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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Songkran 2015 Bangkok

PhotoSongkran Bangkok 2015

The water fight Festival 

An event for the entire family


The festival of Songkran is an old tradition in Thailand. It marks the New Year according to the Thai lunar calendar. The tradition is an example of beautiful Thai culture revealing the joy, generosity, warmth, and respect of the Thai people



a water-throwing funfest, in which anyone and everyone is liable to get  thoroughly drenched.

When and where

The actual festival dates in Thailand vary a little
  • North Chiang Mai 10th,  
  • Phuket 13th,  
  • Bangkok 15th, 
  • Pattaya 19th the fun starts about 3 days before the actual festival date in each location
Check out the Songkran kit below


More info

Photos / videos and link to Festival details - click here

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thai Colours for each Day

Personal Flag of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Th...Many people are curious about the wearing of certain colours in Thailand. Sometimes photographs coming from Thailand will show a mass of people wearing yellow, sometimes a river of pink and sometimes a sky blue.

Flag of HM Queen Sirikit of Thailand - photograph.

It's as though the people all belonged to the same workplace and wore a uniform.  Often the photographs will show Thais dressed in a sea of one colour, lining the streets to pay homage to King Bhumibol, Queen Sirikit, or the now deceased but still revered King Chulalongkorn.

Sometimes they will wear the "royal" colours to make a point at a political demonstration.
Wearing a particular colour does mean something in Thailand. It is based on ancient beliefs and strict Buddhists will wear a certain colour each day – even if the colour is not obvious. More recently however, the coloured tee-shirts have been worn to display loyalty to the monarchy at a time when the political situation was in danger of disintegrating into chaos.

Colour for each Day

There is one colour for each day of the week and although conforming to this dress code is not essential, many Thais like to adhere to the system and will consider it when dressing.

Sometimes it may be just to make sure they don’t wear the wrong colour on that day.

On the King’s birthday, December 5th, most people will try and wear yellow during the day and of course, they will have the yellow flag flying wherever they can. Ditto for Queen Sirikit’s birthday on August 12th, when blue takes precedence.

Pink became popular when the king left hospital last year after his illness, looking frail in a bright pink blazer. Within hours, pink shirts were on sale across the country and were being worn in their thousands to show solidarity and to help the king's recovery. Wearing pink, the Thais said, would bring the king good fortune and good health.

The draping of coloured ribbons and lengths of gauzy fabrics around sacred trees, on special "lucky" sites, on the prows of boats, on spirit houses, chedis and anything else which may influence the gods, is another aspect of this adherence to the special colours.
The Colours of each day relates to planets in ancient Indian Astrology.. read more click here

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pool Party Bangkok with Playboy Bunnies

Soundset Sundays Pool Party in Bangkok April 2015 is a wish list Easter treasure hunt

Sexy bunnies from Playboy Thailand.

QR code

Host venue Pathumwan Princess Hotel, connected to the landmark MBK shopping mall at BTS (skytrain) National Stadium

Kicked off time: 2pm rumoured to finished 10pm lol
  • Mega DJ line-up
  • Mega Pool
  • VIP seating
  • 5 star hospitality
  • Playboy Bunnies
Video snippet - external link


Around 500 people come through the gates, braved the heat, soaked the rays, slipped through the pool AND THEN as the sunset the freedom nightlife culture rises to another level fuelled by premiere clubbing music.

 Google search photos - click here
click media hub page link below for everything this event

Photo left: Maxim Puzin with bunnies.

Maxim is a popular studio Photographer previously based in Pattaya, recently relocated to Bangkok.

For outrageous and creative images view Maxim's facebook albums

Photos, videos and social media this event in
Media hub page SSPPTPB April 2015

Soundset publish photos and videos within 2 weeks of the event so stay tuned....  TIP: Join the Soundset Sunday facebook to keep in touch with monthly events, linked in the media hub page.

Soundset Sundays is a monthly event series, with exclusive locations and cool DJ line up. 

Fun get together of Bangkok's party people.


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Friday, April 3, 2015

Bangkok Old City Night Tram Tour slick and quick

What's the go here! 

Why everyone is queing for a seat! 

  • Slick and Quick, 1 hour 20mins
  • Hugely awesome Photo ops
  • Location, Location, Location 
  • aloft at KhaoSan Rd,
    the big AND weirdest, nightlife bazaar

 Video on tour - external link

Open tram - "feel the force Luke"  .. Narration (Thai-lish .. lol): e welcome to have a crack (Narrrate from the brohcure), just ask .. we did and it was entertaining for all onboard. The  host team are easy going and loads of fun...  Snap your best night pics, ask some questions .. Make this tour come alive for your group, it's entertaining and educational commentary about Bangkok’s history.

Explore some of the most important sights of the city including the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Wat Ratchanaddaram, before the tour culminates in a beautiful night walk around Wat Pho.

The tour is approx 1 hour and 20 minutes starting from the Hotel De Moc, located only a few minutes’ walk away from the world famous Backpacker area, Khao san Road.

Another worthy winner of "Bangkok top 10 tours"

Photos our tour or try Swivel pics our tour or the tour icons

Photo Ops - external link

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Facebook hashtags #bkktramnighttour   Industry: #bkktours
related:  #bkktouricon   #bkkachiever   #bpacapproved   

WHAT WE DID NEXT. Jumped off the tram @ Khaosan rd (already visited this awesome buzz bazaar earlier for dinner) boarded a tuktuk to "Paak Klong Talaat" Bangkoks' wholesale flower market (now another sprawling tour Icon -
to be seen to be believed see more

Plsd Von only in town 4 days, we can't keep up with her ..!

2015.02 von bangkok collage gif.gif 

about Von's 2015 tour Bangkok 4 days 

Program, photos - videos