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Saturday, July 24, 2010

TAAWA 30th Birthday Party - don't miss out

This year is the celebration of 30th years service to the Community!

The party is in September 2010 and promises to be fun for all


Many of us could not get tickets to previous events.. don't delay get your ticket now!

The Thai-Australian Association of Western Australia Inc, was established in 1980 to foster cultural understanding between Thai and Australian people.

The objects of the Association are to:

- assist Thai migrants to integrate successfully into Australia society, to assist Thai students adapt to a new context and to make Thai visitors welcome.

- cultivate understanding and fellowship amongst all Australian through the promotion of an appreciation of Thai language and culture,

- develop within the Association a spirit of friendship and co-operation and to further the spiritual, intellectual and material development of members through mutual aid and understanding

- To act as a referral point for Thai residents of Western Australia with social issues including domestic violence and family problem;

- raise funds to enable the Association to work on behalf of the membership and Thai community.

The Association currently provides a number of informal services (inculding advice, mediation, advocacy and support) to its financil members and to other members of the Thai community in Western Australia. The association also arranges functions of particular interest to members and their families and members of the general community and provides opportunities for members of the Thai community to share their interests and culture with other Western Australians.

Your invitation to join the Party (click the image to expand)

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