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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bangkok Rocks receives 1st Social Ambassador Award for Bangkok

To be the first is "out there" everyone wants to be but few can ....

There is someone special in Downtown Bangkok that you have meet. "Khun Billy" the Manager/Owner of "Bangkok Rocks".

A worthy recipient of the award
"Accredited" Social Ambassador"

The Collection 76

What does that mean...
"They want you" Sanook (enjoy)., if they can't see you smile they will find a solution!..

We walk, we ask, we listen ......

......I gotta tell ya "khun Billy" is high on the chat line!

Just drop him a line at Bangkok Rocks, Soi 19 Sukhumwit, Wattana, Bangkok Thailand.

How to get there ... see the listing in Thailand's Longdoo Map - click here or use the links below at access

Not sure of the location?     Try the resources available for Aussie Tourists at "Exec's Tours Bangkok"....... Refer to the section on bars - click here to see the more about Khun Billy and Bangkok Rocks.

Soi 19 is a Treasure chest, perfect location and access to all popular venues

Pic: left Khun Billy with "Charlie" son to Thai and England from across the road at "Friends Barber and Massage". If your not working your socialisng with your community "Thai Style" .. ask me more when you visit and I will tell you... everyone is "family" is special..

The Accreditation is unique!

It did not go to the venue, but to an individual.
For our Aussie readers ..... think Jimmy Barnes
I visited this Bar, met this Guy...
He sings (I think like JB),certainly looks like him. He manages some bands, the Bar, organises parties.. and is on tap for a chat or to tour you around the Social Network.....what the...

So I ask of him....What is Bangkok Rock

Bangkok Rocks is the premier live music venue in Bangkok featuring the best bands and a truly international clientele.

Patrons comment on our unique style; Relax outside (licenced) and watch the street vendors, inside sink into a lounge or take claim a high chair and table and order a meal and watch a live band or big screen. If you want a little privacy our mezzanine floor awaits you and for the "players" you'll enjoy the pool tables.

And how did you get involved in a Bar in Thailand My business partner and I have been coming to Thailand for over 25 years both on business and holidays and we have both truly fell in love with the country, it's people and culture.

Krung Thep Maha NakhonImage via Wikipedia

In spite of the current political and economic situation, it is a great experience to have this great club here in Bangkok.

What do you think of thai people
The Thai people are a very hospitable and peace loving people. I have always been made welcome here and I am proud to count a few Thai people amongst my very dear friends.

How is the hospitality market in Bangkok
How does it compare to where you were before.

It is a totally different environment both professionally and geographically.

I was located in New York City in the Logistics business. As complex (by difference) as it may appear, you only need remind yourself of the people and culture and you know it's where you want to be. I know that's hard for some to absorb but if they just move past perception and give it a chance they will be amazed.

What is the best feature about your bar There are many good features about my bar, but I think the staff and the music stand out in the contemporary decor, but let's not forget the various customers of all nationalities that enrich our daily experience here at Bangkok Rocks!
FriendsImage via Wikipedia

So what is it that makes you Don't get me wrong, I'm like you... I just found a wonderful place to live and enjoy life and get a buzz out of seeing other people shift from perception to reality... Reality is people and to my mind it's hard to find better .. in terms of being social and living life .. and mate that's what it's about yeah... cheers.. i mean it;s not that hard to figure really.. right !

What do I tell readers Seriously... don't listen to the garbage in the news .. that's about selling papers. Get onto your real friends about Travel and enjoy your life and if you want an experience to remember.. come to Bangkok and if at any time it's not doing it for you, just drop in and say hello and we will change your channel and plug you in to the smile dial!!!! ... cheers

Pict below: collage Billy and friends in Bangkok.... Cheers Billy a Pleasure

View this picture in large size - click chere

So the offer is made to all that read.............

visit Bangkok................ and visit Bangkok Rocks....
and summon an audience with Khun Billy..

Business Exec's Tour - Bangkok -
we only promote the best


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