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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Muang Boran - Ancient City Open Air Museum Theme Park

"Muang Boran - the 'Ancient City of Siam' - is, in my opinion, unique!!! 

 Some describe it as the largest open air museum in the world. However one describes it, there is no other museum or cultural experience or theme park which approaches its subject matter in quite this way. 

This site, it's layout, and all the exhibits contained within, betray a very clear and deep pride and passion by the designers for the cultural history of their country, and a desire to show it to the world. 

For tourists visiting Thailand and Bangkok, Muang Boran offers two things. It offers a peaceful, attractive respite from the city, and it offers a one day introduction to all that is special about this country and its cultural history. As the reputation of Muang Boran grows, I trust the site will retain its gentle appeal, whilst becoming the major tourist attraction it truly deserves to be. Today, the 'Ancient City of Siam' is one place I would recommend to anyone who visits this nation of Thailand."

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Scullpture Suvarnabhumi Airport "The Churning of the Milk Ocean"

You will see many beautiful sculptures at Suvarnabhumi Airport including giants that look like the ones at Wat Chaeng and Wat Pho. They are tall and frightening. 
One such statue that you can't avoid (after passing through Customs is a litter scary ...  it has god-like statues on both sides, they are pulling the serpent (the king of Nagas) from both sides. However, the center of the serpent is coiled around something that is set on a turtle with Indra stands on its top. We guess many people are questioning what it is, what it is for and what it means.

We have the answers for this sculpture.…

The Churning of the Milk Ocean
The sculpture that we have seen is called the Churning of the Milk Ocean or the Scene of the Churning of the Milk Ocean. It is believed to be the place that holds the nectar of immortality; thus, it portrays immortality and stability. Likewise, Suvarnabhumi Airport represents the golden land, resources, prosperity, stability, and eternality.

The sculpture has the statue of four-hand Narayana (Vishnu) placed on top of the Mount Madura, 9 gods are on one side and 9 demons on the opposite are pulling the king of Nagas from both sides. The turtle (Koorm Avatar) is the tortoise-incarnation of Vishnu, which is the third incarnation form out of the ten forms according to the Scene of the Churning of the Milk Ocean. Koorm Avatar uses the shell to be a pivot for the churning stick.

The Churning of the Milk Ocean

The Churning of the Milk Ocean

The Churning of the Milk Ocean

The Churning of the Milk Ocean

The agenda 

of this sculpture is the eternal prosperity as if Suvarnabhumi Airport is the "ETERNALLY GOLDEN LAND" 

360 Panorama

View inside the airport,  after Passport control you will pass the Sculpture of "The Churning of the Milk Ocean" see below  external link   

In the image is a watermark image of "Muang Boran" - Ancient City open air museum in Samut Prukan - 30kms form Bangkok

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wat Pho Fortified Temple treasures of Bangkok

Wat Pho is a a first grade Royal temple complex found just south of the Grand Palace that is one of the most popular and frequently visited attractions in Bangkok. 

Originally a monastery from the Ayutthaya period, King Rama I transformed the buildings and renamed them to Wat Pho. Today, this 20 acre complex is best known for the Reclining Buddha but there is quite a bit more to see at Wat Pho (100 Baht per person, includes a bottle of water). 

Most visitors come to Wat Pho specifically to see the 48.5 meter long statue found within the Phra Vihara (hall) of the Reclining Buddha. This is one of the genuinely unique attractions in Bangkok and is reason enough to visit Wat Pho.

When you enter the the hall to see the Reclining Buddha, there are several stopping places for you to photograph the giant figure. Try to take a few pictures right in front his head as well as from the base of his feet. Do make sure to have a look at the impressive mother-of-pearl designs found in the base of the Buddha's feet. These are quite impressive, as are the wall murals if you can manage to take your eyes off the Reclining Buddha every once in a while. 

After the Reclining Buddha, we enjoy seeing Phra Ubosot, a large assembly Hall surrounded by four viharas (smaller halls). The viharas are of simple design and decor. However, Phra Ubosot is decorative and very nice to see. The wall murals in particularly are memorable and we very much liked the mother-of-pearl door panels found here. The courtyard surrounding Phra Ubosot is enclosed by a cloister, which is lined with over 150 Buddha images. These are arranged in a lovely manner and make great photographs.

The Day is cool but its eerie at night 

Another neat thing to see at Wat Pho is the series of small chedis that are situated about the Phra Ubosot grounds. These are colourful, decorative and quite photogenic. Even more impressive are the four giant chedi structures found between Phra Ubosot and the Vihara of the Reclining Buddha. These are each 42 meters tall and covered with glazed tiles that beautifully reflect the sunlight to form lovely images. A fun thing to do is to position yourself so you can take pictures with the small chedis in the foreground with the large chedi structures behind them. 
Other things we enjoy seeing include the Wat Pho Giants, similar to those seen within the Grand Palace complex, the many Chinese ballast (rock giant) statues that are placed around the temple complex as well as the hermit statues at the small rock garden called Khao Mor.

Website now includes Google street view into the temple and grounds - link


In the end, there are easily 2-3 hours worth of things to see at Wat Pho. Most don't visit for this long but you can certainly spend this amount of time if exploring the temple grounds if you like. To maximise your time at Wat Pho, it is best to have a look at the temple map before your visit. You can download a good map directly from the Wat Pho website. 

Tip: You can combine a visit to Wat Pho with the Grand Palace. We would suggest allocating no less than 3-4 hours for the combined visit. 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Golden Mount is Bangkok's Phou Khao Thong

At the gateway to the "Old City" of Bangkok "Rattanakosin Island"
The Golden Mount ( Phou Khao Thong ) at Wat Saket is a unique Icon, a man made mountain of 318 steps built in 1800 which was the highest point in Bangkok. The rooftop temple chedi affords a 360 degree view of the city, go feel the spirits and chill.. Transfer via the nearby Canal and continue the adventure in this old city zone, media hub page new videos and street view on the roof at

There's a cut and convenient "coffee shop" about 50 steps up the Mount.. here you might share a coffee with one of the monks ..  Golden Mount Coffee

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dine in Dark roller coaster

DID (Dine in The Dark) is a roller coaster experience, in 5 star comfort .... 

Located in 5 star Grande Sheraton Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok Thailand

Visually impaired wait staff will lead you to your table (the darkest room ever) work your way through dinner and conversation with your table guests and realise you've awakened senses and the night is alive, more in media hub page