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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to be an Expat in Thailand

OK, try riding your motorbike, one hand holding an umbrella, the other hand sending an sms, steering with your knee and then suddenly dropping everything to offer a quick wai to a roadside spirit house before crossing four lanes of traffic to make a sudden U-turn because you forgot to pick up your girlfriend and she's going to wear a sulk longer than it takes to explain the concept of 'money back guarantee' to a Thai businessman.

by Peter Melzer - we have published an article created by auswathai forum user

Remember.... T.I.T. This is Thailand

For sure, Thailand can be quite strange and newcomers find themselves conducting all sorts of cultural charades and going berserk trying to figure out some of the crazy habits of the locals.

Don't ask us why they eat ice-cream sandwiches, or drink their beer with ice. Never sleep with your head facing west, duck when you walk in front of people, paste yourself in skin whitening cream… there are all sorts of strange beliefs here.

Seal of Bangkok.Luckily Bangkok allows you to keep a foot both in the Eastern and Western world. An increasing number of Thais now speak English, especially in the services industry, and there are all sorts of clubs, groups and activities that suit ex-pats. Of course, you should make the effort yourself to learn the language and etiquette of Thailand and assimilate into Thai social circles to truly appreciate the place.

One important consideration if you are planning on living here is that it's not perfect. The Thai way of life is quite different to what you may have experienced back home and they have their own, sometimes strange, way of going about things. In fact the Thai here in Bangkok are incredibly good at some things, but can be quite unsatisfactory at other things we may expect or take for granted back home.

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