre The Esplanade in Ding Daeng at the Subway station MRT Thai Cultural Centre only a few kms from Siam centre.

All photos / videos of our visit, June 2016 are posted in the Newsflash link

Nearby Attractions 
  • Massive funky flea market Ratchada Train markets, located at the rear of the Esplanade Shopping Centre and a short walk to Thai Cultural Central and Siam Niramit (world famous stage performance of Thai Culture; history to present day) 
  • Nearby Attractions linked in the SM hub page of Art in Paradise

Check in S.M. Art in Paradise


 show some Social Media love ......

  all channels, best hashtags
   like, review, a tag, share
    just do it !

Duration: allow 2 hours
Cost: approx 400 baht per person
Transport: 100mtrs from Subway station
Tourism value: High - nearby Icons, shopping centre for retail comforts, food drinks, cinema Ice rink in Esplanade Shopping Mall

Spherical / 360 Photo and videos are linked in SM HUB: ART IN PARADISE