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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The best E Networks for Thailand and Australia - free ระบบเครือข่ายอิเล็กโทรนิคที่ดีทีสุด-ประเทศไทยและออสเตรเลีย

Finally we have the solution to everyone's question... What is the Best E Network???



The answer is ... 
There are many, because we are not all the same!
Report by Phill Smith
How it started
We found there are many people sharing links between Aus and Thai but on many platforms and thought there must be a better to consolidate the group share resources.  As we began the research and connected with the different groups (age & lifestyle) it become obvious that each Network has certain attributes that suit the groups.

The reality is we are all different, some of us like to be in Pack and others like to be private or independent.
Our Focus is linking People from Thailand and West Australia on platforms for Social and Business. The home page includes a brief introduction to each of the Networks and how we believe they offer Value.

We have road tested many Networks to determine their suitability for the categories of Community, Travel and Business

Now it's "up to you" (lair-o Dae Khun) visit the AusWaThai Best E Networks page and see for yourself, it's all free.

Each network is displayed on the webiste, we have also created a forum article on each network so you can post comment (feedback).  If you don't wish to post comment to the forum your welcome to send us a reply via the email at

1. Best E Networks - Aus and Thai
2. Community - Aus and Thai

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