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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aussie Golf Tours Thailand

Kennemer Golf & Country Club3Image via WikipediaExperience and Service
There are not many golf destinations in the world where, on arrival your golf clubs are carried from your car and re appear on your pull cart or Buggy with a Thai girl smiling and giving you the courtesy “wai” (hello).

Then, when you have the inevitable 5th or 8th bad shot/s and that ignite the flame of rage you instinctively pan for far away places to jettison your club something unusual happens......

From the corner of eye, the (magpie eye) you catch a glimpse of that quite un assuming bashful smile of your caddy and on stronger contact her head bows as her arms rise and extend to offer you a bottle of water and you begin to hear soft humble tones of “jai yen yen”.

Of course this never happen to me but I’ve heard of this tale many a time!

You can’t help but feel admiration for the caddies confidence in your hidden talents!
There is something special about their optimism and that feeling of Royalty having someone give you yardages to the pin, telling you where trouble lies, and advising which way the putts will turn.

You never get thirsty when golfing or tired of waiting for the beverage. During your round there are refreshments stands ever 3 holes full of snacks and beverages to keep you going.

After the game is finished the culture of Royalty continues. Thai club houses “a castle” it’s what every lottery winner deserves yet anyone can afford, the facilities, from saunas and spas to foot and body massages. Thailand golf club house dining is inexpensive and cater for all kinds of appetites.

Golf in Thailand is designed to be a whole day affair. Start with a warm-up on the grass driving, play 9 holes, (some stop after 9 have a shower then lunch and continue the back nine after lunch), take a post-game shower, and finish the day off with a massage meal, and drinks.

I don’t understand people rushing around during their game, putting their shoes on in the car park and rushing off, golf is a relaxing and social game (at least it was developed to be); so enjoy the round and the golf club facilities when golfing in Thailand.

The Weather
The weather is conducive to good golf all year with the temperatures around 25-30 degrees centigrade you can see why Thailand golf courses are full of golfers all year round in Thailand. You can travel to Thailand anytime and get a game in to beat the cold weather home in Australia. If you prefer a cooler temperature, then golf in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai where the golf courses are less crowded, less expensive, and the temperature rarely gets above 25 degrees centigrade.

The Value
While golf in Australia can be inexpensive on the smaller public courses, to get onto the top 20 Australian golf courses can cost up to A$350 for a round, (no caddy and cart in this price!).

You can play at any number of Thailand PGA venues (all top 20 golf courses in Thailand) with a caddy and cart for less than A$100 (and this includes a charming caddie and cart). To top it all off you will have service more akin to a 5 star hotel than any golf course in Australia. Now that is what I call great value!

I’m a big fan of playing the best courses, doesn’t matter where I go, so if I’m looking for a great value golf holiday including play some top PGA championship courses, then Thailand is the destination. Golf holidays in Thailand even rivals going away for a week in Australia, especially when you compare the service and quality of the courses, factor in costs such as car hire, food, beverages, and lodging . Throw in some great food, fantastic shopping, daily massages and spas and you even will get your non-golfing partner or spouse wanting to come along.

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