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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Jungle Jitters at Red Mountain Golf Course Thailand

Our group comprised Aussie contingent from W.A. Travel agents, Telstra Giants (me) Power Brokers and Power Drinkers (The Y Gen)

Reporter: Spindle

Ranked as one of the top 5 golf courses in Asia, the Red Mountain Golf Course (a sister course to Loch Palm) is a site to behold. The beautiful course winds through the hills of scenic Phuket, 6900 yards challenge golfers in the most elegant of settings. Exquisitely manicured greens and fairways, dramatic elevation changes surrounded by the island's lush foliage await golfers on their next trip to Phuket. Designed Jon Morrow and co-designer Al Tikkanen, have created a challenging, rewarding and elegant course on Thailand's famed island.
A golf ball.We set forth in 2 flights, tee off around12.10 (its much better to start in the heat of the day and finish in the cool of the evening).
Many challenges around the course and definitely worth the visit, some say the price is steep, perhaps fair comment if a local but if you are visiting once a year "who cares" it's about the challenge and the memories.

Designer Jon Morrow, has created a highly strategic and challenging 6,900 yard lay out to complement the shorter and gentler old Loch Palm Course. While the course is undoubtedly challenging, numerous risk and reward options create a fun playing environment, an exhilarating test of golf and a breathtaking scenic tour around a course destined to become a golfing landmark in the region.

Winding its way through a truly dramatic 1400 rai former tin mine site in the heart of Phuket, Red Mountain is surely one of Asia’s most exciting new courses. The course has been cleverly routed to take advantage of a huge variety of landforms and dizzying elevation changes. Scars left from the tin mine era have been imaginatively incorporated into the overall scheme, creating a unique character at the same time as establishing an indelible link with an important era in the Island’s past.

what the "Y Gen" thought

by far the best golf course i have ever played (possibly will play) it has amazing views from all parts and a couple of incredible holes. we had 6 excellent caddies to show us the way and if you are lucky enough to birdie a hole or two you may even score a cheeky kiss on the cheek. disregard the price as it is well worth an awesome afternoon out with the boys!!
Situated only 15 minutes from popular Patong Beach resort in Phuket Island .. it will work, for the true golfiens it's engrossing and consuming... "I'lllllllll beeeee back"

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