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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ultimate Golf Facilitator in Thailand

It's easy to rely on the Neon sign

Quality Care and Convenience
if only it was true, if they only understood it means all day every day.

Well, good news our search for the "Holy Grail" has discovered yet another Amazing Thailand Experience "Golf in a Kingdom"

They are the Premier golf facilitator and backed their sister company GolfAsian connecting golfers to the most popular Asian golfing regions - Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

So what’s “oil” on GolfAsian

In business for over 12 years

American owned & managed, 25 full time staff

Customer base of 17,361 satisfied golfers
Publish Thailand golf book and Asia golf directory
Operations in all Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia golf destinations
Endorsement and licenses from Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Association of Thai
Travel Agents (ATTA), International
Association of Golf Tour Organizations (IAGTO)
First hand experience and knowledge golfing at all Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia premier golf resorts

Tailor‐made and group golf packages in Thailand, Vietnam, & Cambodia

Experienced golf and travel advice and expert golf travel tips Invaluable Services

Why Golf in Thailand? The People, Culture, & Customs

The Places:
Beaches, Mountains, Cities, Countryside Quite Towns & Bustling Centers Something For Everyone!!!

The courses: 260 Golf Courses
Bangkok ‐ Over 30 excellent courses, bustling city with superb dining and entertainment, hub for Southeast Asia
Phuket –Island beach resort, 8 top courses including world famous Blue Canyon, direct overseas flights
Pattaya ‐ Beach & golf destination with vibrant nightlife, over 20 fine courses
Hua Hin – Beach resort town well suited for families and couples, 2 hours from Bangkok, 8 golf courses
Chiang Mai / Chiang Rai – 7 top courses all with unique scenery, famous for hill tribes and the Golden Triangle
Koh Samui –Tropical island, one of the most challenging and spectacular courses, also good for couples
River Kwai –Rich in nature and history, Bridge Over The River Kwai, 10 golf courses –all remote
Khao Yai –Largest national park with waterfalls, vineyards, and pleasant surroundings, 9 golf courses

Don’t forget: the Caddies – the are polite, patient.. they don’t carry a compass but they will find your ball.

and the Tourism: Shopping, Golf Shopping, Spa, Massage, Food, Nightlife Non

History of Golf in Thailand

A golf ball directly before the holeImage via Wikipedia

1906: played at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club
1924: His Majesty King of Thailand Vajiravudh granted permission for the construction of the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course
1964-1975: Thailand Golf Association formed;1st Thailand Open (1964), World Golf Championship
(1975), Siam CC opens
1985-1995: Over 200 courses open for play
2009: Banyan GC, Thailand’s 260th course opens

And how about the History of Mark Segel
My background is Engineering, I visited Thailand for a golf trip some 5 years ago, and like so many wanted to be part of it.
Picture Phill Smith AusWaThai and Mark Segal CEO AsianGolf.

The opportunity to buy GolfAsian came up, at that time the company's focus was Golf Publications with a handful of staff and a humble client base, around 100 golfers per year.

"We saw the gaps in the market and decided to deliver a facility that meets the needs of the golfer". "I’m a golfer, so I regularly play the courses in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to experience all aspects of our tours and test our infrastructure to ensure it suits the end user". Now 7 years later we have 25 full time staff and recognised as Thailand’s premiere golfing facilitator.

How does “Golf in a Kingdom” add value for the golfer

With our volume and buying power we can get you on the Premier and private member golf clubs , value‐for‐money and boutique resorts. We have reliable transportation backup up with 24/7 service by knowledgeable staff. Our experienced travel consultants are focused on delivering Golf arrangements, Itinerary and activity suggestions – we guarantee the service satisfaction. We co ordinate more than 4,000 flights per year, the flights range from a single golfer for a single game to large groups, tours, tournaments and all aspects complimenting the experience.

People are welcome to DIY and save but when it goes wrong and it can and does in a foreign country it means disaster to your holiday.

We really exist for the upper market customer that is committed to enjoying themself, when you consider how much they already saved (compared to home) on accommodation, food and great shopping bargains there is not much to haggle over a green fee, but boy try to overcome the costs of “damage control” and you’ll wish to thought about quality rather than price.

Waterfront of Hua HinImage via Wikipedia

We regularly have tried and tested tours within Thailand and cross Boarders Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, they are quite spectacular and offer unique memories.

We recognise the significant benefits available at “Golf in a Kingdom”. They are now prominently featured in our “Business Exec Tours - Golf” Bangkok website. This site is a display of Value added features of Thailand,. the toll fee to access the Network is - up to you.


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