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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New year at Craft Beer Bangkok

New years eve party 2018 at Craft Beer Garden Suk Soi 23 Bangkok over 40+ taps of beers from around the world
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Friday, March 30, 2018

9 Thai Fruits You Should Try in Bangkok

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One of the things that most all 1st time visitors travelling through Bangkok
Bangkok quickly notice is the large variety of fruits on the streets. 
Thailand has many fruits that you might have never seen before. 

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Royal Cremation dates October in Bangkok

Thailand is building up to what will be a historic period with final preparations under way for the funeral of the late King. The Royal Cremation Ceremony will be held in Bangkok from October 25-29. It will be a sad time for Thai people, but the country will remain as welcoming as ever for tourists and you will still be able to enjoy your trip. Although there is no need to change travel plans, please be respectful and if you are visiting Bangkok or other areas of Thailand in October, there are some important points to be aware of.

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Key dates in October

October 5: Awk Phansa Buddhist holiday. Public holiday nationwide.

October 13: First anniversary of King Bhumibol’s death. Public holiday nationwide.

October 25: Funeral ceremonies for the King commence in Bangkok.

October 26: Cremation ceremony for the King. Public holiday nationwide.

October 27-29: Religious ceremonies continue in Bangkok.

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The Grand Palace will be closed during this period, details in the full report


Neon Night Markets in down town Bangkok

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Located just 1km from BTS (skytrain) station SIAM CENTRAL and even less if you like to try the local canal fast ferry service on Saen Saep Canal

The markets are different to most as they are suited for tourist with larger / wider isles to walk past all the goodies of awesome Thai and western food

loads of ice cream treats
clothing and souvenirs

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From the front of the markets you can see the rooftop of Redsky rooftop 61st floor and from the rear of the markets where they have bars and foot massage vendors operating out of converted Sea Containers you can see the Baiyoke rooftop at 83 frs high

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Another significant bonus is the enormous bright over head lighting throughout the markets

to see more
location, logistics, photos and videos follow this link to Bangkok PAC page about Neon Night Markets Bangkok

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