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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thailand is abundant with Nature and the free Spirit

Beach on Ko Tao, Thaland (Am Strand von Ko Tao...Thailand culture is as unique as you will ever find. Buddhist temples and monument are abundant in the mysterious country providing a glimpse at traditions unknown in the modern world. The Grand Palace is abundant in presentations highlighting Thailand culture and features the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, considered the most sacred presentations of the likeness. This statue has been created by one large piece of jade and draws the local Thai residents to worship and pray on a daily basis.    

Gov-us passportThe beautiful waters that surround Thailand make scuba diving one of the main reasons people journey here from all over the world. The diving enthusiast can look forward to over 155,213 square miles of underwater beauty to explore providing endless opportunity for adventure. Underwater life in many forms adds to the attraction of Thailand. Whale sharks, manta rays and a variety of other colorful salt water fish can be found in these waters along with an abundance of colorful coral.

Thailand has their share of extreme sports which include but are certainly not limited to rock-climbing, bouldering and outdoor hiking. Over 700 rock-climbing trails can be found in the Rai Le Beach in Krabi. This rocky wonder is located in the Khao Yai National Park and has been designated a World Heritage Sight. Bouldering is a popular sport in Ko Tao which is located in the Gulf of Thailand. One extreme sport that you many be unaware of is elephant riding. Well, that sounds pretty extreme to me and is available for the traveler to enjoy. Thailand is home to the Elephant National Institute where you can take a few elephant lessons like river bathing, jungle sleeping and, of course, elephant riding.
The uniquely diverse scenery and activities available to the traveler who makes Thailand his destination has made it a favorite vacation spot for those who see a hidden treasure rather than a typical tourist trap. It is always important, however, to remember that international travel requires a passport. Australia's Passport system has improved 10 fold.. You can go online or pop into the local Post office, they also include an option for express (priority service).