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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hang up your Tie and Retire in Thailand

report by "Spindle"
I could feel you smiling ;-)!Thailand has an incredible variety of property for retirees to choose from, with a range of budgets to choose from. Whatever your budget there is no doubt the perfect property offering peace of mind, relaxation and all the amenities you could imagine to enjoy life. Perhaps the most popular location is Phuket, known for world class hospitals, schools, restaurants and properties to match. Phuket is also home to several famed golf courses to test your skills amongst the beautiful countryside and coastline.

The low cost of living is attractive to many, especially once you move away from the tourist centres and busy spots. Housing is cheap, as is medical expenses, food, and socialising, whether that is to play darts with your expat neighbours in the local bar or to play a round of golf on one of the many stunning golf courses dotted around the country.

Thailand is also one of the safest countries in the world, which must be considered for anyone wishing to move to another country. Crime figures are low, and as Thailand has a familial society a sense of community and respect is strong.

Whether you wish to escape the weather, the prices, the stress or the society of the West, or perhaps feel the urge for a little adventure later on in your life, Thailand is a prime location for retirement. It offers the charms of a tropical country, with sunny climes, stunning scenery, friendly people, and lower costs of living, and is a popular destination for those wishing to enjoy life after retirement. And with a Retirement Visa, it is relatively easy to settle in Thailand. This visa requires you to have a certain amount of pension or income or combination of the two, and recognises that there are many who wish to enjoy the delights of Thailand in retirement.

Wherever you choose to settle down, retirement in Thailand to many is the perfect place to spend time to relax, enjoy the Thai culture and way of life.

Of course, the weather is also a prime reason for retirement in Thailand. The balmy, tropical nights make a welcome relief to electric blankets, and the hot, sunny days help stop the joints from creaking! Northern Thailand is a favourite with those living in retirement, due to its slightly cooler air during the hot season. Even during the rainy season it is a pleasant climate.

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