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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Songkran 2015 Bangkok

PhotoSongkran Bangkok 2015

The water fight Festival 

An event for the entire family


The festival of Songkran is an old tradition in Thailand. It marks the New Year according to the Thai lunar calendar. The tradition is an example of beautiful Thai culture revealing the joy, generosity, warmth, and respect of the Thai people



a water-throwing funfest, in which anyone and everyone is liable to get  thoroughly drenched.

When and where

The actual festival dates in Thailand vary a little
  • North Chiang Mai 10th,  
  • Phuket 13th,  
  • Bangkok 15th, 
  • Pattaya 19th the fun starts about 3 days before the actual festival date in each location
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More info

Photos / videos and link to Festival details - click here

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