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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Phuket Sunshine Village is Inspiration

The Phuket Sunshine Village Foundation was established after the tsunami disaster hit Asia in

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2004 to provide a home for tsunami orphans. Now however, it is a refuge for all homeless children as well as for those from a dysfunctional family or victims of abuse.

Just after the disaster, the Lions Club Phuket Andaman Sea Branch got a donation from the global Lions Club and other organisations around the world.

As well as providing immediate help to victims, serious thought was given as how to provide long-term sustainable help and finally the club committee decided to co-operate with the Child-Watch Phuket Association to build a children’s village for the orphans and other children in need.

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Rather like a snowball rolling down a hill, other charitable organisations became involved, most notably, but by no means limited to, the French Red Cross, the Lions Club Phuket Pearl and the government of Luxemburg. The French Red Cross took full responsibility for the construction of the village and it was therefore possible to ensure that all of the money from fund raising would go directly to the children.

During a recent visit to Phuket (Patong Beach) to review travel Icons for readers I caught up my dear friend Khun Duean (Thai Lawyer) and her Husband khun Gai (Gai means chicken, but I would not call him that, he is in charge of explosives in the army).. Anyway one of our endearing conversations lead to Duean's good friend Khun Franco a expat IT wizard that is heavilly involved with P.S.V. yes that's once of those chance things.

I should acknowledge I met Franco many months before during a brief business meeting with Duean. Franco was polite but otherwise consumed with his tasks as was I. On that ocassion I met his Thai wife as the assistant to Duean and had the good fortune of sharing the afternoon with her while we raced around government offices securing registrations for this and that.
When Franco and I met on the specific topic of a introduction to PSV and the possibility that I can help either finanically or media article he gave me the attention worthy of VIP, without delay his personal duties and business were cast aside for priority of his holy grail "PSV".The absolute energy Franco has for this project is magical, if you view some ofthe pictures on the PSV website you can see the delight in his smile when he can see the children are happy.

The village itself consists of six double villas each designed to accommodate a ‘family’ consisting of 8 to 10 children of various ages. Each villa has its ‘mother’ and in this way a traditional Thai family atmosphere is created with the children being cared for 24 hours a day.

.. The venue would not be if not for the Enormous and relentless effort of many FARANG (yes foreigners (expats)) to lobby Business throughout the world. It doesn’t stop there; they are quite ruthless about the quality and character of the Thai staff (nannies) that take up working residence to mother the kids.

I’m a businessman and I was impressed how they blend strict discipline in the management of the Village with heartfelt care for the children (just seeing their faces and you know they adore their nannies and Teachers).When you visit Phuket make sure you include this in your tour!Organise a group (10 or more) and trek down to Phuket Town, see Buddha hill and then zip across to Koh Seri (it’s kinda part of Phuket Town) and visit the Village.. But 1st contact the PSV office for best visit times to fit in with the kids duties.

Take your kids...and everyone can share and learn something..I expect many of you are thinking ...take something to donate! Unfortunately you may have complications with customs or duplicate existing donated items. It's much better to buy one of their T-shirts (at the village) and add a generous donation.

As well as receiving a basic education, the children are encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in other activities. Courses, for example in English and Chinese, are sometimes provided by Child-Watch which specialises in such spheres. Discipline, self reliance, moral practices and social behaviour are engendered throughout.

Phuket Sunshine Village is a non profit making organisation which is dedicated solely to helping these youngsters to grow up to be strong young men and women. It opened on the 29th June in 2007 and although sufficiently funded at the moment, in the long term more money will be required through child sponsorship and donations. If you think you can help, in any way, please contact the Foundation through any of the media below.

We plan to introduce some options to raise funds in the future, we are limited on resources to check rules and regulations but it's on the list.

We have copied some of this article to our Forum article, AND ADDED
1. Video of the Village
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