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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slum kids money box tour challenge

Friends Barber Massage and working the cogs for happiness 

Their gang has a hip hop shop welcoming tourist from around the world, you'll get the best service for Thai massage and request to donate a smile a token amount to the Charity Money Box

9000baht raised with thanks from friends and customers, all proceeds are presented during a visit to FSCC Foundation Slum Child Care AND we welcome you to join us for a visit... its fun 

If your touring to Bangkok you should have this on your radar, book a date with the girls for a massage and a visit to the child care centre and bring your birthday cake to share with the kids... it's a hoot of an experience.   The centre is located in Klong Toei which offers loads of Grass roots tourism.

Full version - this link here

2015-01-05 13.13.35.gif

Foundation Slum Child Care, 

Klong Toei Bangkok Thailand

ALL funds go to the foundation, you may donate through us or direct, refer website

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