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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thai Cooking Classes Bangkok

Tom yum kung - hot soup with shrimps, Thailand.Image via Wikipedia
Thai cooking is not a science it is an art. There is no “one way” to prepare a meal. Meaning personal preferences can be easily catered for. Thai cooking is also very forgiving, very sociable and enjoyable. When combined with the delicious flavors of the food, it is no surprise that cooking is a national past time!

Thai cooking is a fine mix of Indian, Chinese and indigenous influences. Over centuries it has evolved to become what it is today – a flavorful and healthy world-renowned cuisine. But what really makes Thai foods so unique and loved? Actually it isn’t one item, but rather a combination of may ingredients, each contributing to make Thai cooking so tasty. To start with, Thailand is a “Land of Plenty”, being blessed with a year round growing season. Soils are fertile and rain is sufficient thereby allowing for a wide range of cultivatable crops.

At the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy you can acquire new skills and techniques to combine, coconut milk, peppers, spices and herbs, seasonings, sauces, and curry pastes with vegetables and meat or seafood to make delicious dishes. Classes are kept small and intimate to give maximum attention to students and lessons are given by K. Chayanut Boonmerod, who speaks Thai and English, and has several years experience at Wandee School - the leading Thai culinary college.

Every morning’s lesson starts with a shopping tour of the local Asoke produce and seafood market where students will learn how to select the best and freshest ingredients for their cooking. Many of the herbs used in the cooking are grown organically at the school, ripe for picking on the day of your lesson.

The Academy itself is set in an authentic Thai house, where students have the choice of 9 different lessons, making over 30 different Thai dishes. Lessons follow through form preparation to cooking, presentation and eating! There is a big emphasis on the fun that can be had from making delicious food for your self and your friends.A breakfast in the Isaan region of Thailand, s...Image via Wikipedia

For those completing 2 courses, there is Certificate of Achievement - giving you a lasting reminder and proof that you can now cook genuine tasty and healthy Thai food.

Lessons make perfect gifts for loved ones, visitors to Thailand or those who need to get better in the kitchen!! Team building cooking parties are also a great way to bond with colleagues as a fresh alternative from going to the bar or restaurant. At the end of every lesson, students are provided with a full list of recipes and instructions so that they can recreate their new-found knowledge time and time again.

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