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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Golden Mount Bangkok

The Golden Mount, a short but breathtaking climb that's best made in the morning, is most interesting for its vista of old Rattanakosin and the rooftops of Bangkok.

The major feature is the Golden Mount, dating from the 1800. It is an artificial hill topped by a gilded pagoda which is 260 feet in height from its base, affords visitors who climb its 318 steps a panoramic view of Bangkok from the top. 
Wat Saket, the official name being Wat Saket Ratch Woramaha Wiharn, is an old temple that was built in the period of Ayutthaya and originally known as "Wat Sakaet".

When Thonburi was the capital, the temple was claimed as the royal temple and its name were changed to "Wat Chaeng", means temple of the bright morning.

Every year in the 12th lunar month (late October to mid-November - for nine days around the full moon) Wat Saket hosts Bangkok's most important temple fair, when the Golden Mount is wrapped with red cloth and a carnival erupts around it, with food and trinket stalls, theatrical performances, freak shows, animal circuses, and other monkey business. 
People come here at this time to pay respect to Lord Buddha's relics, and to rejoice in the festive occasion. However, at present times, the Golden Mount festival is not as popular as it used to be in the olden days.
Video Wat Saket home of the Golden Mount - external link

Access by car: Drive to Thanon Worachak Rd and park in the temple.Access by bus: Few buses pass here. The bus no. 15 from Silom, no. 49 from Chinatown pass the temple entrance.

Access by boat: Canal boat on Saen Saep Canal, stop at Pier Phan fa Lilat.
ADMISSION FEE:  Daily open 8.30AM - 5.30PM  20 Bath for going up the golden mount, toilets and coffee shop 50mtrs up from the entrance.

This attraction appears in tour zones Bang Lamphu and Rattanakosinboth are cultural with family Icons.

Tour zone: Bang Lamphu, 4kms from Siam Centrem, best link Thaibis directory with website and tour info 

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