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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pang Loy - Thailand (street Food) it's a culture

When you walk around Bangkok city, you will see a lot of street food, we call “ Pang loy “ . There are many kind of foods selling at the day time and night time, some look dirty but many of them are clean and yummy!!

Kae Sasikan

One of the food that you can see everywhere is Kuay Teaw ( noodles soup ) but regarding to Farang, you might not know how to order since they don’t have the menu.

Bangkok Normally they have 3 sizes of rice noodles and egg noodle which is good.

Send mee = smallest size noodle
Send lek = medium size noodle
Send yai = biggest size noodle
Ba mee = egg noodle

They have all kind of meats and balls ( look chin (look means ball and chin means piece)) such as: pork = moo, beef = nua, fish = pla, chicken = kai, seafood = talay look chin moo = pork balls look chin nua = beef balls look chin pla = fish balls look chin kai = chicken balls look chin kung = shrimp balls ( soooo good! ) but mostly they don’t mix pork and beef at the same shop ( some do ) many Thais don’t eat beef because of their religious belief.

The easiest way to order is just choose the noodle you like and tell them to put everything ( tuk yang ), meat and balls. And you have 2 choices when order, you can choose noodle with soup ( nam ) or without soup ( hang ), I recommend you to try egg noodle without soup hehe for example:
Ba mee hang tuk yang = egg noodle with all meat and balls without soup
Send mee hang look chin moo = smallest size noodle with pork balls without soup
Send yai nam kai = biggest size noodle with chicken and soup
Ba mee hang look chin kung = egg noodle without soup with shrimp balls

I’ve tried some good Kuay Teaw pang loy and I recommend you to try the one at the corner in front of Soi Cowboy ( Asoke ), its good and clean, open in the evening till late night.
Another place is on Sukhumvit 38 which is opposite Sukhumvit 55 ( Thinglor )

They are lots of different kind of food, they all good and cheap, well known for after drink food because they open from the evening till late night, many farangs go there for good food.

One more place is in soi Convent, Silom road, opposite Silom soi 4, there are a few good pang loy food in the evening till late night.

You will see Pang loy food from Sukhumvit 3 all the way to Sukhumvit 19 at night time, lots kind of food with drinks, beer, ****tails etc. there are quite good with reasonable price and they have menu in English for farang and tourist who feel hungry after drink!

When you sit there and eat pang loy food, I recommend you to buy the bottle of drinking water by yourself or ask if they have drinking water by bottle ( some have ) because they usually serve you the tap water which is not enough clean!
Ok, I am hungry now after all this topic! gotta go eat my favorite Ba mee hang look chin kung! yummy!

Kae lives Bangkok Thailand, has joined our friends network and will soon be visiting Perth WA

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