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Friday, May 15, 2009

Thailand Culture - H.E. Kasit Piromya presents "Knight Grand Cross" to Seefah Collingwood-Price Perth WA


H.E. Kasit Piromya Foreign Minister to Thailand had extensive duties during his visit to Perth, namely Joint Commission talks with Australia's Foreign Minster The Hon Stephen Smith MP...

However high on the agenda was recognition the "amazing" achievements of one the the Kingdom's faithful, Khun Seefah Collingwood-Price.

Royal Honour Ceremony
By the gracious decree of HM King Bhumipol, Khun Seefa was bestowed with the honour of
"Knight Grand Cross (First Class) of the most Admirable order of the Direkgunabhorn".

The award was presented by HE Mr Kasit Piromya Minister of Foreign Affairs, and HE Mr Bandhit Sotipalalit Ambassador, Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra at The Dusit Thai Restaurant 249 James St, Northbridge, Perth.

Dignitaries noted:

H.E. Mr Kasit Piromya Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
Mrs Chintana Piromya Spouse of Minister
Ms Prae Piromya Daughter of Minister H.E.
Mr Bandhit Sotipalalit Thailand Ambassador to Australia
H.E. Mr Oum Maolanon Thailand Ambassador to New Zealand
Mr Kiattikhun Chartprasent Consul General of Thailand in Australia
Mrs Nongnuth Phetcharatana Director General Department of American and South Pacific Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand
Brigadier William D Jamieson Royal Thai Consul-General in Perth and Patron TAAWA
William Jamieson Royal Thai Consul in Perth
John Hyde MLA Perth WA and
Patron of TAAWA
TAAWA Committee and members
Khun Chetseni Dhanarajata General Manager Thai Airways, West Australia and Patron TAAWA

Guests included Family, Friends, Delegates of Community groups and Local Business Identities.

Picture Khun Greg and wife Khun Aud
Photos of the evening kindly donated and display in the TAAWA events photo album titled 2009-05-08 TAAWA Diner with H.E. Kasit Piromya

NB: tips on watching video on the net tips on view Photos in Picasa

A little about The Lady they call Khun Paa (Kinship)
Kn Seefah ventured to our shores 1986 and in 1991 we started her involvement with TAAWA and from that has been continuously involved in the work of the Association (TAAWA). Over the years she has undertaken every position on the Committee from member to President and has on occasions been a special advisor. During her service she has welcomed many dignitaries from Thailand from Ministers to members of the Royal family.

Picture right Khun Angella with
Mr Bandhit Sotipalalit Thailand Ambassador to Australia

  • We took the liberty of creating a collage of photos (at random) of her many years of service to the Kingdom of Thailand, conducting goodwill services for the Thai Community.

  • The photos are scanned copies so the quality is low, but I'm sure you get the general idea. The photo Album - Seefah Historical Pics

Kn Seefah speech acknowledged our Countries and efforts of all friends and supporters, we will publish the notes for our readers. link to her speech

Kn Kasit speech was, as always dynamic and embracing of the Communities. He touched on the recent political situation and matters have now returned to normal and called on the values of kinship and reaffirmed the priority for the Royal Thai Government under Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was to restore social harmony and to move the country forward with good governance, transparency, and accountability.

HE Kasit arrived this evening after a successful Business forum hosted by CCI and local Perth business

Our friendship; Thailand and Australia is underpinned by growing people-to-people links with over 22,000 Thai students now enrolled to study in Australia and some 700,000 Australians visiting Thailand last year.

Picture left Khun Kasit and Phill Smith (AusWaThai)

We recognise the difficult tasks before committee (any and every committee) that strives to deliver to and for their members. The committee of TAAWA, and TRWA (Thai Radio WA) and all other Thai Groups outshine expectations and serve excellence for Bilateral relations between Thailand and Australia.

We are pleased to create a "profile" for kn Seefah on the TAAWA website and look forward to developing profiles for committee members.

We care about W.A.T. WA Thai Community so if you have news the supports building goodwill for Community, Culture and Travel between Western Australia and Thailand please let us know so we can populate to the world!! Jing Jing !

Our Cultural project to host Thai holiday helpers, au-pairs and the like to share culture has exceeded expectations, we are so delighted, people are remembering what it's like to smile again..... (smiling is the sensation of feeling great all over but showing it in 1 place), Thanks Kon Thai and The land of Smiles

Heart Culture

To understand Thai is to understand Buddhism

Chockdee krup

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