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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bangkok Rocks receives 1st Social Ambassador Award for Bangkok

To be the first is "out there" everyone wants to be but few can ....

There is someone special in Downtown Bangkok that you have meet. "Khun Billy" the Manager/Owner of "Bangkok Rocks".

A worthy recipient of the award
"Accredited" Social Ambassador"

The Collection 76

What does that mean...
"They want you" Sanook (enjoy)., if they can't see you smile they will find a solution!..

We walk, we ask, we listen ......

......I gotta tell ya "khun Billy" is high on the chat line!

Just drop him a line at Bangkok Rocks, Soi 19 Sukhumwit, Wattana, Bangkok Thailand.

How to get there ... see the listing in Thailand's Longdoo Map - click here or use the links below at access

Not sure of the location?     Try the resources available for Aussie Tourists at "Exec's Tours Bangkok"....... Refer to the section on bars - click here to see the more about Khun Billy and Bangkok Rocks.

Soi 19 is a Treasure chest, perfect location and access to all popular venues

Pic: left Khun Billy with "Charlie" son to Thai and England from across the road at "Friends Barber and Massage". If your not working your socialisng with your community "Thai Style" .. ask me more when you visit and I will tell you... everyone is "family" is special..

The Accreditation is unique!

It did not go to the venue, but to an individual.
For our Aussie readers ..... think Jimmy Barnes
I visited this Bar, met this Guy...
He sings (I think like JB),certainly looks like him. He manages some bands, the Bar, organises parties.. and is on tap for a chat or to tour you around the Social Network.....what the...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunset Coast English School – Welcomes Thailand

Scarborough, Perth West Australia

The West is Best for Thai Smile

Established in 2007 by Khun Neil Butler, a long time
follower and admirer of Thailand.

Neil first visited Thailand in 1997, as University student at UCL in London. He, like most people I meet, instantly fell in love with “the land of smiles”.

He, with his family have returned to THAILAND some fourteen times and regard Thailand as our second home.
Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

In 2002, he received an opportunity to help in setting up a bi-lingual programme at the Daruna Ratchaburi School, 2 hours south of Bangkok.

The project involved residing in Thailand for one and a half years (my wife is a qualified language teacher and also a swimming instructor).

Pic left: Neil Gerrard Butler
Principal Administrator

“The experience there with the local Thai population and richness of the culture made us fall in love with the nation”. “We lived with a beautiful Thai family who would teach us Thai in the evenings and I would help them with their English.

By the time we left, the mother of the family had qualified to become an English teacher for High School and Junior School levels and is still doing it now. Leaving was really hard.

In 1999 Neil and family relocated to Australia as Director of Studies at another international school and the bonus was to have many Thai students and practice my Thai after school (it’s still not good but it was great fun to practice!).

“Two years ago I decided to set up my own school with the philosophy of making all our students life-long learners of English and to create an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

We are so lucky to have amazing students who are hard-working, fun-loving and sincere. I have known most of the teachers for several years both as friends and professionals in the Industry”

Sunset Coast School has capacity for 120 students in ten classrooms.

Students are truly International representing France, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Korea, China and Switzerland.

With agents all over the world and they expect to have more than fifteen nationalities over the next few weeks.

Their General English courses offer tuition for every level of learner; from elementary to advanced students, each with a highly-qualified, dynamic teacher.

The advantages of studying at Sunset Coast International English School are many.

They are the only city school located at the world-class Scarborough Beach, so you can start the day with a swim or surf -amazing!

The School building is brand new, with modern computers and facilities.

There is also a café and a kitchen that students use for making lunch and breakfast. Tea and coffee are provided free.

The school not only offers General English classes and exam classes, they also teach IELTS both in the day and evening.

Neil believes in the Thai culture, our students are treated like family members and will never want to leave.

Study in Perth

Perth is located in the south-western corner of Western Australia. It is a friendly, clean and beautiful city situated around the Swan River and has many parks, golf courses, lakes, walks and spectacular sites to see, making Study in Perth easy.

With a population of 1.6 million, Perth is the state capital of Western Australia, Australia's largest and richest state. Stretched along the Indian Ocean coastline, the city is an outdoor-sports paradise.

Paroushak (Sanskrit: परूषक)Image by dinesh_valke via Flickr

Whether you love going to the movies, shopping, sports or sightseeing, you will love the exciting variety of activities Perth has to offer. There are many stunning beaches close to the city just waiting for you to explore, and many wineries, breweries, a cheese factory and a chocolate factory in the Swan Valley nearby.

Fremantle is a great place to visit too, with its busy port, historical sites, museums, markets, nightlife and numerous cafés. You can also experience the beauty of Rottnest Island to the west, the Pinnacles Desert to the north, and the ancient forests and winemaking regions to the south.

Sunset Coast International is in a unique location in Perth. It's minutes from Scarborough Beach, one of the best in Western Australia. Scarborough is world-famous for its beautiful soft sand and spectacular sunsets. It is less than 30 minutes from Perth city and has backpackers’ hostels, hotels, banks, markets, shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and a thriving nightlife to offer. Scarborough is a great place to make new friends while you study, learn to surf, take a dive or just relax in the crystal-clear Indian Ocean.

Update: 2010-01 We are so impressed by their enthusiam and support for Thailand we have created a promotional page on our website for the school.. visit their website within our webpage - click here

Sunset Coast International English Classes
From beginner to advanced levels, Sunset Coast International offers both part-time and full-time tuition.

We offer a range of courses including General English, PET, FCE and CAE and IELTS courses.

Our classes have an average of 12 students. We test your progress every four weeks and as you improve, you can move up a level.

Black Swan on the Swan River, Perth Western Au...Image via Wikipedia

Our IELTS program has become so popular that we now offer classes both in the day and night. If you are working in Australia and need to pass an IELTS exam, we have a choice of IELTS courses to suit your needs.

You will find Sunset Coast's excellent teachers to be friendly and caring. All our teachers are well qualified and meet the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) standard, and have had many years' teaching experience in many countries.

Sunset Coast International offers exciting activities and plenty of fun while you are studying with us. Whether you love going to the movies, shopping, playing sports or sightseeing, Perth has everything there is to offer.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Asean Now the Place to Grow - lets go W.A.

Austrade - Seminar Perth Oct 28, 2009

ASEAN Now! The Place to Grow
Your journey into one of Australia’s largest markets begins here.

The Perth skyline viewed from the Swan RiverImage via Wikipedia

The Duxton’s Seminar facilities were at full capacity attendance from local Industry in Perth West Australia.

Patronage was widespread with sectors of Industry from Technology, Mining, Transport, Importers and exporters.

There is no doubt W.A. has serious trading links with our Asian Neighbour and the announcements by the presenters provide significant opportunities for W.A. business to develop these markets.

With Australia’s largest free trade agreement, the ASEAN*-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, expected to enter into force on 1 January 2010, now is the time to look to ASEAN countries for opportunities to grow your business.

Business confidence in ASEAN is improving, with the major ASEAN economies forecast to grow strongly over the coming years as the global economic recovery takes place.

The message was made loud and clear by the heavyweights of the Asian Trade connection and WA Government

Speakers left to right

Michael Mugliston,

Rod Morehouse,

Adam Denniss,

Steve Arnott.

Titles of office displayed with the speaker topic notes

Speakers and Topics

Adam Denniss, Manager – Export Advisers, Austrade Perth

Introduce speakers, some housekeeping and official launch with via dvd from The Hon. Simon Crean Minister for Trade

Better Business Linkages
Rod Morehouse, Regional Senior Trade and Investment Commission – Asean South, Austrade.

through AANZFTA and Asean Industry team

A footnote – Khun Rod background has roots to Thailand. Educated predominately overseas in Thailand and Canada and later in
Australia at the Universities of Newcastle.

AANZFTA overview and key outcomes
Michael Mugliston, Negotiator , Goods, Asia Trade Task Force, DAFT
Mr Mugliston has lead Australia's free trade agreement negotiations with ASEAN-New Zealand for over four years. Prior to that he served overseas as Deputy Head of Australia's Mission to the EU in Brussels (2001-04) and was Counsellor to Australia's Mission to the GATT in Geneva during the Uruguay Round (1991-94).

Footnote: Michael is a product of UWA

a complex topic: Key tariff reductions/eliminations in sections, rules and Origin.

The information presented by Mr Mugliston was very diverse and complex; consider the achievement of the Australian Government creating a bilateral trade environment between 12 countries. The establishment of a history marking agreement to pave the way for Bilateral Trade Laws, simplifying the way to do business with laws to support the conduct.

Obviously there is going to be some teething problems however it was clear from the confidence and commitment by Mr. Mugliston that this will be done and will be driven by our Government.

I hasten to caution you about website resources, there is now a major legacy of transition of various countries, including Australia to sunset and update their website data; tariffs and the like so if you are serious about your Business then DO contact the appropriate dept., to ratify the validity of the information and ask the next question, what is changing.
For the latest news and presentation media from the Seminars visit this website

Picture right: .. chat after the Seminar
Spiro Politis, Phill Smith (AusWaThai) and Michael Mugliston

Pixel Focus – Spiro Politis
Testimonial to success into the Asian market with acknowledgement of vicarious connections from Austrade.

Spiro delivered practical knowledge about his experience “real time” and identified features that makes the difference - Austrade was and continues to be a key feature of his success. You can read more about Spiro’s success in google – click here

WA Government programs
Mr Steve Arnott, Director Dept., of State Development – WA Government Programs

A South Korean container ship approaching the ...Image via Wikipedia

Steve acknowledge the enormity of DAFT achievements and the strong Alliance between Austrade and WA.Gov

Quite frankly I never know this entity existed.

During my export endeavours I tended to “D.I.Y” with the admission that when it comes to business enterprise my experience with Government is "cannot see the wood for the trees and cannot see the forest for the trees"

Prov. Cannot perceive the overview or important things because of concentrating too much on details. The information presented in this textbook is so disorganized that I can't see the wood for the trees. The politician's opponents claimed that she couldn't see the forest for the trees, because she spent so much time trying to solve minor problems.

I also acknowledge that my experience shows the opposite with our Government in terms of doing business outside Australia, the likes of:-

HAMILTON ISLAND, AUSTRALIA - MAY 06: In this h...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

DFAT Austrade have been quite extraordinary in terms of their achievement and enthusiasm to support enterprise.

Conversely it continues to be my experience with Tourism and trade into W.A. Government is entombed in a manifestation of rules and regulations and of course the mere mention of this will further blacken my path…. Some Ministers need to read and circulate the training module “A complaint is a gift” and get a reframe on the word “Territorial.

I’m not sure how we are suppose to Trade with some Countries when they are not welcomed.

I will now visit the website of the Dept of State Development and update the Directories and

Driving - Lasseter Highway to Uluru-Kata Tjuta...Image via Wikipedia

Networking links on our website – please note: our website has been “in cobwebs” for the past 6 months while we updated our Travel Thailand website.

We then switched our focus to our Travel WA website WITH DISASTERIOUS RESULTS in terms of synergy with Tourism Australia.

Our experience over the last 6 months is Tourism Australia don’t talk, the only TELL (if you get a reply).... it's not good .... so we have moved on to our next medium to help our Community "Business export".

Sadly some workers don't know their employer's "Mission Statement", perhaps they are lazy or bad Management, it's not meant to be a facade. The easy test for this is ask them a few questions or challenge a process and oh boy... so many we have approached about Tourism Australia and I feel like I'm on a certain Aussie airline that show an intolerant view toward customers and Service... oops I say no more

Our Business website – WA and Thailand is now our focus, our monthly visits to Thailand are adding Icons support our Mission statement. The most recent addition, a “Joint Venture” project with SME Bangkok is a website for Aussie Business Execs tours to Bangkok. A draft is on display at .. how does it support our Mission statement ... simple make it easy and attractive for business people to visit, they either see Business Opportunities or that bring back benefits be it business or social. This si what we wanted to do with Tourim for WA but our perception is you can't get in.

Key Points from Seminar
Austrade are absolutely an innovative and entrepreneurial (and very enthusiastic) agency – do

not under estimate their capacity to guide and connect you to markets. The advisers are available for contact to determine viability of your product/service, they have branches in most countries.

International tourism receipts in 2005Image via Wikipedia

DAFT through their Task Force have creating History, you should be part of it.

Handout Literature – The documentation comprised about 30 pages broken into about 6 sections with diagrams and recital, each is relevant to different markets. It’s very useful information, I’m not sure if it is on any website but simply if you are serious you will and should contact the department. If the energy of the speakers is anything to go by then you will be served well by their workforce.

Rules and Regulations – Transitional – check with the depts. Before you bind your decisions based on the web page data

Description unavailableImage by thaigov via Flickr

Two-way trade between Australia and ASEAN countries reached $88.9 billion in 2008, more than our trade with either Japan or China. Opportunities for business engagement are set to increase when the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) comes into effect. As Australia’s most comprehensive FTA, this milestone agreement will give you greater access to a market of 600 million consumers, with a combined GDP of A$3.1 trillion. It will significantly raise Australia’s profile throughout ASEAN member countries, create direct economic benefits through tariff reductions and greater investment opportunities and provide greater certainty for business. More details on AANZFTA can be found at

AANZFTA, together with the resilience of the ASEAN economies, their geographic proximity and our strong business and cultural links, will further enhance opportunities for your business in one of Australia’s most prospective trading markets.
Find out why ASEAN is now the place to grow.

Go to or call 13 28 78

Please note - we only populate and support news Australia and Thailand

*The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprises Brunei Darussalam, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

For all the latest news about Business W.A. and Thailand visit AusWaThai Media

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Thailand's Longdo - and so we shall

Translation: Long=try, do=look therefore Longdo means please look or please try

click on photo to expand

Picture of the Longdo website page featuring Founding Directors
Left ภัทระ เกียรติเสวี (Pattara) and right วุฒิชัย อัมพรอร่ามเวทย์ (Vuthichai) with Phill Smith of AusWaThai

Based on Bangkok … What they do
Software development - Online Services
Longdo.COM (Dict, Map, etc.)
Useful information, powerful search, good performance
SimpleThai mobile platform
Map Engine
Web-mapping, Map rasterizing tool
Mobile Platform
Thai language, Mapping, Networking/Bluetooth
Appliance Boxes
Storage module

How does that help relationship between Thailand and West AustraliaEasy

They have a very strong focus toward Community, internally and Internationally.

The Map, mobile phone and Language Translation software allow Internationally Communities to interact. We are very proud to be associated Longdo and MetaMedia and acknowledge the eagerness to participate in “Joint Venture” program that will Build Links between Communities. More on the “JV” in the near future.

A simple example of how Longdo are helping Aussie in Thailand, check out this illustration

here we have the Longdo map of Thailand (bangkok) and in the search engine we use the word "aussie" and a collection of Aussie venues are listed in the Directory as well as shown on the map by Location.

Simply click on one or the other.

The location includes notes and comments about the venue, a link to the venues website.

This is a Major attraction for International Travellers and tourists
If you have a Business in Thailand you can connect their maps directing into your website Language is English or Thai.

to see an example of this visit the Busines exec tour - Bangkok - Soi 19 , page down until you see the Heading "Map Soi 19". This is only 1 example, there are more, here is another example where a link to a map is shown in the webpage but the map is shown outside the webpage - example for Wilding Golf - Bangkok

We will be progressing talks with our "JV" friends about ways of making the help notes a little easier so everyone can take full advantage of this totally free service.
Why are these guys are right for job.. easy .. check out the credentials

The company started in 2005 and 2006, Longdo being the later. Current staff are 14 a brisk burst from last year when it was 7 and inspite of the current Economic climate the intray of new client names is climbing

Example of their scope of works

Apart from the wierd and wonderful electronic solutions that dazzle the brain the company makes major (SILENT) contribution to support their Community. The Thai translation and Dictionary modules provide great resource for learning English Language.
We invite, no we request, our readers to distribute news of this resource through their friendship network.

A new and innovative company developing programs and software products to suit the needs of dynamic emerging and companies

Contact details:

Other articles about Longdo (Aussie) and other connections - in the right hand panel click on the tag word Longdo or use the search box at the top of the blog

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ultimate Golf Facilitator in Thailand

It's easy to rely on the Neon sign

Quality Care and Convenience
if only it was true, if they only understood it means all day every day.

Well, good news our search for the "Holy Grail" has discovered yet another Amazing Thailand Experience "Golf in a Kingdom"

They are the Premier golf facilitator and backed their sister company GolfAsian connecting golfers to the most popular Asian golfing regions - Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

So what’s “oil” on GolfAsian

In business for over 12 years

American owned & managed, 25 full time staff

Customer base of 17,361 satisfied golfers
Publish Thailand golf book and Asia golf directory
Operations in all Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia golf destinations
Endorsement and licenses from Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Association of Thai
Travel Agents (ATTA), International
Association of Golf Tour Organizations (IAGTO)
First hand experience and knowledge golfing at all Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia premier golf resorts

Tailor‐made and group golf packages in Thailand, Vietnam, & Cambodia

Experienced golf and travel advice and expert golf travel tips Invaluable Services

Why Golf in Thailand? The People, Culture, & Customs

The Places:
Beaches, Mountains, Cities, Countryside Quite Towns & Bustling Centers Something For Everyone!!!

The courses: 260 Golf Courses
Bangkok ‐ Over 30 excellent courses, bustling city with superb dining and entertainment, hub for Southeast Asia
Phuket –Island beach resort, 8 top courses including world famous Blue Canyon, direct overseas flights
Pattaya ‐ Beach & golf destination with vibrant nightlife, over 20 fine courses
Hua Hin – Beach resort town well suited for families and couples, 2 hours from Bangkok, 8 golf courses
Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai – 7 top courses all with unique scenery, famous for hill tribes and the Golden Triangle
Koh Samui –Tropical island, one of the most challenging and spectacular courses, also good for couples
River Kwai –Rich in nature and history, Bridge Over The River Kwai, 10 golf courses –all remote
Khao Yai –Largest national park with waterfalls, vineyards, and pleasant surroundings, 9 golf courses

Don’t forget: the Caddies – the are polite, patient.. they don’t carry a compass but they will find your ball.

and the Tourism: Shopping, Golf Shopping, Spa, Massage, Food, Nightlife Non

History of Golf in Thailand

A golf ball directly before the holeImage via Wikipedia

1906: played at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club
1924: His Majesty King of Thailand Vajiravudh granted permission for the construction of the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course
1964-1975: Thailand Golf Association formed;1st Thailand Open (1964), World Golf Championship
(1975), Siam CC opens
1985-1995: Over 200 courses open for play
2009: Banyan GC, Thailand’s 260th course opens

And how about the History of Mark Segel
My background is Engineering, I visited Thailand for a golf trip some 5 years ago, and like so many wanted to be part of it.
Picture Phill Smith AusWaThai and Mark Segal CEO AsianGolf.

The opportunity to buy GolfAsian came up, at that time the company's focus was Golf Publications with a handful of staff and a humble client base, around 100 golfers per year.

"We saw the gaps in the market and decided to deliver a facility that meets the needs of the golfer". "I’m a golfer, so I regularly play the courses in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to experience all aspects of our tours and test our infrastructure to ensure it suits the end user". Now 7 years later we have 25 full time staff and recognised as Thailand’s premiere golfing facilitator.

How does “Golf in a Kingdom” add value for the golfer

With our volume and buying power we can get you on the Premier and private member golf clubs , value‐for‐money and boutique resorts. We have reliable transportation backup up with 24/7 service by knowledgeable staff. Our experienced travel consultants are focused on delivering Golf arrangements, Itinerary and activity suggestions – we guarantee the service satisfaction. We co ordinate more than 4,000 flights per year, the flights range from a single golfer for a single game to large groups, tours, tournaments and all aspects complimenting the experience.

People are welcome to DIY and save but when it goes wrong and it can and does in a foreign country it means disaster to your holiday.

We really exist for the upper market customer that is committed to enjoying themself, when you consider how much they already saved (compared to home) on accommodation, food and great shopping bargains there is not much to haggle over a green fee, but boy try to overcome the costs of “damage control” and you’ll wish to thought about quality rather than price.

Waterfront of Hua HinImage via Wikipedia

We regularly have tried and tested tours within Thailand and cross Boarders Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, they are quite spectacular and offer unique memories.

We recognise the significant benefits available at “Golf in a Kingdom”. They are now prominently featured in our “Business Exec Tours - Golf” Bangkok website. This site is a display of Value added features of Thailand,. the toll fee to access the Network is - up to you.