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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

how to get free online Thai Language lessons

Personal trainer assisting and correcting a cl...Some of us have to join a gym to get fit, others pay a tutor (PT) and some of us to have the discipline (or motivation) to self teach....   Why not use all the options

We have put together all the Best Options on 1 page

report by Spindle

We don't just offer the basics, we BRING TO YOUR ATTENTION the importance of "Heart Culture", it's the cornerstone of the Thai Language and without it you will not embrace the language.
A list various online learning modules (including our experience)

With the assist of several volunteers we created a Travel Survival Pack of Thai words, something you  can print and take with you or download to your mobile device.

Western Australia Police motorbikes.If your in Perth W.A. then more good luck for you!

We show the contact details of local TAFE classes, we also include suggestion on how to contact local Thai people in Perth WA because you can approach them to be tutors.

The ultimate process is
learn little from books or online software, then you need to practice with Thai people for feedback.
Most important you should (just like a fitness program) set a schedule of expectation and review the development, if you don;t you might, like many, constantly feel you are not advancing, when this happens you should refer back to the starting point and measure the difference.

Best Links
AusWaThai Free online Thai Language

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