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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Muang Boran - Ancient City Open Air Museum Theme Park

"Muang Boran - the 'Ancient City of Siam' - is, in my opinion, unique!!! 

 Some describe it as the largest open air museum in the world. However one describes it, there is no other museum or cultural experience or theme park which approaches its subject matter in quite this way. 

This site, it's layout, and all the exhibits contained within, betray a very clear and deep pride and passion by the designers for the cultural history of their country, and a desire to show it to the world. 

For tourists visiting Thailand and Bangkok, Muang Boran offers two things. It offers a peaceful, attractive respite from the city, and it offers a one day introduction to all that is special about this country and its cultural history. As the reputation of Muang Boran grows, I trust the site will retain its gentle appeal, whilst becoming the major tourist attraction it truly deserves to be. Today, the 'Ancient City of Siam' is one place I would recommend to anyone who visits this nation of Thailand."

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