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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bangkok drawing International Investors

Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok, Th...
Overseas investors are pleased about Bangkok's the new airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), it officially opened in 2006 however it's significance came into play a few years later and today, with the exception of recent political unrest has been the catalyst for solid growth.  The International Airport is 25 kilometers east of the city, caters for flights from all over the world on most major airlines. The old international airport, Don Muang (DMK), is open for limited domestic flights.

Pattaya, ThailandThe fact that the new airport is 60 mins in the opposite Direction from old airport it means your now an hour closer to Pattaya (East Coast) which is the Country's most famous holiday destination. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand 5. 8 million people visited Pattaya in 2006. The combination of its big, wide beaches, water sports, interesting attractions, sightseeing, shopping, makes Pattaya’s a solid tourist destination and therefore confidence in their Real Estate market.

The Veins of BangkokThe Bangkok real estate market is one of the best for international investors who are interested in the Asian market. Research shows that the property market here is much more affordable than other south Asian cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Bangkok has a very nice climate year round and is also close to many recreational activities, such as beaches and tropical resorts.

Thailand investment potential for overseas property buyers are enormous. Expanding tourism, easy accessibility and low property prices make for an investors paradise.

Thai culture has always been greatly influenced by China and India giving an exotic blend for which The Kingdom of Thailand has become famous. Buyers in Thailand tend to be mostly investors who are looking to cash in on the booming tourist industry however with increasing demand this is set to change.

Thai Pride, Chaiyo! 泰搞笑The new property available in Bangkok is attractive to in the middle and upper-middle income buyers. These properties are typically one and two bedroom units ranging in size between 45 square meters to 80 square meters. Moving up towards the high-end market, new additions were seen in the Sathorn, Silom and Sukhumvit areas, with the majority of condo units offered being two and three bedrooms from 90 square meters to 190 square meters.

Because of low labour costs and relatively inexpensive housing, many multinational corporations have made Bangkok one of their overseas homes. This has, in turn, drawn a lot of international businessmen and expatriates to the city looking for high quality housing at reasonable prices. There continues to be a healthy demand for property, meaning that investments should continue to rise in value for the foreseeable future.
One Night in Bangkok... 
The city is one of contrasts, with its fast growing urban skyline and many old temples and historical sights. It is also growing increasingly cosmopolitan with high end shopping, entertainment and fine dining. Because of Thailand’s strict foreign ownership laws, apartments and condominiums are the option of choice for most international property seekers in Bangkok.

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