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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Thailand Aussie Dream, Passion and we Care

The Durea Health Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand

An Australian owned Company in Thailand has created a “unique retreat” for the family and their loved ones with Wheelchair Disability

It’s an amazing story of success, by a Corporate Geniuss with Political clout to reclaim laws of statute, an endless army of workers that overcame all obstacles.... well that's should describe this Corporate Genius fortheir result but in fact it was an Australian couple, Kevin and Mioara Durea, they came, they saw, they conquered! Cool .. I like that ….

They believed in their dream and fuelled with Passion, Persistence and Heart felt good intent it has come to be.

The Background
About 7 years ago Kevin’s accident rendered him wheeler chair bound. Life took a severe change; not only for the victim, it affects all loved ones….

About 3 years ago, during a visit to the enchanting wonder land of “Chiang Mai” Kevin and Mioara (Mia) had a vision; the people, the place the kinship that is special in Thailand, this must be the place….

“It’s the Vibe love” …..(that’s me thinking how they must have felt)..
sorry back to Chiang Mai .. A “retreat”, where people with wheel chair disability can be accommodated AND be with their carers, where they can relax and be cared for …… wow …. some might say not a “vision” but to do this as a foreigner in Thailand is “Mission Impossible”.

“I often wonder what it is that brings one man success in life and what it is that brings mediocrity or failure to his brother. The difference can’t be in mental capacity – there is not the difference in our mentalities indicated by the difference in performance.

In short, I have reached the conclusion that some men succeed because they cheerfully pay the price of success, and others, though they may claim ambition and desire to succeed, are not willing to pay the price.

Nothing on the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not – nothing more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not – unsuccessful genius is almost a proverb. Education will not – the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”.

Ray Kroc – Founder of McDonalds


The present
On 14/05/2009 marked the official opening of The Durea Health Centre.

Construction began about 16 months ago, as expected "TIT" (this is thailand) the project ran a little over the deadline (quite frankly given the UNIQUE nature of the work 4months over is a flash), it needs to be said that this "one of a kind" project required a few miracles

Miracle 1
Approval from B.O.I. (Thailand Board of Investment) for an Australian Owned company to develop and open an exclusive Retreat.

Miracle 2
The Builder Khun Boonchid Tantayanuson, his heart and soul went into the project and the Durea's "thank him endlessly". "It was always a business risk; specialist works, a foreign country, anything could go wrong, and it did but that’s life, we never lost sight of our dream and nor did the people around us, include Khun Boonchid".

Miracle 3.. Our trees and plants
During the construction we lived a few kms away and “put in a 2 bobs worth” .. This includes personnally planting about 6,000 trees and shrubs.. and I mean “we”, the thais were amazed to see our work ethic. when your on a mission it must be done.

It is no use saying, “we are doing our best”
You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary”
- Winston Churchill

Miracle 4.
Thai people. … words can’t explain this

The Retreat comprises 12 rooms, catering for up to 40 people. ..
During our interview Mia pleaded not to be named, in preference for attention to her gallant Husband, their staff, the builder, Thailand. Mia was insistent the Retreat is about “a retreat” don’t think about Shopping or touring, well that’s up to you, we know people need a place to relax, for everyone, including the carers. It’s internal satisfaction to know your loved one has comfort; our retreat has no stairs, everything is accessible; the pool, sauna and alternative health care is provided by wonderful staff of 12.

The price is per room (not per person), the smallest room caters for 3 people, check the price on the website really is good value
On arrival at the Chiang Mai International airport we provide free transfer along the bypass to our Retreat, about 14 kms from Muang (the township).

The alternative health care includes massage, facial, and that’s for everyone.
….It’s a little harsh to refer to the “staff” as staff, more family, as only Thai can do. Prettywell everyone that started with us 3 years ago are with us today.

We built a special place, not because we are business people but because we had a life changing experience and realised what’s really important and now we love to help care for others and their carers.

Mia is back to Perth WA (West Australia) everyone few months to continue her vocation as a Nurse, staying just long enough (a few months) to return to collect Kevin and continue their travels…
if you visit the retreat and their away on travel don’t worry, the full time manager and staff of 12, oops family of 12 will care for you with heart felt kindness.

Just to convince the non believers about the transition of care with Thai, please check the following video …

I have not YET been to Durea Health Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand, but it’s on my list and I’m going!!! I need that feeling!
Our Travel website about Chiang Mai
I will be sharing this discovery with my mum, she cared for her mum, who was wheelchair bound for about 10 years. Mum will enjoy to hear such as place is available.

It you find an Aussie Venue in Thailand .. tell us and we'll Blog it to the World...
If you get to Chiang Mai please visit the Durea Health Centre even if just to say hello and post a comment in our Forum article
cheers!! (Chockdee)

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