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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Together we can at The Sportsman Bar Bangkok

Pattaya: Kathoeys on the stage of a cabaret show.

Everybody's talken about that new Rack in Town!!

How do ya turn a well used Ladyboy Cabaret venue into well oiled sports venue and a popular place where "Together everyone can"......

The lads (yes it's owned by the U.K.) have got it sorted ! 
Situated on the main Drag of Sukhumvit a few hundred metres from the BTS skytrain station Phrom Phong.   Be careful, the venue is recessed about 100 mtrs back from the main road so if your flashing along in the taxi you will miss it.  The location is "Washington Square"  opposite Soi 31 (not easy to cross the busy Sukhumvit) so  tell the taxi driver to go to "Benjarsi Park" (almost next door) or try Emporium Shopping Mall (see the listing in Longdo Map for bearings - it's printable in Eng & Thai). 

Pictured below - Phill Smith with owner Paul Hatch

The expansive and substantially unused undercover entrance is clear evidence this venue served as a cabaret venue. A quick glance to the left as you step up and you can see the stair way leading to what was no doubt the VIP room, where the hiso (high society) gained best vantage point for the glincy spectacle of the boys in drag... anyway that's my slant .. ask Paul he might tell you the truth (hahaha this is liairland)  

I ventured upon this venue by chance!  Our crew had just visited Benjarsi Park collecting touri pics and decided to walk along Sukhumvit for a stretch and I'm glad I made the effort.

To be offering such Freebies suggested there may be a little trouble capturing patrons but once we stepped inside the atmosphere was one that captured an enjoyable culture and it was apparent it's a genuine loyalty program. 

On the left is a quiet dinning area where patrons can relax in a choice of private booths or open bar stools. All decor is a calming blend of cave brown and smooth vintage Red. The colours are elegant for dining and whilst the choice of western food on Que the kitchen crew delivered perfection with stunning Thai food.

The prices are reasonable and the serving is generous!

 Picture below Staff from The Sportmans Bar Bangkok 

Staff left to right Gan, Duan and Jane

Khun Duan served us with the undeniable "Thai Smile" .. I remember mummy used to say ... "the food always taste nicer with a smile" .. it's so true!

Duan has been part of the  team for the past 7 months and speaks proudly of her home (most Thai workers are 50 + hours a week.  I asked Duan... why do you like and she was quick to answer.. My Salary is very good and I'm allowed to chat with customer and band on Friday night is lots of fun.

We bided farewell and declared a prompt return. From our dining table we could see all, the large screen, smaller TV's galore a good spread of Pool tables, separate area for darts and a roomy bar service. We must return for a road test .. and we did ..... 

The following month my good friend Billy Cove, colourful local Social identity, from Bangkok Rocks invited me to join his team for a round of pool at "the Sportsman".

I said "yes" before I knew what the competition was, it didn't matter I was going anyway!

Billy's tips about "9 ball", as we walked the beat to the venue were "Primitive"!

This night we were well beaten by the Manager Rob's team. (rob is top left in blue shirt).   His team of multi-nations Canada, Uk, Ireland earned their stripes as they slayed us.

what I liked most about this place? ....   EVERYTHING!

The interior is sprightly and clean, the staff are warm and friendly (what Thai isn't), everything had a place and purpose, it all worked seamlessly for the Patron.  Such is evidence of the Management's competency.
The pool tables are of exceptional good standard with abundance of space between so you don't have that cramped in feeling which features in many Thai bars.  The extra lighting to the ceilings brings a friendly atmosphere that can make you otherwise "jolt" on entrance .. where you look and only see a darkness above the waist and tend to step forward with slight caution, but not here.

I expose our team!
it was our 1st outing together, it's a fair (to fairly weak) excuse for losing. 

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Aussie Exec Tours Bangkok have partnered to provide special Corporate rates for our tour clients. We will provide you with the VIP card to enjoy the benefits.  Take the family and enjoy the facilities, the Park just few metres down the road is bonus.

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